35 Fabulous Euphoria Dresses Outfit Ideas as Seen on TV

euphoria dresses

As you might know, Euphoria is a teenage drama series famous for its one-of-a-kind and dazzling dress. Each female main character in the series has her distinct style, thus creating a wide variety of aesthetics. In social media, you may often see Euphoria-inspired dresses worn by both the series’ fans and fashion enthusiasts.

If you’re planning to wear Euphoria-inspired dresses to look fabulous on your next occasion, it’s important to understand which style suits you best. Lucky for you, this article has compiled numerous Euphoria dresses that you can choose from. Keep reading to see more of them.

Maddy’s Dresses

Maddy Perez is crowned as the show’s fashion icon. It’s not too difficult to see why Alexa Demie’s character receives the title. Throughout the Euphoria series, she wears glamorous and bold, sometimes a bit risque, outfits and dresses. Her fabulous dresses are guaranteed to make you the center of everyone’s attention!

1. Black velvet vintage dress

euphoria dresses
Source: vogue.co.uk

For Maddy, black is the primary color of her dresses, and this one is one of them. The velvet material gives a glamorous and mature touch. Wear this dress for formal occasions by adding high heels and looking elegant. Don’t skip on the accessories! Add necklaces, earrings to spice up the look, and a bag or purse to give a fashion statement.

2. Cutout bodycon dress

euphoria dresses
Source: sthcute.com

This bodycon dress Maddy wears at the New Year’s Eve party is arguably her most iconic, proven by numerous ladies who recreate her look. You can easily style this dress with gladiator sandals to look more fabulous. Complete the outfit with accessories and make-up to create a dazzling look and steal the spotlight at the party.

3. Slip satin dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/earthlymami

This slip-on dress is a perfect choice to wear for lounging at home and having a good time alone. Layer a robe in a similar color to match the dress and gives luxury and diva-like vibes. Add a pair of sandals to complement the outfit, and throw in little accessories, like a simple necklace and earrings, to level up the evening look.

4. Purple daisy dress

euphoria dresses
Source: twitter.com/Dongdestroyerr

This spaghetti strap purple dress with daisy patterns is another one on the list. It makes an excellent choice to wear in summer. Pair the dress with bright strapped sandals to give a pretty look. You can also layer it with a denim jacket and match the outfit with sneakers to combine the casual look. Add accessories, such as a cross-body bag or small jewelry to look more polished.

5. Floral mini dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/demieluv

This one is another mini dress worn by Maddy. To style this floral dress, add a pair of sandals and sunglasses or a wide-brimmed hat to complete the summer look. You can also style it with sneakers to look more casual and comfy. Add a bag as your fashion statement, and don’t forget to accessorize and spice up the entire look!

6. Slip-on ruffle dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/Shop

Maddy wears some different slip-on dresses, including this ruffled one. The dress she wears at her birthday party might look simple yet radiate elegant vibes. Pair the dress with gladiator sandals or high heels to create a more refined look. Level up your entire look with bling accessories, and you’ll look gorgeous.

7. Purple sequin dress

euphoria dresses
Source: russh.com

Maddy loves wearing refined and glamorous outfits, and this sequin dress is one example. The sparkling sequin creates a fabulous look as you step into the party. To style this dress, pair it with sandals or high heels to emit an elegant look. Add earring hoops and a clutch to look more mature and outstanding.

Jules’ Dresses

In the Euphoria series, Jules often experiments with her dresses. Her look varies from whimsical and fairytale-like vibes to androgynous and darker vibes. She also wears a lot of layering, even when wearing a dress. Besides that, Hunter Schafer’s character often combines two different patterns in one outfit, creating a unique and fabulous look.

8. Purple dress with buckles

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/Moods

Throughout the series, Jules wears a lot of layers to her outfit. This one is for example, where she wears a floral mesh top and ripped tights underneath a purple buckled dress. You can copy her look for a fun casual party. Complete the outfit with boots or chunky sneakers to look more fashionable and chic. Add little accessories like bracelets or rings as fashion statements, and you’re looking great!

9. Pink slip dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/moderngurlz

Yes, it’s another layering look! Recreate her carnival outfit by adding a sheer mesh top under a pink slip dress and you’ll look as stunning as Jules. Add a pair of chunky sneakers or boots to complete the look, and don’t forget the accessories. You can add a choker and small jewelry to look more stylish.

10. The angel costume

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/kaecosmetix

Are you looking for costume inspiration for the next Halloween party? Try this angel costume Jules wore. To achieve this look, wear a white dress, long or short doesn’t matter. Add a pair of wings at the back and otherworldly make-up to complete the costume. For the shoes, you can opt for gladiator sandals to create a more classic portrayal of an angel, or you can wear casual sneakers, and people won’t complain.

11. Graphic t-shirt dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/cloudyday 🌜

You can always turn an oversized t-shirt into a unique dress, like this one. Opt for a t-shirt with several sizes up from your daily wear. Complete the outfit with arm warmers and shorts too. Mix and match the outfit with ankle boots to give an edgy look. Add small accessories to spice up the entire look.

12. Colorful open-front dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/nikkitaitt

Earlier in the series, Jules wears a lot of pastel color that matches her cheerful and fun personality. You can emulate her playfulness by wearing a colorful dress with an opening at the front for the party. Pair the dress with knee-high boots to complete the look, and don’t shy away from adding bling accessories and fun make-up to uplift the entire look. 

13. Sweater with tie-dye marble dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/allthingsalison

In her outfit, Jules often combines two different colors and creates a fabulous look. You can follow her trick by wearing a complementary colored dress, like this tie-dye dress in green and purple. For cold seasons and give a nice touch to the overall look, add a layer of a sweater. You can throw a fashion statement, like a sling bag or minimum accessories, to look fabulous and pretty.

14. Neon dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/jules _0 —☆

Neon is another eye-catching and outstanding color you can add to make you the center of attention. Get inspired with this patterned neon dress layered over a white top. To add some edginess, pair the outfit with black ankle boots and a chocker. The outfit combo is guaranteed to make you look fabulous and striking!

Cassie’s Dresses

Cassie Howard’s dresses in Euphoria can be described as the epitome of a feminine and innocent girl. Sydney Sweeney’s character wears a lot of cute outfits, mostly in pastel blue or pink. It’s safe to say that the way Cassie dresses can be described as romantic and sweet yet seductive.

15. Square neckline dress

euphoria dresses
Source: twitter.com/botticellibimbo

Cassie wears a lot of dresses in the series, and most of them have low-cut necklines like this one. Wear the dress to replicate her sweet and innocent look, and pair them with your favorite footwear. You can pair them with either sandals, boots, or sneakers, up to your choice. Add some bling or fashion statements like sunglasses or sling bags, and you can fabulously stroll down the street!

16. Blue mini dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/euphoria

Cassie’s dresses, especially the one which was worn at the New Year’s Eve party, might look simple, especially if you compare them to other Euphoria casts. However, that doesn’t mean that you can look fabulous by following her style. On cold days, you can layer the dress with a denim jacket to create a more casual look. Complete the outfit with a pair of sandals and accessorize yourself to give a more polished look.

17. Floral puffed dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/kayla

There’s nothing as adorable as a puffed dress with floral patterns. The dress itself screams the fun and sweet vibes of fairytale and romantic vibes. You can wear this dress to your next garden party to look pretty and fun. Pair the dress with sandals or high heels to look graceful. Spice up the look with small accessories, and you’ll look like a princess!

18. The “Oklahoma!” dress

euphoria dresses
Source: stylist.co.uk

The next one is this all-blue outfit ensemble, consisting of a blue mini dress with a blue gingham blouse tied at the front. This style feels like coming from the country star but still looks flattering nevertheless. To complete the dress, add a pair of white boots and throw in little accessories and make-up.

19. Pink embellished silk dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/uquiz

This pink silk dress makes a perfect choice for your next party, like prom or other ones. You can pair the dress with sandals or high heels of your choice. Add some elegance by throwing in a shawl in a similar color. Don’t forget to spice the overall look with pieces of jewelry and soft make-up.

20. Puff sleeve mini dress

euphoria dresses
Source: popsugar.co.uk

This puffed sleeves mini dress is another sweet look from Cassie. Plus, it’s in a soft and pastel pink, thus guaranteed to make a feminine and romantic look. Pair the dress with either sandals or high heels, and throw in some simple accessories to create a dazzling and pretty look.

21. Gingham mini dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/obeythevag

The famous and timeless gingham pattern can make you look elegant and bring a vintage feel. This modern-like mini dress, combined with the classic gingham pattern, creates an excellent mix for your next look. You can pair the dress with sandals to create a more relaxed look or go a bit formal with high heels. You can also layer the dress with any top of your choice, from a casual denim jacket to a classy blazer.

Kat’s Dresses

Barbie’s Fereira character in the Euphoria series often dresses like a nerd. She is a shy girl at first glance. The way Kat Hernandez’s style changes drastically after she gains confidence makes her a very interesting character. She wears a lot of edgy and daring outfits. She even dressed like a dominatrix at one point! Although the later season, she wears more patterned yet still bold dresses.

22. Marble dresses with gloves

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/barbieferreira

In the Euphoria series, Kat wears dresses that feature unique color combinations, and this one is no exception. The marble spaghetti strap dress with matching gloves makes a great dress choice for your next party. Pair the outfit with high heels or sandals, and throw in some fashion statements to level up the look. You can add earrings and necklaces to give some elegance, or go a bit edgy with chokers around the neck.

23. Graphic dress with square neckline

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/Marta Souza

If you’re looking for a unique dress for your next party or hangout, this graphic dress might be a great choice. The combination between adorable puffed sleeves and a graphic, the dark-colored dress creates an interesting and pretty look. Mix and match the dress with your favorite shoes. Either high heels or boots go perfectly with the dress. Adding little accessories never hurts, so add necklaces or bracelets, and show yourself off!

24. Two-toned denim dress

euphoria dresses
Source: twitter.com/bestoferreira

The next dress is a perfect choice for you, denim fans! Earlier in the series, Kat wears this pinafore two-toned denim with a t-shirt underneath. Her look is a perfect choice if you’re going for casual events, like a hangout with friends. Pair the dress with sneakers or boots to look more polished, and add a sling bag to give a bonus point to the look.

25. Red dominatrix dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/💜

Next, we have a bit of mature and sexy dress. This dominatrix-inspired red dress makes a good outfit for your next costume party. To style this dress, opt for black high heels or boots. Add bold makeup to create a daring and commanding look, and you’ll be the center of attention.

26. Vintage brown dress

euphoria dresses
Source: lipstiq.com

In Euphoria, Kat usually wears unique patterned dresses, and this vintage brown dress is one of them. The short sleeve dress is an excellent option if you want to look classic and pretty at the party. Combine the dress with sandals or high heels in darker tones. Add a sling bag and small accessories to uplift the entire look.

27. Animal print dress

euphoria dresses
Source: instagram.com/saturnation_

You can wear an animal print dress for numerous occasions, like parties, to look fabulous and bold. Wear the dress on its own, or create a layered look by adding a black inner shirt. Another idea is to throw in a leather jacket over the dress to give an edgy touch. Pair the outfit with your favorite shoes, like sneakers or ankle boots, and spice up the look with minimal accessories to look great!

28. Tie-dye long dress

euphoria dresses
Source: facebook.com/O-Mighty

Did you know that Kat’s red heart long skirt has the dress version? This tie-dye dress is a perfect choice for your next summer wear or parties. You can wear the dress alone or go for a layered look with short t-shirts underneath. Complete the outfit with sandals or heels to look more elegant. To add extra points to the look, add accessories like jewelry and a sling bag, and you’re good to go!

Lexi’s Dreses

Last but not least, we got Lexi Howard. Her fashion aesthetic is like the prim and proper look. Maude Apatow’s character in the Euphoria series wears many collared dresses and retro patterns that bring an academia look.

29. Collared dress with inner

euphoria dresses
Source: twitter.com/hauteblood

Lexi wears a lot of collared dresses, and there are many ways to style them. Take this one, for example. Add inner and opaque tights underneath the dress to look modest yet still preppy. Complete the outfit with a pair of Mary Jane shoes or ankle boots to complete the academia look. Add minimal accessories, like a simple pendant and glasses, to look studious and neat.

30. Checkered dress

euphoria dresses
Source: popsugar.com

Checkered patterns and collared outfits are famous for creating an academia look. The two things combined in this short dress worn by Lexi in Euphoria create an excellent look for your daily wear. Add your favorite shoes, like Mary Jane, or boots with knee-high socks to look fashionable. Complete the outfit with a sling bag for a hang out with your friends, and you’re looking chic!

31. Black velvet dress

euphoria dresses
Source: twitter.com/alyciasgoId

If you want to look elegant but mysterious all at once, this black velvet short dress can be a good choice! Pair the outfit with your favorite shoes. For formal occasions, you can wear high heels to look more elegant and mature. Add little bling of accessories to adorn your dark outfits and look fabulous.

32. Mini polo dress

euphoria dresses
Source: nanajacqueline.com

This sporty sleeveless mini polo dress makes a great choice for your next summer wear. Pair the dress with either comfy sneakers to create a casual look or sandals to give a dash of elegance. If you’re heading out to a party with this dress, don’t forget to add accessories like earrings, necklaces, or a purse to look more fabulous!

33. Peter Pan collar dress

euphoria dresses
Source: seventeen.com

Throughout the series, Lexi wears numerous collared dresses, both in long sleeves and short ones. If you’re a fan of her preppy and polished look, recreate it by wearing a Peter Pan collared dress with your favorite shoes. To uplift the look, you can add a barret hat as a fashion statement and look more stylish.

34. Patchwork collared dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/bailey

This unique patchwork dress is guaranteed to make you look stunning and fabulous! Complete with huge collars like what Lexi loves to wear, this dress is a perfect choice for your next occasion! To wear this dress at a party, you might need to pair it with high heels or sandals to look graceful and sweet. Add small and simple accessories, so they don’t overpower the dress’ unique and fun pattern.

35. Sleeveless floral dress

euphoria dresses
Source: pinterest.com/POPSUGAR

The last on this list is Lexi’s sleeveless floral dress. It’s the perfect attire for summer days or a garden party with your closest friends. To style the dress, wear a pair of sandals or sneakers. Add minimal accessories, so you don’t go overboard and look balanced. Complete the outfit with your favorite fashion statements, such as sunglasses, brimmed hats, or sling bags.

Final tips:

  1. Pair your dress with sandals or high heels for formal or semi-formal events. You can combine the dress with sneakers for casual occasions.
  2. Create a layered look by adding a jacket on top of your dress or wearing a top underneath it.
  3. Uplift your look with makeup.
  4. If your dress is plain, you can add eye-catching accessories to look more attractive and chic. On the other hand, choose simple accessories if your dress is patterned or colorful.
  5. Try mixing and matching two different yet kind of similar patterns to look fabulous.

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