40 Euphoria Guy Outfit Ideas to Look Cooler than Ever

euphoria guy outfits

The teen drama series Euphoria is famous for showcasing unique, dazzling, and fabulous outfits. Most of the time, Euphoria focuses on female characters’ flair, leaving the male ones overshadowed. So, here we are going to focus on talking about Euphoria outfit ideas that would fit a guy!

Nowadays, the stylishness of every main male character in the series is gaining more recognition. Take Fezco, for example. His dripping fashion choice exudes coolness and becomes an inspiration for many men.

Besides Fezco, there’s also Nate Jacobs, who often wears neutral and rather straightforward outfits. His fashion sense is perfect for you who prefer comfort and convenience. Not only those two but there are also numerous male characters in the series whose style is also appealing. 

On this list, we’ve gathered some Euphoria outfit ideas tailored for a guy so that you can recreate the look, becoming as cool as the actors in the series. Without further ado, let’s go on to the list!

1. Striped t-shirts

euphoria guy outfits
Source: selected.com

Starting off the male Euphoria outfits, we have striped t-shirts. The black and white ones are still popular and remain one of the staple cloth in everyone’s wardrobe. The t-shirt’s versatility is undeniable, as they match almost anything. For example, pair the striped t-shirt with black pants and a beanie like this one to create a casual look. Complete the outfit with sneakers, and you’re looking effortlessly dapper.

2. Sporty crewnecks

euphoria guy outfits
Source: popsugar.com

This crewneck is a must-have staple outfit perfect for a guy who loves Euphoria. To rock a high school jock look similar to Nate, mix and match the sporty crewneck with sweatpants and a pair of trainers. The athleisure look is not only limited to exercising but also for daily wear and casual occasions. Add accessories, like a cap, a fanny pack, or sunglasses, to give pizzazz.

3. Multicolor striped t-shirts

euphoria guy outfits
Source: gq.com

Back to the striped t-shirts, but this time it has more colors. The multicolor striped t-shirt is a perfect selection if you want to add a fun touch to the overall look. Similar to its monochromatic counterpart, you can mix and match the t-shirt with anything, from baggy jeans and sweatpants to shorts. To add some drip to the overall look, you can throw in accessories and look more fabulous.

4. Brown denim jacket

euphoria guy outfits
Source: instagram.com/euphoria

Brown is another primary color worn by men in their wardrobes. Easily, you can style this jacket with anything you like, For example, add either plain or graphic t-shirts underneath the jacket and pair it with chinos pants to look refined and fashionable. You can complete the look with boots for a polished look, or go for the good old casual sneakers.

5. Animal print button-ups

euphoria guy outfits
Source: instagram.com/euphoria

Euphoria is well-known for its eye-catching outfits, like this animal print button-up. If you think that the print isn’t flashy enough, add more pop of color to your pants, like this neon green. You can also opt for the all-rounder black pants to tone down both the pattern and colors. Accessorize with a belt and sunglasses to look more sophisticated. Pair the outfit with loafers or casual shoes, and you’ll steal everyone’s attention! 

6. Bright athleisure jackets

euphoria guy outfits
Source: pinterest.com/☪️Gemini Witch♊️

Athleisure outfits are now shifting from a fashion trend to casual wear on daily basis. Represented with primarily neutral colors, although some of them can be found in bright colors, like this jacket. Mix and match it with sweatpants or training pants, and add trainers to complete the athletic look. Spice up the look with more accessories, like sunglasses, caps, or even fanny packs.

7. Graphic t-shirts and pants combo

euphoria guy outfits
Source: pinterest.com/emily

The next Euphoria outfit idea is simpler yet guaranteed to make any guy look stylish. Graphic t-shirts and black pants are must-have items, and every man owns at least one in their closet. The two combined create an effortlessly cool and classic look. Add a pair of sneakers to complete the look. You can also level up the outfit by layering it with any jacket. Don’t forget to add accessories to look more fabulous.

8. Polo shirts

euphoria guy outfits
Source: outfittrends.com

Moving on from t-shirts, we have a polo shirt. This business casual outfit is the perfect balance between casual and formal that you can wear to look stylish. Pair the collared top with pants or jeans of your choice, either tucked in or not. Create a more formal and polished look by layering the polo with a blazer and Oxford shoes. You can add minimal accessories, like sunglasses or a watch. 

9. Cable knit sweaters

euphoria guy outfits
Source: stockx.com

Let’s move to the cold weather outfit now. On this list, we have a timeless cable-knit sweater to keep you warm during wintertime. To style this sweater, wear a collared top, like polos or button-ups underneath it, and look preppy. Pair the outfit with your favorite jeans, and add boots for heading out in the cold. You can also add a beanie to look more stylish and looking great.

10. Striped fuzzy sweaters

euphoria guy outfits
Source: twitter.com/euphoriaHBO

Still, in the cold weather outfit categories, we have fuzzy, striped sweaters that belong to Elliot, one of the good guy characters in Euphoria. You can easily pair this Euphoria-inspired outfit with dark denim pants and sneakers to look casual and rock the grunge vibe. Uplift the look with bracelets or necklaces, and you’re good to go!

11. Bright combo

euphoria guy outfits
Source: pinterest.com/kels

This is another Euphoria guy outfit you can try for warmer days. Spring and summer are often identical with bright-colored outfits, like this orangey look for example. Roll the sleeves up, leaving the upper part unbuttoned to create a sexy look. You can tuck the shirt into the same orange pants and add a belt to look fabulous. 

12. Patterned polo shirts

euphoria guy outfits
Source: instagram.com/euphoria

This look from Fezco is arguably one of the favorite outfits from Euphoria. Most polo shirts are commonly in one color or with a striped pattern. If you’re feeling tired of wearing those, this patterned polo shirt is a perfect choice to enhance your look and give a unique twist. Pair the polo with any pants you have, from all-rounder jeans to more sophisticated pants. Add a pair of shoes, and you’re looking fine!

13. Pastel graphic hoodies

euphoria guy outfits
Source: outfittrends.com

These days, pastel outfits are popular not only for ladies but also for men. This hoodie is a perfect example, complete with a cute graphic print on the front. You can pair the hoodie with bright-colored pants to look fresh and sweet. Pair with sneakers, and add accessories like a cap to wear under the hood to look hip.

14. Patterned zipper hoodie

euphoria guy outfits
Source: pinterest.com-Diana !

The next one is still a hoodie, only with a zipper and exciting patterns all over. Wear a plain t-shirt underneath to create a cool layering look. To create a striking look, you can wear colored pants and add a pop of color to the look. Complete with a pair of sneakers and other accessories, such as necklaces or a beanie, to look dripper.

15. Draping jacket to look drip

euphoria guy outfits
Source: dailymail.co.uk

Do you want to uplift the plain and unassuming look? Try putting a jacket on your shoulders, or wear them only on one shoulder as Jacob Elordi did. By doing this, you’ve brought the outfit to another level. Accessorize yourself with sunglasses and a cap as you stroll around and steal people’s attention.

16. Graphic t-shirts

euphoria guy outfits
Source: pinterest.com/faerie fike

The next item on this list is graphic t-shirts, which are commonly found in men’s closets. This versatile piece of clothing matches almost any pants. Ripped jeans, cargo pants, sweatpants, you name it. To create a more attractive look, you can wear the t-shirt underneath flannel shirts or jackets of your choice.

17. Throw the neckerchief in

euphoria guy outfits
Source: instagram.com/euphoria

A neckerchief is one versatile piece of cloth you can add to give some personal touch to the entire look. The neckerchief is perfectly paired with a t-shirt and jeans combo to create a casual yet dashing look. Now you’re ready to go out and show your fashion sense off.

18. Metallic tops

euphoria guy outfits
Source: facebook.com/Unity Models

This one is another Euphoria outfit for a guy to try. A shiny metallic top is a perfect choice if you’re invited to a fun party and want to look fashionable. Combine the top with your favorite pants, such as jeans and sneakers, to look fun and casual. You can also add accessories like necklaces or bracelets to uplift the look and give a fashion statement.

19. Flannel shirt and jeans

euphoria guy outfits
Source: facebook.com/Iván Noé

Who doesn’t love flannel shirts? This button-up is arguably one of the most popular outfits for men. This outfit is a perfect option if you are a guy who wants to recreate Nate’s look from Euphoria. You can wear it buttoned up to the top or leave it open with a plain t-shirt underneath. Add a pair of jeans and sneakers to complete the look, and you’re done! You’ll look effortlessly cool with the outfit for hanging out with friends or going to a party.

20. Matching tracksuits

euphoria guy outfits
Source: instagram.com/onwardwanna

Let’s get back to comfy and stylish athleisure now. On this list, we have a pair of matching tracksuits consisting of training pants and a hoodie. This men’s outfit is perfect if you want to recreate Ashtray’s look in Euphoria. This could be the last resort if you’re feeling lazy to mix and match your outfit. Add a pair of sneakers, and you’ll look good without trying too much!

21. All-white casual outfits

euphoria guy outfits
Source: twitter.com/Angus Cloud

Monochromatic outfits are rising to the trend this day, and this casual ensemble is no exception. Pairing a denim button-up with jeans, all in white, creates a bright and fresh look. For the shoes, you can either go all-white or add a pop of color to stand out more. This style is perfect for any occasion, from casual hangouts to parties or even romantic dates.

22. T-shirt and blazer combo

euphoria guy outfits
Source: eonline.com

Combing casual and formal aspects are nothing new, so why don’t you try it? Pair a blazer with pants in matching color, then throw in a plain t-shirt to create an excellent focal point and make you look stylish. Complete the look with dress shoes or boots, and you will look fab!

23. Varsity jackets

euphoria guy outfits
Source: twitter.com/historyfxrsale

The next one is another high school jock’s staple outfit: the varsity jacket. You can style it with a plain t-shirt underneath and jeans to bring out the classic high school teen boys. Don’t forget to add a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go! This outfit is excellent for a guy who wants to recreate the look from the Euphoria series!

24. Denim jackets

Denim jackets
Source: pinteresr.com/miya

Next, the classic blue denim jacket. You can go for a double denim look, which is still popular today. You can also pair the jacket with chino pants and button-ups underneath for colder weather. As for the shoes, you can wear anything, from sneakers to boots. 

25. Hoodies and beanies

Hoodies and beanies
Source: instagram.com/onwardwanna

The next look is a perfect inspiration for winter days. To keep you warm from freezing days, wear a hoodie with pants and add a pair of high-top sneakers. You can also add extra warmth with a beanie or gloves. Try this quick and simple outfit, and guaranteed you’ll look hip!

26. Rolled flannels with black t-shirts

Rolled flannels with black t-shirts
Source: twitter.com/BakerseeBakerdo

Another way to wear a flannel is by rolling them up to the elbows. This look is perfect for hotter days. You can opt for jeans or chinos to complete the look and add your go-to chunky sneakers. If the weather is warmer, opt for shorts, espadrilles, or sneakers to feel more comfortable. You can also add some accessories to spice up the look, like sunglasses, a cap, or necklaces.

27. Plain t-shirts

Plain t-shirts
Source: ashleyweston.com

This must-have and versatile item is another entry on this list. For quick styling, pair the t-shirts with versatile jeans for an effortlessly stylish look. You can also create a layering look with flannel shirts or various types of jackets. Opt for sneakers to complete the laid-back and stylish look.

28. Graphic shirts and bright pants

Graphic shirts and bright pants
Source: pinterest.com/Angel🦋

Do you want to give an extraordinary touch to the t-shirt? Try this unique and outstanding combination: yellow pants and black graphic t-shirts. This look is perfect if you’re heading to a party. Add a pair of white sneakers to balance the look, and throw in some accessories to look drip and fabulous!

29. Monochromatic button-ups

Monochromatic button-ups
Source: twitter.com/Bossip

We have plenty of button-ups on this list, including this uniquely patterned one. It can be a perfect choice if you’re going out to a party or for casual wear. Basically, you can pair the top with anything, from various types of jeans to chinos. Pair the outfit with formal shoes if you’re going to a party, or opt for sneakers to look more laid-back. You can also add some bling accessories to uplift the look.

30. Classic Tuxedo

Classic Tuxedo
Source: twitter.com/euphoriabrnews

Who doesn’t love the classic Tuxedo? This black and white men’s outfit ensemble is the perfect choice for various formal occasions and is guaranteed to make you look put-together and refined. Add a pair of dress shoes of your choice to complete the look. You can also add a watch to enhance the professional vibes and look more mature.

31. High-neck sweater

High-neck sweater
Source: pintererst.com/𝒞

From formal style, we’re moving on to casual ones. This high-neck sweater is perfect to wear during colder seasons and keeps you warm. Combine the sweater with jeans for a go-to look, and add a pair of boots to look fashionable. You can also add a shawl around the neck or a beanie to look more stylish.

32. Striped button-ups

Striped button-ups
Source: zara.com

Let’s move to another button-up in this entry: the striped ones. Deemed one of the most popular outfits, striped button-ups are the perfect wear for both casual and semi-formal occasions. If you’re a fan of a more classic look, pair the shirt with jeans and sneakers. You can also pair it with shorts for warmer days and add a pair of sunglasses or caps to look awesome. Guaranteed, you’ll look like one of the characters from Euphoria!

33. Multicolored sweaters

Multicolored sweaters
Source: twitter.com/euphorixhbo

Sweaters remain one of the most popular outfits for colder seasons. These days, you can easily find multicolored sweaters like this one for men. To style the sweater, you can wear a polo shirt underneath and tuck the collars out to create a preppy look. Pair with jeans and sneakers to create a more casual look, and you’re looking fantastic!

34. Colorblock hoodies

Colorblock hoodies
Source: twitter.com/euphorixhbo

Color block is another staple look from Euphoria men’s outfits and has become a huge fashion trend these days. Pair the hoodie with baggy jeans to achieve a hip look, then add a pair of high-top sneakers, and you’ll look fun but still cool. You can also add a fanny pack, caps, or beanie to elevate the look.

35. Long coats

Long coats
Source: twitter.com/euphorixhbo

Besides sweaters, long coats are the perfect choice for the winter season. You can wear anything underneath the coat, from button-ups to jackets. Add a pair of pants of your liking and ankle boots to complete the look. You can also throw some accessories, like sunglasses or beanies, to level up the style.

36. Sweater vests

Sweater vests
Source: instagram.com/anguscloud

Since their rise in the 70s, sweater vests have become the staple outfit for the colder season. It’s perfect to create a layering look like this one. You can put anything underneath the vest, from button-ups to t-shirts. For a more preppy look, pair the vest with chinos and Oxford shoes. To add a twist of your own, combine the top with sweatpants and colorful shoes to look unique and stand out.

37. Satin shirts

Satin shirts
Source: platinijeans.com

The next men’s outfit is a perfect choice for a more put-together look. You can wear the shirt (unbutton the upper part) with black pants to create a simply fabulous look, or you can go for extra steps to look more polished. Wear a tie and layer the shirt with a vest to look give a professional look. Don’t forget your dress shoes and you’ll look polished and cool wearing Euphoria clothing!

38. Windbreaker jackets

Windbreaker jackets
Source: pinterest.com/Tori Schäfer

This 70s clothing is another entry on this list you can try for recreating Euphoria outfits. You can go for an athleisure look by pairing the jacket with training pants. Alternatively, wear sweatpants and chunky sneakers to look casual and comfy. Besides that, you can mix and match the jacket with jeans and the good old sneakers to look on fleek and stylish. Add accessories like a cap or sunglasses, and you’re rocking the disco era!

39. Tie-dye crewnecks

Tie-dye crewnecks
Source: nextluxury.com

The next one is another colorful outfit in this entry, and it’s all the rage: tie-dye crewnecks. It’s a perfect outfit for the party and makes you look lively. You can combine the bright tie-dye crewneck with black jeans to balance out the color. To give a fun touch, add colorful accessories like beanies and colored sneakers.

40. Leather jackets

Leather jackets
Source: instagram.com/itsalgee

Last but not least, in this article, we have the edgy leather jacket. Essentially, you can wear it with anything, and still rocks. Graphic t-shirts? The perfect rocker look. Button-ups with patterns? Looks drip and fabulous. Pair the outfit with black jeans and your favorite shoes (either sneakers or boots) to look stylish.

Final tips:

  1. Incorporate color or fun prints into your outfit to look stand out and cool.
  2. If you’re wearing prints or colorful outfits, balance out the look by adding some neutral colors.
  3. Throw in some accessories to level up your look and give some fashion statements.
  4. Make sure that your outfit is comfortable and matches the weather.
  5. Choose a fitting outfit, so you don’t look awkward.

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