35 Cassie Euphoria Outfit Ideas You can Recreate to Look Sweet

35 Cassie Euphoria Outfit Ideas You can Recreate to Look Sweet

Cassie Howard is one of the main characters in the Euphoria series, portrayed by Sydney Sweeney. All of the characters from this show have their distinct fashion styles, and Cassie has her own. Her unique sense of fashion has inspired many! If you are a Euphoria fan who needs a Cassie Howard-inspired outfit, the following ideas will help you find the cutest one!

Throughout the series, she wears a mostly soft pink or blue outfit that makes her look delicate and youthful. Cassie often wears different types of dresses that complement her body figure nicely.

Many Euphoria fans are interested in taking inspiration from the older Howard sister. Some of Cassie’s outfits become a significant influence among young women, thus gaining more popularity. You can spot numerous people dress up like Cassie Howard and looking elegant. If you’re interested in dressing like her, here are some Cassie Euphoria outfit ideas guaranteed to make you look fabulously radiant!

1. The Halloween costume

Source : pennysportal.com

At a Halloween party, Cassie wears a costume resembling Alabama Worley, a character from the 1993’s True Romance. A lot of people recreate her look by wearing a turquoise bra and belt with a cow print mini skirt. You can also add accessories like sunglasses and hoop earrings to spice up the look. Complete the outfit with ankle boots to give the country vibes. 

2. The “Oklahoma” dress

Source : heatworld.com

Speaking of country vibes, check out this iconic look from Cassie. This outfit is one of Cassie Howard’s best ones in the Euphoria series! She wears a blue sleeveless mini dress topped with a gingham blouse and elegant white boots. Complete with minimum make-up and accessories, you can easily recreate her style to look sweet and pretty.

3. High-waisted jeans

Source : revolve.com

High-waisted jeans are Cassie’s staple outfits. Because they’re versatile and easy to find, you can never go wrong with jeans! To recreate Cassie’s look, pair the jeans with any top of your choice, preferably cropped jackets. Complete the look with sneakers to look casual and stylish, or wear a boot to give a daring touch. You can add a small backpack or sling bag and minimal accessories to look sweet and pretty.

4. Blue mini dress

Source : pinterest.com

Sydney’s character wears this mini dress during a New Year’s Eve party. This look is one of the easiest and most simple looks that you can follow for your next occasion. Add a pair of sandals or open-toe high heels to look stunning and elegant. Accessorize yourself to give an extra point to the overall look.

5. Beige tracksuit

Source : heatworld.com

Next is this casual and comfy tracksuit, which consists of a zipper hoodie and track pants. If you want to imitate Cassie from Euphoria, this outfit is the way to go. Wear them for exercising or yoga, complete with a pair of white sneakers that’ll give a sporty look. You can also spice up the overall look by adding accessories, like a cap or sunglasses if you wear them on a day out with friends.

6. Puffed sleeve pastel dress

Source : popsugar.co.uk

Cassie’s outfits are described as delicate and sweet, and this puffed-sleeve dress is no exception. You can wear this dress to look adorable yet still elegant paired with sandals or high heels. Make this outfit excellent party wear with some pieces of jewelry and a sling bag to look more fabulous. You can also add a wide-brimmed hat or sunglasses for outdoor occasions.

7. Silk dress with shawl

Source : chasingdaisiesblog.com

The next Euphoria outfit worn by Cassie emphasizes her delicate yet seductive look. This silk dress has embellished around the neckline, giving you a fabulous touch. Complete the look with a matching shawl and a pair of sandals or high heels to show yourself off at the party! You can also add some bling with simple necklaces, rings, or bracelets to look more elegant.

8. Cropped top with pink skirt

Source : pinterest.com

You can recreate this casual look for daily occasions, from hanging out with friends or going on a date with your sweetheart. Pair a white sleeveless crop top with a high-rise mini skirt in pink to elongate your legs and give a feminine touch. Add a pair of versatile white sneakers to look more casual. You can also add some accessories, like small backpacks or cross-body bags, and little jewelry to complete the look.

9. Colorful striped tank top

Source : twitter.com

You can copy Cassie’s look by adding a colorful striped tank top underneath an outer. Opt for neutral-colored ones to balance the playfulness of the tank top. Pair the top combo with your favorite jeans, preferably light-colored ones with a high waistline. Pair with chunky white sneakers to look as stylish as Cassie Howard! Don’t forget to add little minimal accessories like necklaces.

10. Pink cardigan and jeans

Source : instagram.com

In the first season of Euphoria, Cassie is often spotted wearing high-waisted jeans with blue or pink cardigans in school. This simple yet elegant look attracts many people to follow her styling. Tuck a half-zipper cardigan into your high-rise jeans to create a neat and girlish look. Complete the outfit with white or light-colored sneakers, add a backpack, and you’ll look fantastic in this school outfit.

11. One-piece swimsuit

Source : spoiledbrat.co.uk

The next is a pink swimsuit Cassie wears in the bathtub after Maddy’s birthday party. This outfit makes a great choice for a pool party or if you’re heading to the beach to get some tan in summer. Layer the swimsuit with a lightweight robe and add a pair of sandals for comfort. Complete the outfit with wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses as you stroll down on the hot days.

12. Lace-front cropped cardigan

Source : heatworld.com

There are many ways to experiment with a cropped cardigan. Put on a fitting top, like a camisole or baby tee, underneath it, and complete the look with jeans. Another way to do it is by wearing a lace-front cardigan over your sleeveless dress to look different. Complete the look with the casual white sneakers, or add some elegant and girly look with sandals. Add minimal accessories, so you don’t go overboard, and there you go!

13. Criss-cross ribbed top

Source : twitter.com

This criss-cross ribbed top is another graceful and flirtatious outfit from Cassie you can wear for numerous occasions, from parties and casual hangouts to a date night. Pair the top with jeans, or go for a feminine look with your favorite skirts, from denim to pleated ones. Add the good old white sneakers to give a casual touch, or you can opt for high heels to look more mature. Add a sling bag and little accessories, and you’ll look fabulous!

14. Wrapped sweater

Source : instagram.com

Besides the blue and pink outfit, Cassie from Euphoria also wears soft green or sage like this one. You can pair the top with, you guess it, the famous high-rise jeans! Besides jeans, this wrapped sweater goes well with skirts and creates a girlish silhouette. Complete the outfit with a pair of white sneakers or high heels if you want to look more refined. For a more stylish look, add your favorite sling bag and accessories.

15. Soft blue tank top

Source : twitter.com

This next outfit is another versatile piece of clothing you can style in different ways. Mix and match the tank top with hot pants or a short skirt if you’re heading out in summer. Another way to make this tank top look fancy is by adding a breathable outer. Complete the outfit with shoes of your choice, like sneakers or sandals. Don’t forget to add a sweet charm with simple accessories.

16. White knit top

Source : pinterest.com

White knitted tops are deemed one of the most versatile outfits and a must-have item in ladies’ closets. You can mix and match the kit top with various types of jeans and crisp white sneakers if you’re going for a casual yet adorable look. Another way to style the white top is by pairing it with cargo pants in a similar color and boots to look more unique. You can always add accessories to spice up the entire look.

17. White denim jacket

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There are many ways to style a denim jacket. The first one is wearing camisoles or baby tees under the jacket. Besides that, you can add a layer of white denim jacket over your mini dress. The jacket serves its functions as an excellent fashion statement, as well as keeping you warm. Pair the outfit with sandals to look more feminine, or white sneakers if you’re a fan of simplicity.

18. Cropped top and pleated skirt

Source : buzzfeed.com

Let’s take inspiration from Cassie’s carnival outfit. There, she wears a light blue cropped top with some buckle accents and a pleated skirt in darker blue. You can recreate her look for a hang-out with friends. Just add a pair of white sneakers for both comfort and style, and don’t forget to spice up your look with some pieces of jewelry and a sling bag.

19. Cropped cardigan with frills

Source : heatworld.com

Frilled outfits are guaranteed to make the wearer looks lovely and youthful. One of them is this frilled cropped cardigan worn by Cassie when she tries to win Nate’s heart. You can follow her style by pairing the top with high-waisted light blue jeans or opt for a mini skirt to look more feminine. The outfit goes well with different shoes, from crisp white sneakers or fancy ankle boots to elegant sandals or high heels. To spice up your look, add minimal jewelry and get a sling bag to look more stylish and fabulous.

20. Off-shoulder top with ruffle trim

Source : pinterest.com

Another sweet yet alluring Euphoria outfit you can wear to copy Cassie Howard’s look is this ruffled trim off-shoulder top. You can pair it with any bottoms of your liking, from casual high-rise jeans to a sexy mini skirt, up to your fashion style. Let your bra straps peek out, or wear a strapless bra to flaunt your shoulders. Complete the look with your favorite shoes, and add a necklace to look pretty!

21. Pink denim combo

Source : pinterest.com

Recreate Cassie’s girlish look by adding a camisole or t-shirt underneath the pink denim jacket and a pair of jeans in the same color. Complete the outfit with pastel or light-colored sneakers to show your feminine side off. Don’t forget to add a pair of sunglasses and a cross-body bag for a more striking look!

22. Colorful striped crop top

Source : pinterest.com

Throughout the entire Euphoria series, we rarely see Cassie wears other than soft blue or pink outfit. Although it’s not her usual color, Cassie still looks gorgeous, as always. You can recreate her look by pairing the colorful striped top with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look. To give a chic touch, opt for sandals or high heels. Adding little accessories as a fashion statement and spice up the look never hurts.

23. Lace slip dress

Source : urbanoutfitters.com

You can style this slip dress by adding a warm inner underneath for breezy days. Another way to level up this slip dress is by adding outers, like cardigans or denim jackets. Tights also go well with this dress if you don’t want to show your legs off. Finish the look with your favorite shoes, and never forget to give a fashion statement with items like a barret hat, sunglasses, or a sling bag.

24. Pink cropped hoodie

Source : forever21.com

Pink cropped hoodies are the perfect option if you want to look sweet and girlish. This casual and versatile top matches every bottom, from jeans and sweatpants to pleated skirts. If you’re looking for a new way to style it, try layering a sleeveless dress with a cropped hoodie to give it a unique and fabulous look. Add a pair of your favorite shoes, and always remember to give accessories to add bonus points to the overall look.

25. Light blue bodycon dress

Source : instagram.com

This outfit that features a light blue bodycon dress is a great choice if you want to look like Cassie Howard from Euphoria. Wear this dress with either sandals or high heels for your semi-formal parties, and you’ll steal the spotlight. You can always add bling accessories, like earrings or necklaces, to show yourself off at the party.

26. Light grey crewneck

Source : bareminimale.ca

Who doesn’t love crewneck? This versatile and comfy piece of clothing is an excellent choice for your daily wear. For a day out, mix and match a crewneck with anything you have, from a pair of reliable and casual jeans to the girlish and sweet pleated mini skirt. Add a pair of sneakers or boots to complete the entire look. Also, accessorize yourself to look more impressive and stylish!

27. Zipper sweater with a tank top

Source : pinterest.com

This zipper sweater, combined with a white camisole inside, creates a simple yet memorable look you can recreate without fuss. You can copy Cassie’s style by adding jeans and sneakers to complete the daily and casual look. For a next-level style, pair the top with a tight mini-skirt and boots to create a sweet look. Add some accessories, like a small bag, sunglasses, or hats.

28. Oversized t-shirt

Source : pinterest.com

Almost everyone owns at least one oversized t-shirt in their closet. Deemed as one of the most versatile tops, there are many ways to turn your oversized t-shirts to look amazing. One of them is by tucking the shirt in your bottom, like jeans or denim skirts, to create a neat and fashionable look. Add a pair of sneakers or boots, and don’t forget to add some accessories as a fashion statement!

29. Pink knitted Bralette

Source : twitter.com

The next one is another all-pink outfit worn by Cassie after she and Nate start dating. This iconic look is the perfect selection to create a sweet and seductive look. Mix and match a knitted Bralette with an asymmetrical mini skirt, all in pink, then add a pair of chunky heels. You can add a fashion statement with either jewelry or accessories.

30. Cropped cardigan and flare pants set

Source : instagram.com

Do you remember when Cassie and Maddy accidentally wear the same outfit in different colors? This fabulous monochromatic set consists of a cropped cardigan and flare pants. You can add a pair of chunky heels with this outfit to copy the Euphoria characters’ look, and don’t forget the fashion statement: the handbag!

31. Floral puffy dress

Source : twitter.com

The combination between flowery patterns and puffed sleeves of this dress creates an adorably pretty outfit. This dress is an excellent choice to wear at fun garden parties. Add a pair of sandals or open-toe heels, and throw in simple accessories to make you look more stylish and gorgeous.

32. Baby blue drawstring top

Source : instagram.com

This is another cutesy blue outfit to wear on a day out. The outfit consists of a drawstring top and shorts, perfect to wear on any occasion. Pair the top with your favorite shoes, like sneakers or boots, to look chic and fashionable. You can also add a fashion statement with different bags, such as sling bags or even this waist bag!

33. Matching skin-tight top and skirt set

Source : instagram.com

This outfit set consists of a cropped top and a tight skirt that’s perfect to display your body shape. Add a pair of sandals to give a graceful touch. Don’t forget to add some necklaces, rings, or bracelets, to level up your entire look. In addition, throw in a sling bag if you’re heading out with your friends.

34. Ribbed knit top and denim skirt

Source : twitter.com

Another blue outfit from Cassie will be a good addition to this list of sexy Euphoria dresses. You can recreate her look by mixing and matching a long-sleeved ribbed knit top with a mini denim skirt that gives a casual style. Besides denim skirts, this top goes well with any bottoms. Complete the casual look with sneakers, and you’ll look effortlessly stylish!

35. Tie-front bikini

Source : shop437.com

Last but not least, the pink tie-front bikini. This two-piece outfit is perfect for lounging at the poolside or beach by yourself or with your friends. You can wear a thin robe to layer the outfit for the water-themed party and add a pair of your favorite sandals to complement the sexy summery look. Add a pair of sunglasses and a hat with wide brims to complete the look.

Final tips:

  1. Choose the right size outfit that complements your body. 
  2. Adding little accessories never hurts! Opt for simple ones to balance the colorful or patterned outfits out. Choose one or two accessories that add some fashion statement to adorn plain outfits.
  3. Make sure you understand the dress code for different occasions to avoid feeling embarrassed due to the wrong outfit choices.
  4. Complement the overall look with make-up. Look up some makeup inspiration to make you look more dazzling and fabulous.

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