Baby Boy Easter Outfit : 30 Ideas Your Baby Should Wear

baby boy easter outfit

Easter day: that one time of the year that children can’t wait to celebrate. It is the perfect time to teach your baby boy about the Ressurection of our Lord Jesus and let him experience his first-ever egg hunt. And more importantly, Easter is also the best time of the year to find a cute outfit to dress your baby boy up!

Naturally, you’d want your baby boy’s easter outfit to match the Easter theme. And lucky for you, we have gathered some outfits on this list that resemble a baby bunny and other cute designs. 

If you’re excited to learn of cool baby boy easter outfit ideas, then please have a look at our list below. 

1. Dress as a Bunny

baby boy easter outfit
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If you managed not to skip our introductory words, you’d notice that some baby boy easter outfits on our list will resemble a baby bunny. So, what better way to start off our list other than to make your baby look like one?

Our first baby boy’s easter outfit will be quite simple. All you need to do is find a nice baby bunny outfit that fits your baby’s body and make them wear it. They’ll look as cute as an easter bunny does.

2. Red? Why Not!

baby boy easter outfit
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A red shirt will be a great outfit idea that you can consider for your baby boy as well. After all, this color can be used for different occasions. If you’re a believer that likes to go to church with your family, then you can dress your baby boy in a formal red shirt. But for a more casual occasion at home, all you need is a simple red tee. Perhaps, you can even ask him to wear a bunny headband too!

3. Wear Colorful Shirts

baby boy easter outfit
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We recommend that your baby wear a red shirt because it’s a colorful one that emanates a cheerful vibe. But if you’re not overly fond of red color, then you might want to try and wear other colorful shirts that your baby might like. 

Here’s a catch to this particular baby boy easter outfit idea: you’re allowed to wear a shirt with more than one color! As a matter of fact, find a multi-colored shirt to create the idea that your baby is really happy to celebrate Easter. 

4. Wear a Bunny Shirt

baby boy easter outfit

Previously, we have mentioned the idea of wearing a bunny outfit to make your baby look adorable. However, you can also create a simpler look simply by making him wear a bunny shirt. In fact, this style is more practical yet still casual and relaxing. So, it can be used for more occasions than a bunny outfit can, although they both will make your baby look so cute! 

5. Blue Plaid Shirt with Yellow Pants

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After discussing casual and relaxing baby boy easter outfits, let’s talk more about the possibility of wearing formal clothes for the occasion. If you’re on board with the idea, please consider wearing a combination of a plaid shirt and jeans

Plaid shirts and jeans might seem a little bit too casual, but they might create a unique look, provided that you have the right colors. Something bright might do the trick. Therefore, we recommend you find a white and blue plaid shirt and combine it with yellow pants. Wearing suspenders also help in creating a unique look for your child. 

6. White Outfit and Rabbit Hat

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You can always dress your baby boy as a bunny for Easter, and there are a lot of ways to do that. As an alternative to wearing a bunny outfit, you also have the option to use a rabbit hat! Then, you can buy a matching outfit for him to wear. It is truly one of the cutest and most adorable outfits on our list!

7. Wear a Cap!

baby boy easter outfit
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If wearing a rabbit hat is not something that you’re particularly fond of, then it’s perfectly fine! As a solution to that, we can come up with a more casual and relaxing look for your baby. A really swag style comes in the form of dressing your baby in cool outfits. But the most crucial part is to make him wear a cap!

After you have found the perfect cap for him, the question is to find the right outfit to match the accessory. We felt that any outfit may look good as long as they match the color(s) of the cap.

8. A Black Shirt is Also Great

baby boy easter outfit
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While the notion of wearing bright outfits to celebrate Easter is a fun one to consider, it might not be the only way to dress for the occasion! As a matter of fact, you can also wear darker-colored outfits. Although it might not reflect a happy mood, dark outfits like a black shirt might emanate a classier and more elegant vibe. 

9. Wear Sunglasses for Once!

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Remember what we’ve told you before, that wearing stylish outfits for Easter is also a suggestible idea? Well, nothing can make your baby look cooler if you don’t make him wear a pair of sunglasses! After that, we’ll leave the outfit choice in your hands!

10. Wear a Blue Jumpsuit

baby boy easter outfit
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Some blue baby boy Easter outfits might be great for a more casual and relaxing vibe, while some others are better suited for a classier and more elegant occasion. For the latter, you may want to consider dressing your baby in a blue jumpsuit or baby suit. This outfit is enough to create the vibe that you want, nothing more will be needed. 

11. All-green Outfit

baby boy easter outfit
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Did you know that an all-green outfit can be the perfect costume for your baby boy to celebrate Easter? We’re not talking about a “strong” green outfit this time. Instead, a lighter one will be a better suit for an Easter day at home! All you need is a green jumpsuit for your baby.  

12. Easter Outfit and Suspenders

Toddler boy easter. Tie & Suspender with Rabbit. Baby Boy image 2
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Wearing suspenders might seem like something that an elder might usually do. However, it also looks really cute for a baby to wear. Here’s a great combination that you can consider: a pair of brown suspenders to accompany beige pants. Then, wear a long-sleeved white shirt up above. It will create a vintage outfit that is going to be perfect for the day. 

13. White and Gray Outfit

baby boy easter outfit
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Attention: we’re going to give a very good news for you: a white shirt can be combined with any other attire to create the best baby boy Easter outfit. 

After discussing the vintage attire that a white shirt can help create, let’s go for a cuter approach this time. Maintain the t-shirt, but replace the pants with gray outfits down below. You can also make your kid wear a funny gray bunny beanie as well!

14. “Carrot” Bunny Outfit

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Who would’ve thought that there were more bunny outfits on our list of baby boy Easter outfit ideas? Well, here we go!

This time, we’re going with a more colorful and fun bunny look. Instead of trying to mimic a real bunny, you can probably consider dressing your baby with a carrot design. It’s really cool and funny!

15. All-Blue Outfit

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There are a lot of things to love when wearing an all-blue outfit. It won’t be as mainstream as all-white, and all-black outfits are. Yet, it will still emanate a casual and relaxing vibe to people around. So, let’s start creating a nice ensemble for your baby boy. 

This time, we’re not going for the obvious choice. Instead, we’re picking a blue hoodie as the candidate for the upper part of your baby’s body. Then, you can mix it with blue denim jeans for the bottom!

16. White and Beige

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Wearing an all-white outfit might be an obvious choice for an Easter celebration, which is why we’ve decided to omit that idea and replace it with something that is as beautiful and elegant. We believe that beige outfits will be a perfect partner to accompany white attires. For example, you can choose to have your baby wear a white shirt and pair it with beige shorts. 

This extra tip isn’t an obligation by any means, but you can also make your baby boy wear suspenders for a more vintage approach. 

17. White and Yellow Outfit

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Because white is neutral, it can literally be paired with all the colors that our eyes can see. Therefore, pairing a white shirt with yellow attire might not be a bad idea at all. 

For this particular Easter outfit, we’d like you to make your baby boy wear a white shirt. Then, combine the simple shirt with the yellow shorts down below! 

18. A Polo Would be Nice

baby boy easter outfit
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Polo shirts are generally intended for a more formal occasion. Thankfully, there are lots of Easter parties that tend to be more formal than others. That’s precisely the reason why we included this idea on our list. 

If you’re wondering what color the polo shirt should be, then we’d suggest something simple like black. This way, you can pair it with something equally simple, like gray shorts. You can even finish the combination with black shoes as well. 

19. White and Blue Outfit

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Wow, a white and blue outfit combination really does look cool for a baby boy. Just look at the picture above if you don’t believe in us! As a matter of fact, this combination will create something casual and simple while making your baby look elegant all at the same time. 

20. A Bunny Sleepsuit

Bunny Face Sleepsuit  Bunny Face Romper  Bunny Face and Tail image 1
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Yes, we promise that it will be our last baby boy outfit idea that is inspired by the Easter bunny! 

As fun as an Easter celebration can be for a child, they might not have the energy to play all day long. Therefore, you should also think of a nice and cute sleep suit for them to wear before their nap time. 

One way of achieving that feat is by finding a bunny-themed sleepsuit. Although it’s perfect for the occasion, this type of outfit can also be used throughout the year!

21. Drip Easter

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It’s never too early to teach a child to dress in swag. In fact, Easter day might just be the right time to dress in drip outfits. Try and wear a fun shirt with an Easter-related theme design on it. Then, you can make him wear a cool cap as well, preferably one that matches the color of the pants. 

Although the Easter shirt that your kid is wearing has something related to the celebration, you can also give him a cute Easter bunny doll as well. 

22. White and Pink Outfit 

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Here it goes again, another combination of a white shirt and an outfit from another color. This time, we’re going to mix the white shirt with pink shorts. It will definitely produce a more elegant and classier vibe!

Although the pairing is cool enough for you, please don’t stop at that! In fact, you can make your baby wear a brown belt and a bow tie as well. 

23. Apron Jacket

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An apron jacket can be worn by people of all ages. It means that your baby can also wear this apron jacket. Furthermore, a child who wears one is guaranteed to look cute and handsome on it. 

For a baby who is wearing a denim apron, no other shirt will be required as an extra covering. However, you can prepare denim jackets with matching colors for your baby to wear. 

24. Plaid Shirt, Gray Hoodie, and Black Pants

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Babies who wear multi-layered outfits are cool as heck. That’s the reason why you should try one. A wonderful and unorthodox idea is to wear a plaid shirt and pair it with black jeans. But here’s the catch: instead of wearing a hoodie as the outer part of your ensemble, make sure to have it underneath the plaid shirt!

25. White Shirt and Green Pants

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Well, there you go again: another white shirt combination. This time though, we promise that it would be one of the best baby boy easter outfits. 

Now, we still want to retain the white shirt (of course). But this time, you want to consider pairing it with green shorts. 

Despite its awesome looks, the combination of a white shirt and green shorts might be too bright. Therefore, you can balance it out by wearing a black belt down below. 

26. Matching Easter Outfits

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Hey, how come we haven’t talked about the possibility of wearing matching shirts as part of our list of baby boy Easter outfit ideas yet? So, here we go! 

When thinking of awesome matching shirts for parents and babies, you don’t want to wear something too complicated. But on the other hand, wearing something that is eye-catching is really recommended. So, how to balance these two conditions?

The answer to that question is actually quite simple. For a simple outfit solution, wear something with a blue finish on it. But if you want to be eye-catching, then make sure that the clothes have unique and funny designs printed on them. 

27. White Outfit with Blue Beanie

Baby Boy Easter Outfit, My 1st Easter Bunny Baby Romper in Blue & Grey
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We have talked about a blue and white combination before, but we promise you that it will be different this time around. As a matter of fact, this Easter outfit for your baby boy will be dominated by white. You’ll only need a touch of blue in the ensemble. If your baby is comfortable enough wearing a blue beanie, then that’s how you slip in this color!

28. All-brown Outfit

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This time, let’s try and forget the idea of wearing an all-white or all-black outfit for once. Instead, we can think of a monochrome outfit idea that is out of the box. Therefore, we have come up with this all-brown outfit for your loved one. 

To truly embrace this look, you can get a nice, brown shirt for your kid. Then, make sure to dress him with matching pants. For an even cooler approach, you can also make him wear a brown cap!

29. Yellow and Blue Outfit

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It’s never too early to teach your kid to wear a denim jacket. Coincidentally, Easter is the perfect time for him to wear said outfit. If you want him to emanate a cheerful vibe, then you can pair the denim jacket with something colorful. Perhaps, yellow shorts might help the cause. 

Naturally, you’d want something to be combined with the denim jacket as well. So, why don’t you put an extra white shirt underneath? You can also make him wear a black belt around the shorts as well. 

30. Use a White Beanie

baby boy easter outfit
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Our last idea for our list of baby boy Easter outfits is definitely one to consider, especially because it’s really cute and unique. Let’s start by covering your baby’s head with a nice beanie. Then, you can complete the ensemble by wearing a white apron or a knitted outfit. 

This outfit combination is really good for a photoshoot session. If you want this ensemble to look funnier, you can add some accessories like a carrot doll and other foods that he can hold around!

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