35 Dazzling Kat Euphoria Outfits Ideas to Boost Your Confidence

35 Dazzling Kat Euphoria Outfit Ideas to Boost Your Confidence

Kat Hernandez, from HBO’s Euphoria,  is a prominent character that often showcases experimental outfit style. Played by Barbie Fereira, Kat was a shy, nerdy girl who felt insecure about her body image. As the show progresses, she gains more confidence and starts to dress in bolder and more sensational outfits. Her character development has encouraged many fans to become as confident as she is.

Euphoria fans and fashion enthusiasts are intrigued by Kat’s outfit, especially after her transformation. Some of them feel inspired by her flashy, multicolored outfits and take inspiration for their next outfit. If you’re curious and want to copy her look, here are some Kat Euphoria outfit ideas that look dazzling and confident.

1. Black corset

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Nowadays, corsets are getting popular to wear over any top, from oversized t-shirts to buttoned shirt dresses. If you want to dress up like Kat, try putting a graphic t-shirt underneath the corset and pair the outfit with a plaid mini skirt. Bonus point if you add fishnet tights and a choker to look edgier. Complete the outfit with boots, and you’re rock!

2. All-red outfit and body harness combo

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This red outfit is arguably Kat Hernandez’s most fearless look in Euphoria. It’s perfect to wear to a costume party. To achieve this look, pair a mesh top with high-waisted jeans, all in red. Throw in some bondage-related accessories, like chokers and body harnesses. Add a pair of boots to complete the daring look.

3. Metallic cut-out green top

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After ditching her bondage-related outfits, Kat wears boldly patterned outfits in the rest of the episodes, and this top is one of them. The metallic, cut-out top is the perfect option if you’re heading out for a drink with your friends or a casual and fun hangout. You can mix and match this top with black leggings and sandals to get an elegant look—spice it up with hoop earrings or a cross-body bag to give a fashion statement.

4. Multi-colored vest

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This is another stylish way to wear a vest on its own. You can recreate Kat Hernandez’s Euphoria style using this outfit idea. Tuck a multi-colored vest in your high-waisted pants to achieve a neat look. Add a belt if necessary. If you’re not comfortable wearing the vest on its own, add an inner or a buttoned shirt underneath. Pair the outfit with versatile black boots, and throw in a red sling bag to complement the overall look.

5. Graphic dress

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Next, we have this Euphoria outfit that features a graphic dress with balloon sleeves which Kat wears at the New Year’s Eve party. This dress combines two stark aspects: the sweet puffed sleeves and cool graphic print, creating a one-of-a-kind dress that will make you stand out. Pair the dress with sandals or heels to look elegant and mature, and add minimalist jewelry to complete the party look

6. Green cropped cardigan

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Cardigans are another go-to outfit that will bring comfort and pizzazz to your look. You can copy Kat’s look by adding a graphic t-shirt underneath it. Pair them with any bottoms of your choice, such as high-waisted jeans or skirts that suit the entire face. Add a pair of boots to give an edgy touch, and throw on a necklace to level up the entire look.

7. See-through top and skirt

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The next outfit is another memorable look from Kat that inspires many to recreate the cool girl look. Achieve this look by combining a zebra print see-through top with a leather mini skirt to achieve the goth and glam look. Complete the outfit with black ankle boots, and throw in cat-eye sunglasses to look fabulous.

8. Denim zipper pinafore

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Even though this outfit is considered tame compared to what Kat wears in the next episodes and season, many people are in love seeing the unique two-toned denim pinafore. To style a pinafore dress, you can put on any top of your choice, from t-shirts and blouses to button-ups and inners. Opt for neutral-colored ones, like white, to give a sweet touch. Complete the outfit with your favorite shoes, and you’ll look stunning! 

9. Brown patterned dress

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Another dress on this list is the vintage-looking brown dress. It’s a nice outfit to wear on any occasion and relieves the old nostalgic feeling. Style this short dress with sandals or heels to accentuate your legs. Add a versatile black sling bag to give a nicer touch to the entire look. Add minimal accessories to give some spice and look enchanting.

10. Dominatrix red dress

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On to the next outfit, here goes the iconic red dress Kat wore at the prom. Combining a lace-up corset with a cut-out skirt, all in red, makes you look spicy and sensual. To add some edgy touch and look sassy, you can layer the top with a leather jacket. Complete the look with ankle boots or heels, and you’re ready to dominate the party!

11. Marble dress and matching gloves

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Kat’s style shifts from kinky, BDSM-like outfits to more tone-down yet outstanding clothes like this one. She wears a mini slip-on dress with marble swirls, complete with a set of matching gloves that make her super attractive. Complete the outfit with heels for a formal party, and dash a few accessories to level up your look.

12. Striped t-shirts and jeans

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Striped t-shirts are among the popular and timeless outfits that all ladies must own in their closets. You can turn one t-shirt into a lot of different styles. Tuck the t-shirt into your high-rise jeans, or wear it under denim overalls and sneakers to look simply youthful. Another way to mix and match this is by pairing the t-shirt with a skirt or pinafore dress to achieve a feminine look. You can also add a layering look with a jacket to look more fabulous.

13. Tie-dye slip-on dress

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This tie-dye heart is another uniquely patterned dress worn by Barbie’s character in the series. You can wear it alone, pairing the dress with sandals, and call it a perfect look for summer. Need to level up the look from basics to fantastic? Layer the dress with denim or leather jackets, and change your shoes into either boots or sneakers. To look more fashionable, you can also add some accessories, like sunglasses, caps, or statement bags.

14. Black baby tee

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You might know that black t-shirts are deemed one of the most versatile outfits, like this baby tee. Then, mix and match the baby tee with different ensembles. For example, pair the tee with cargo pants and combat boots to create a military look, or go for the all-time jeans and sneakers. You can also layer the tee with any jacket of your choice and add a handbag to level up the look.

15. Mesh top and skirt

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This outfit is perfect for a fun dance party with your friends. To achieve that, mix and match a see-through patterned t-shirt with a mini skirt. Add a pair of stylish and comfortable sandals for the occasion. Uplift your fabulous look with bling jewelry and colored sunglasses, and you’re looking fabulous!

16. Animal print top

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This animal print outfit is another of Kat Hernandez’s signatures in Euphoria. Wearing an animal print top can level up both your look and confidence. Pair the top with black pants to achieve a mature look. Mix and match the outfit with sandals, heels, or ankle boots for a party look. Add minimal jewelry, and you’ll look dazzling.

17. Long sleeve shirt

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At first glance, this long sleeve shirt might look unassuming, but don’t let it fool you! Long sleeve shirts are all-rounder, versatile pieces of clothing you can wear with anything. Jeans, biker shorts, or skirts? You name it. To create a more flattering look, tuck the shirt into your bottoms. It’s a perfect outfit for both casual occasions and a relaxing day at home.

18. Tweed pinafore

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Next, we have another pinafore dress from Kat Hernandez. The tweed materials give a studious touch to the entire look, combined with glasses that’ll give you a sweet nerdy look. Underneath it, you can add either baby tees or buttoned shirts, and even tights. As for the shoes, opt for ankle boots, Oxford or Mary Jane ones, to finish the look. 

19. Total edgy outfit

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The edgy, punk-ish outfit is now back on this list. Combining a latex top with a mini skirt and fishnet stockings brings you to another level of coolness. To add a more spicy touch, add accessories like chain belts and chokers. Complete the outfit with platform shoes to rock the daring look. You can also add a bomber jacket for colder weather.

20. Collared shirts and high-rise jeans

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Shifting from the edgy outfit, now we’re heading to Kat’s everyday look prior to her ‘transformation.’ One of her most specific outfits is a patterned shirt with collars paired with high-waisted dark jeans, just like another girl next door and an ordinary high schooler. Add a pair of sneakers to your outfit, and throw in some accessories, like a backpack and glasses.

21. Nun costume for Halloween

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Inspired by Thana, the main character of the 1981 thriller movie Ms .45, this nun outfit is perfect for your next costume party or Halloween. All you need is a nun costume, crucifix necklaces, and a big emphasis on makeup, especially around the eyes and lips. Add a pair of comfortable shoes as you strut around to complete the spooky ensemble.

22. Geometric t-shirt

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The next one is another t-shirt on this list. A simple yet fun geometric print on this t-shirt makes a perfect choice for any occasion. Like any other t-shirt, you can pair this with anything, from the good old jeans to pleated skirts that’ll make you look youthful and fun. Add a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go!

23. Heart skirt

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If you’re a fan of tie-dye outfits, this midi skirt might be a good choice for your next wear. You can style this with a graphic t-shirt and green cardigan like we previously mentioned before, or give a twist of your own. Combine the skirt with tank tops and sandals for a summery look, or add a pair of sneakers to look fabulously stylish. Either way, with heart patterns on it, who doesn’t fall in love with this flowy skirt?

24. Bomber jacket

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This militaristic piece of clothing should be in your wardrobe because of its versatility and timelessness. One example of how to style a bomber jacket is by wearing them with either tank tops or t-shirts to look effortlessly awesome. You can opt for a high-rise skirt like this one or pick cargo pants to vibe with the army look. For the shoes, go for casual sneakers or combat boots, and you’re looking great! Add a fashion statement with sling bags or sunglasses to complete your Kat-inspired look.

25. Lace top and corset

Source : vogue.co.uk

If you’re feeling a little more goth, this outfit might suit you. Wear a spaghetti strap tank top under a lace long sleeves top, all in black. Pair the outfit with your favorite bottoms. Linen pants or skirts will do an excellent job and bring out the mysterious beauty. Add a corset and minimal accessories to emphasize and top the outfit off. Complete the outfit with ankle boots, and you’ll look fabulously gothic.

26. Black mini dress with chains

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We’re not moving from black outfits yet, since Kat wears a lot of them, aside from red and green outfits. You can take inspiration from this look by layering a white t-shirt with a black sleeveless mini dress. To add a sprinkle of edginess, add chain belts crossing around the waist. Add a pair of platform or boots to complement the outfit, and throw in little accessories. This Kat Hernandez-inspired outfit is perfect for numerous casual events, from hanging out watching Euphoria with your friends to a romantic date night.

27. Animal print bodycon dress

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Throughout the series, Barbie’s character wears a lot of animal print outfits, and this bodycon dress is a prime example of that. To style the dress, simply add a pair of heels to accentuate your legs or opt for sandals to look more laid-back. Add bling jewelry, like necklaces or earrings, to complete the glamorous look, and add your favorite fashion statements, such as bags or even a fan.

28. Colorful printed mesh top

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Next, we have another colorful top. This long-sleeved mesh top is guaranteed to draw people’s attention as you wear it proudly and full of confidence. You can copy Kat’s look by adding a pair of plain linen trousers to balance out the colors. For the shoes, opt for either sandals or high heels to create an elegant look. Level up your look by adding sunglasses or other small jewelry that complement the outfit.

29. Patterned tank tops

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Tank tops with patterns might not be as popular as their plain counterparts, but still, you can wear them and look stylish. Tucking your tops in pants or skirts is getting popular recently to look more polished and neat. Add bling to the overall look with belts and other small accessories. Complete your outfit with either ankle boots or heels to look more elegant and fabulous.

30. Quarter-zip ribbed top

Source : euphoria-fashion.tumblr.com

Some characters in Euphoria often wear various tops with quarter zip, and this ribbed top, worn by Kat, is an outfit ensemble that you have to try! Adorned with collars, this top makes an excellent choice to look between casual and formal. You can tuck the top into your black jeans like Kat to achieve the neat and schoolgirl look, and add a simple belt. Finish the look with a pair of sneakers, a backpack, and wide-framed glasses.

31. Neon green tank tops

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Neon colors’ popularity is rising fast lately, as they allow the wearer to look fresh and cool. If you’re planning to attend a party with neon-colored outfits as the dress code, try this look. Pair the lime green tops with black pants that will balance out the look. Throw in some accessories, like necklaces and earrings, to spice up your ensemble. For the shoes, opt for anything you like. High heels and boots perfectly match this outfit

32. All-green outfits

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Let’s move on to another green outfit from Kat. In one episode, she wears a green t-shirt paired with a green-blue plaid skirt. It might look simple, but you can add some spices to level up the vibes into a more outstanding one. Layer the shirt with a leather jacket to achieve a badass look, and pair the outfit with boots. You can also add eye-catching accessories like a simple cross-body bag or sunglasses.

33. Lace-up embroidered tops

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Here are some more black outfits! This sweet lace-up embroidered top looks stunning paired with a leather pleated skirt. This ensemble is a perfect option for girls who are leaning into a more alternative or edgy look. Complete the outfit with ankle boots or sneakers, and don’t forget to accessorize and show yourself off.

34. Skull cardigan

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Another cardigan on this entry, this time with a skull pattern that looks edgy and more grunge-like. Underneath the cardigan, wear a cropped tank top or a baby tee. You can match the outfit with any bottom of your choice, from jeans and leggings to pleated skirts that’ll make you look outstanding. Add a pair of shoes of your choice, and accessorize yourself with minimal necklaces or earrings to look prettier.

35. Tie-front t-shirts and cargo pants

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We’ve reached the end of this list, and here’s the final Kat Euphoria outfit idea: t-shirts and cargo pants. You can tie the front end of the t-shirt to flaunt your belly a bit. Pair the top with cargo pants to add some boyish charm to the look. For the shoes, opt for either boots or sneakers. Finally, sprinkle minimal jewelry and sunglasses to top the look.

Final tips:

  1. If you’re curvy, opt for fitting outfits as they complement your body better than oversized ones.
  2. Play with color. Refresh the look by popping one or two different colors, but don’t get too much, as it won’t end up well. This applies to both your outfit and make-up.
  3. When your outfits look rather unflattering, put emphasis on either make-up or jewelry to uplift the entire look.
  4. Balance out the outfit. If you’re wearing tight pants, pair them with loose tops, and vice versa.
  5. It’s better to buy basic yet timeless clothing pieces rather than choosing what’s trending at the moment, as you can easily mix and match the cloth with anything.

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