35 Magnificent Safari Outfit Ideas to Blend in with the Nature and Look Wonderful

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Let’s ditch our gadgets for a while and try to enjoy the beauty that nature provides. Try to go to a forest or safari park nearby and be amazed by all the cool animals there. Naturally, you’d want to look your best when confronting them, right? Therefore, picking the right safari outfit will be crucial as well. 

To be perfectly honest, picking cool safari outfits isn’t as easy as we’d thought it would be. Normally, you’d want to pick earth-nature outfits. Plus, you don’t want to have thin clothes as well. So, make sure to pay attention and take a look at the specially-curated safari outfit ideas for you that have worked before in the market!

1. Wear Earth-toned Outfit

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As mentioned previously, most ideas involving a safari outfit normally revolve around the thought of wearing an earth-toned outfit. After all, outfits with colors like brown or white might just be a great idea, as it will help you blend with the environment. One cool idea is to combine a light brown shirt with white denim pants. You can even wear a brown hat to protect your hair from sunlight. 

2. Wear a Covering for Your Cropped Top

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The general rule when going out to the wildlife is to cover your body as much as possible. This step is taken to protect yourself from getting scratched or bitten by animals or plants nearby. But if you’re adamant about wearing a cropped top, then make sure to at least wear an extra covering as well. 

Make sure that both your cropped shirt and covering have the same color. Brown or dark colors are advisable!

3. Wear Shorts if You Can’t Stand the Heat

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Naturally, you’d want to include denim or long-sleeved pants as a part of your safari outfit. But if you can’t stand the heat and you’re just visiting a safari park instead of an open wildlife environment, then a scenario that involves wearing shorts becomes viable. 

Let’s try out this combination, shall we? Up above, we’re going to stick with the traditional white tee. But seeing as you’re not visiting an open wildlife environment, the chances that your bright outfit can scare off animals are low. Therefore, wearing bright attire like green shorts won’t be too much of a problem here. 

4. Make Sure to Carry a Backpack

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Carrying a backpack is also essential to your safari adventure. It helps to store lots of things you’ll need along the trip, like a water bottle and a compass. Little did most people know that it also “completes” your safari outfit look and makes it appear more awesome. 

Although a backpack’s central role is to store essential items, you still need to pay attention to the design of the backpack that you’re going to use. We highly ask you to consider wearing one that matches the color of your pants. If you’re wearing brown jeans, then wear a brown backpack!

5. Make Sure to Wear a Hat

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In a way, hats are really similar to backpacks. They both serve an important role, whilst complementing your safari outfit and making it look better. In this case, a hat can protect your head from being too exposed to the sunlight. 

There’s a catch in this idea, though! If you’re visiting the wildlife with friends or family, make sure to ask them to wear matching hats. It will definitely look cute and adorable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing jogger pants, jeans, or even a cardigan as your attire, as long as all of you are wearing similar hats. 

6. Don’t Forget to Wear a Scarf as Well!

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The ultimate safari outfit will depend on extra protection all across your body. As cool as your shirt will be, they probably won’t cover your neck, which also happens to be carnivores’ favorite spot. Fortunately, you can cover that small spot by wrapping a scarf. Find something that contrasts your overall outfit. Perhaps, a red one will suffice!

7. Black Tank Top with Brown Shorts

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It’s true that the idea of wearing a great safari outfit revolves around centering your clothes with earth-toned attires. Still, it doesn’t mean that you’re restricted to wearing a monochrome outfit. You have the option to choose different colors, provided that they aren’t too bright.

Well, one good idea is to combine a black tank top with brown shorts. You can even spread the darkness by wrapping a black belt around your waist! Try it out and let us know what you think.  

8. All Geared Up

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Wearing a vest when going out to the wildlife is essential as well. After all, a multifunction vest can provide storage space to keep several essential items that you might need. Just make sure that the color of your vest matches the overall outfit. A great idea will be to wear a light brown vest! You can also wear a pair of sunglasses if it’s too shiny. 

9. Wear a Dark Green Hoodie

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Wearing a dark green outfit to complete your safari outfit isn’t a bad idea after all. After all, this color mimics the surroundings that you’re going to be visiting. Plus, a dark green outfit will be better than light green, as it won’t startle nearby animals. 

You can wear dark green attire that features a hoodie. When wearing it, we guarantee you that you’ll appear casual and relaxed, which is going to be perfect for a fun day at the park!

10. Beige Tank Top

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Wearing a combination of a beige tank top with a brown shirt or vest is an idea that you can’t resist as well. Furthermore, it helps to create a casual look that is really cool. You can even pair it with brown shorts that match the color of your shirt. You can wrap a brown belt around your waist for a unique variation. 

11. Wear a Sleeveless Top or Sports Bra

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Before proceeding with this next idea, we want you to know the risk of wearing a sleeveless tank top in a wildlife environment. But if you still insist on wearing one, then please go for it! Discounting the risk of animal bites, it actually is a good idea to wear a tank top or sports bra. During a hot summer day, these outfits will prevent you from dehydrating. Plus, you can also wear a hat and a pair of sunglasses. 

12. Wear a Dark Brown Outfit

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Most of the safari outfits that we’ve been discussing revolve around the idea of wearing a light brown outfit. Now, it’s time to take a U-turn and discuss the possibility of wearing dark brown attire. 

After a long and fun day at the safari park, you can also take some time off and relax at their awesome hotels. A cool way to still show your bestial spirit is by wearing a minidress with a dark brown finish. 

However, relaxing at a hotel won’t require you to move around much. So, you can ditch the sneakers and replace them with high heels. Also, maintaining your sunglasses is recommended!

13. The Indiana Jones Style

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There is no one on this planet who hasn’t heard of Indiana Jones yet! Aside from the cool moves and story that the movie presented, people should also notice his iconic appearance. And coincidentally, his attire can be replicated and be the basis of your safari outfit.

To do “the Indiana Jones”, you can start by wearing a cowboy hat. Then, wear a multi-layered shirt, finished with brown pants and boots. It’s really cool, and we definitely know that you’ll look like Harrison Ford himself. 

14. Jane the Hunter Outfit

Jane the Hunter Costume
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Much like Indiana Jones, Jane the Hunter, otherwise known as Jane Porter (yes, from Tarzan) is known for her adventures in the jungle. Hence, you can try and mimic her appearance when going out for an adventure in the wildlife by using her outfit combination. Moreover, this style can also be used for Halloween parties!

15. Brown Cardigan with Black Dress

safari outfit
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There are various reasons why people decide to visit the safari park. Some people love to interact with animals, while others want to take beauty shots of themselves in said environment. For the latter, we recommend a more elegant approach to your safari outfit. 

An elegant safari outfit is a little bit unconventional, albeit still awesome. Plus, you don’t need to wear complex outfits. All you need is a black dress and cover it with a brown cardigan. If you want to use some accessories, then a beige hat will suffice!

16. The Wild West Theme Outfit

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Wearing a safari outfit that is inspired by the wild west theme is also a good idea, as wild west movies are often located in a barren wasteland. Plus, thinking of a wild west outfit won’t be too hard for us. The most important thing to have is a cowboy hat. Then, you can finish the ensemble by wearing a red or brown suit or shirt!

17. Safari Baby

Safari Baby Boy outfit for Jungle 1st birthday photoshoot image 1
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All the talk about safari outfits for grown-ups has made us forget about making a safari outfit idea for babies. As a matter of fact, they will look so cute in one! Something as simple as combining a white and brown outfit might be a great idea, as it’s both simple and relaxing. For a funnier approach, you can make him/her wear a bowtie as well!

18. Wear a Minidress and a Turtleneck Shirt Underneath

Source : midlifesafaris.com

Naturally, it’ll be a little hard to imagine a safari outfit that utilizes a minidress. However, we’re great at finding unique ideas that you can wear, so make sure to count on us!

If you’re thinking of wearing a minidress, make sure to find one with a “dirty color”, like brown. However, you need to wear something underneath it. A white turtleneck shirt might be a great option. Finally, you can create the adventurer moniker by wearing a set of cool boots!

19. Leather Skirt? Why Not!

safari themed leather skirt
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People who read the subtitle for this idea might have thought that we’re going crazy. Thankfully, we’re still sane enough, as leather skirts are a viable option to wear as part of your safari outfit. All you need is to find one that has a dark-toned color, like dark brown or black. 

Wearing a leather skirt is a really crazy yet worthy idea. You can also pair it with a brown cardigan and a beige top. Wear a pair of sunglasses to stand out!

20. Beige and Green

Source : glowingfem.com

If we’re not talking about safari outfits, chances are low that we will be bringing up an outfit that is made up of green and beige colors, but yet here we are!

Naturally, you want the green color to be on top and become the highlight of your outfit. So, we recommend that you wear a green tee combined with beige shorts. It will result in something that screams adventure! 

21. Hipster Safari Outfit

Festival Outfits for Men Black Cardigan Sleeveless Maxi Long image 1
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No one will deny the fact that it will feel very hot in a desert or safari park. Therefore, wearing as few outfits as possible is a good idea for those of you who can get easily dehydrated. Consequently, it will create a hipster vibe, which is also unique and cool to consider. 

While the hipster outfit is great to wear during a safari park trip, you must remember to wear brown or dark-toned outfits! 

22. Dark Brown Outfit with Light Brown Hat

safari outfit
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Once in a while, we will permit you to wear attires that will contrast each other. However, make sure that they both have the same theme or concept. When thinking of a safari outfit, the concept is going to be the “back to nature” experience. So, wearing a brown dress is still on the table. For the contrasting accessory, you can find a lighter brown hat to cover your head! 

Yes, we do know that it might be a little bit challenging for you to walk in a dress. However, you can’t deny that it will look awesome and elegant!

23. Vest!

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For men, wearing a vest and including it as part of your safari outfit is like going to war with a rifle; they’re both essential! Yes, it’s absolutely awesome, and it can be paired with practically any other outfit you have. As an example, a dark brown vest can act as an extra covering for your light brown, long-sleeved shirt. 

24. Who Says You Can’t Look Elegant?

Safari inspired Men's shirt jacket in Neutral Taupe image 1
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Some of our previous safari outfit ideas revolved around women wearing elegant outfits when they are out on an adventure. Well, men can also do that, and it won’t be that difficult to create the ensemble. 

The key to wearing an elegant safari outfit is to use various outfits with the same theme. You can have a brown shirt underneath, but make sure to cover it with a lightweight cotton shirt! Truly a wonderful ensemble that is really great to look at. 

25. Plus Size Safari Outfit

Plus Size Safari Guide | With Wonder
Source : ProductDetail

A safari outfit should be enjoyed by all kinds of people. But if you have a rather larger build, then you might want to consider wearing plus-sized safari outfits. 

Basically, the same rule that you saw in normal safari outfits will apply here as well. However, you really need to make sure that the outfits are stretchy and will feel comfortable for the whole day, as safari adventures can challenge your endurance. Perhaps, something along the way of wearing a long-sleeved green shirt will be fine. 

26. Pink and Green

Source : katiesbliss.com

Hey, we haven’t yet discussed the possibility of including a pink shirt as part of your safari outfit! It’s fine if you want to wear one on your wonderful adventure. However, you need to make sure that the pairing still has an earth-themed color, like, say, dark green. 

27. Wear Loose Outfits

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Wearing a loose outfit is also a good idea for those of you who want to create a casual and relaxing look. Plus, it can also create a calm vibe if you choose to wear a combination of earth-tone colors. 

There’s a downside to this ensemble, though. Seeing as it’s loose, you’ll face the risk of getting your outfit stuck or even ripped when it comes to contact with something sharp, which is highly possible in an open environment like a jungle or desert. 

28. Don’t Forget the Boots!

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Wearing high heels or sneakers might be great for a fun party or a get together event, but it won’t be a wonderful idea to wear during a safari adventure. What you want to wear instead is a pair of boots. Black ones are the way to go, as they will fit perfectly with your overall outfit, which is presumably made with brown finish. 

29. Beige Minidress

safari outfit
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If you feel that wearing a dress might be too much when you’re trying to interact with local animals, then you can tone it down a bit by wearing a mini-dress. The name of the game is still the same: wear a mini dress with a brown or beige finish. If you’re wearing boots, make sure that the color matches your dress

30. The 80s Style

1980's Authentic MILITARY STYLE VINTAGE Italian Army Short image 1
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It never hurts to take a step back and make an outfit combination that is based on something nostalgic. As a matter of fact, you can create a nice 80s safari outfit with something as simple as a combination of a beige shirt with black skinny jeans. 

While the combination of both attires is certainly awesome, you might still want to consider wearing extra accessories in the form of sunglasses and a watch. For nostalgia’s sake, don’t wear a smartwatch!

31. Blue Denim Jacket and Tank Top

Source : facebook.com

Are you down to dress as a cool cowgirl? For this modern era, we suggest an outfit that is a little bit relaxed and casual. Therefore, a combination of a denim jacket with a dark brown tank top will be a great idea that you can consider. 

While the two items are cool enough and will definitely create a great safari outfit, you can still enhance the look by wearing a nice cowgirl hat! If possible, try and find one that matches the color of your tank top. 

32. Wear Jogger Pants

Source : sivanaspirit.com

When it comes to activities that require a lot of mobility, jogger pants will come in handy. After all, they are stretchy and won’t bother you one bit. Therefore, it makes sense to wear one during your trip to the desert. You can even pair it with a matching sports bra to create a magnificent look!

33. A Blue Dress Would Make You Look Great

safari outfit
Source : elements.envato.com

The idea of wearing a darker-colored shirt is to avoid scaring off nearby animals and making them assault you. However, you do not have to worry about encounter wild ones, if your true purpose is just to take some photos of the ecosystem. Therefore, something light like a blue dress might become a viable option. Try and wear a straw hat to accompany the dress!

34. Wear a Striped Shirt

Source : soxy.com

When you’re looking for something to wear, suitable for a relaxing me-time, you can try a striped shirt. A classic shirt with a black and white combination will be a great idea to consider. Then, you can pair it with green pants and a pair of high heels. 

35. Brown and Red

Source : easyguide.co.uk

Let’s end our list of awesome safari outfits with something beautiful and unique. While it’s common to wear a brown or beige shirt, you might find it unconventional to mix it with red pants. In fact, it will create a “dirty dirt” vibe that is really great for the environment!

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