Men Graduation Outfit (30++ Top Recommended List)

men graduation outfit

Graduation day: that one happy day to celebrate all of the hard-earned achievements that you’ve accumulated in school/college. Naturally, you’d want to look your best here, as days like these won’t come very often. After all, graduation day should be a fun day that marks one more step towards becoming a real man. So, if you need a special graduation outfit for men, SSM will help you choose the best one!

Now we know that at the ceremony, your school/alma mater has a certain dress code that you should follow. Luckily, they won’t force you to wear the same graduation outfit to your private party. The following is a list of men’s graduation outfits that you can use for said occasion. Guests can also use these ideas when attending a graduation ceremony.

1. Wear Long-sleeved Shirt Underneath the Outfit

Yes, we do know that there’s a certain graduation outfit dress code that you should adhere to. Still, you can slip an attire or two underneath. If the dress code happens to be colored black, then you can wear something a little brighter to give a little bit of variation to it. Yes, a blue, long-sleeved shirt will be a perfect choice.

2. Wear a Neutral-colored Outfit Inside

cool outfits perfect for graduation

Men’s graduation outfits come in a lot of variations and colors. But no matter what color they are, it’s important to slip in an extra outfit underneath with a neutral finish like a gray or white shirt.

The role that these neutral-colored shirts have is to act as an extra accessory for your outfit. Therefore, you shouldn’t make them stand out! Hence, picking one t-shirt with a neutral color seems like the logical choice here.

3. Ditch the Outfit but Maintain the Hat

men graduation outfit

Remember what we said about this list? Yes, some graduation outfit ideas for men are better suited for the afterparties rather than the ceremony itself.

During the fun occasion, you might want to wear something casual. However, it might be a funny idea to still wear your graduation hat as well. After all, it can serve as a token of reminder that you’ve conquered school!

4. Wear Something Simple and Catchy

cool outfits perfect for graduation

When you’re hosting a graduation party, you’d want some eye-catching graduation outfit ideas for men so you can stand out. But on the other hand, guys don’t like to wear something too complex. But can something simple be catchy as well? Yes, it can!

The key to wearing an ensemble with the criteria mentioned before is to wear simple outfits with catchy colors. Therefore, we recommend that you wear something bright, like a pink shirt. To avoid overdressing, you can pair it with black jeans. 

Choosing the right sneakers is also essential. Therefore, you can try and wear brown sneakers, as they are casual and elegant.

5. The Classy Outfit

men graduation outfit

Adults are all about being classy. When you’re graduating, you need to know this and start to look the part. One way to practice your elegance is by wearing a classy outfit for your graduation party.

Luckily, we have the perfect graduation outfit that men would find attractive for this particular reason.

Let’s start by wearing the traditional black and white combination, where a white shirt can be combined with black jeans. Make sure that the shirt is a long-sleeved one as well. Add a little bit of a vintage vibe by wearing a red bow tie around the collar of your shirt.

6. Wear Fancy Party Suits

men graduation outfit

A graduation day is supposed to be your happy day, and because it won’t happen again, make sure to wear something fancy to your graduation party. If you happen to stumble across a set of suits and pants with an eye-catching design, then make sure to wear them!

7. Blue Suit is Really Elegant

men graduation outfit

There are some alternatives to looking classy. If you want to wear suits like most executives in an office do, then so be it. However, you need to remember that a casual outfit will be better suited for a party instead of formal wear. Therefore, a blue suit might be the answer instead of wearing a black suit. 

After we’ve figured out the main part of your graduation outfit, let’s finish off the ensemble. Make sure that the pants match the color of your suit. You can also wear a (matching) blue vest underneath to add elegance!

8. Beige Vest and Pants

cool outfits perfect for graduation

The possibility of wearing a vest, as stated through the previous idea we had, has got us thinking about creating a new idea that revolves around it. However, we’re probably changing the tone, so that you can have some alternatives.

We really thought that a beige vest would look really classy at any party that you host, provided that it pairs well with your pants. Then, wear a white shirt underneath as well. Thinking of wearing a black tie as well? Why not!

9. Beach Graduation Outfit

cool outfits perfect for graduation

Some people might have thought about hosting a graduation party at the beach. If you’re thinking of making or attending one, then you’ll need something casual and simple.

The idea of wearing something casual and simple is no stranger to us. You can find a simple black shirt and pair it with white shorts (no jeans please, as beaches are better suited if you wear shorts). This outfit combination can be considered for both the host and the attendee.

10. Gray and White Outfit Combination

men graduation outfit

Traditionally, people’s go-to outfit combination will be to mix black and white attires. But when we’re talking about casual graduation outfits, for men, something a little bit more unique might be on the cards. Therefore, we might ask you to mix white attire with grays!

A white shirt is normally seen on many graduation outfits, so maintain that attire. You can then pair it with a gray suit and skinny jeans. This look is really perfect if you want to organize a graduation photoshoot. It can also be used for a guest who is attending a graduation ceremony.

11. Wear Suspenders

men graduation outfit
source: OutfitIdeasHQ/pinterest

These days, people tend to wear belts rather than complex suspenders. However, suspenders do provide a classier and more vintage look to your graduation outfit. If you want to generate elegance, consider wearing it!

Seeing as we’re now talking about adding accessories to your men’s graduation outfit, we might also recommend that you wear a watch on your hand. If possible, pick one that matches the color of your pants or suspenders.

12. Wear a Leather Jacket

cool men's outfits perfect for graduation

Leather jackets can act as a replacement for conventional suits that incidentally look more rigid and formal. Despite its casual look, leather jackets still make you look awesome and presentable. 

It’s not that hard to create an ensemble that revolves around the leather jacket. All you need is to find a matching shirt, then mix it with blue ripped jeans. It’s rather perfect for you bad boys who want to celebrate leaving school in style.

13. Classic Black and White

source: OutfitIdeasHQ/pinterest

Previously, we have mentioned graduation outfit combinations for men that mix white and gray attires. However, you’d be glad to know that you can ditch the gray color and replace them with black ones. It will result in a conventional and formal look that is really cool and neat. 

The general combination is similar to that of the white and gray combination, so we won’t run through it again. However, you have the option to wear (or not wear) a black suit here. It’s a good thing to know, right?

14. Gray and Black Outfit


We’ve talked about white and gray graduation outfits. We’ve also discussed the possibility of wearing black and white outfits. Now, it’s time that we come up with the black and gray combination.

Whilst the combination looks cool, it’s actually a pretty simple one. you can wear a gray suit and pair it with black jeans and sneakers. Sometimes, you can even wear dark blue pants for a bit of a variation. This is truly a calm and elegant look that you might want to try!

15. Blue Shirts and Brown Pants

source: marianyduran/pinterest

One thing that you might want to remember before hosting a graduation party or attending one is to avoid wearing men’s graduation outfits that are too formal. A simple way to prevent it is by wearing something that has a unique color.

Therefore, a mixture between a blue shirt and brown pants will be a good one to entertain.  You can even wear sunglasses, provided that the party is being held outdoors.

16. Brown Suit and Pants


Thinking of doing a photo shoot with your graduation outfit? Well, you won’t want to miss this idea out! Naturally, you want to wear your graduation hat as a symbol of your graduation.

Then, dress your body by wearing something semi-casual in the form of brown outfits. Yes, it could come in the form of a brown suit and pants. If you wear a white shirt inside, you can even add a brown tie as well.

17. Wear Multi-layered Outfits


Nothing can ever go wrong when you decide to wear a multi-layered outfit to a graduation party or ceremony. Aside from looking cool, it also helps to protect those of you who are prone to cold environments. So, let’s talk about the “ingredients” needed, shall we?

Naturally, we’d like you to wear something natural as the main outfit. Therefore, we’re going with a black suit or jacket and pants first. Then, you can wear a contrasting outfit in the form of a gray vest inside. For the third layer, a simple white shirt will suffice.

18. Blue and White Outfit

source: essencemagazine/pinterest

Why don’t you take a moment to look at the picture and stare at it with awe? The combination of a cool/light blue with white attire is a really magnificent one, right? Furthermore, it can be deemed as a semi-formal outfit that can also be used for many occasions.

All you need is to wear a light blue suit (and pants) with a white shirt underneath. If you have a pair of white sneakers, make sure to wear it as well.

19. Gray Suit and Checked Shirt

Looking to find something simple that can be fun for a photo shoot session to commemorate your graduation? Please check this graduation outfit out that will make men look even more masculine! 

Let’s start with something simple, and that is to wear a gray suit to your photoshoot session. However, you can have a little bit of a variation by including a checked shirt inside. For an even funnier approach, ditch your graduation hat in favor of a book!

20. Gray, Blue, and Green

source: fashstop/pinterest

Mixing two colors to create a graduation outfit that will be well-liked by all men is simple. But what about three different colors? Thankfully, we have the right outfit combination for you, so check this idea out! 

Let’s start by finding the right shirt. A smart choice would be to find a casual shirt in the form of a light blue shirt. Then, you can cover it with a white or light gray suit. You’ll notice that it is similar to an idea that we have said before, but instead of wearing matching pants, you can find a green ones. It will result in something unique and eye-catchy, which is perfect for a graduation party.

21. Celebrate Good Times Come On!

Yes, a celebration is definitely used to celebrate something. Therefore, you can’t hold back by wearing simple outfits for your graduation. If you love bright stuff, then please make it happen through your attire. After all, bright-colored outfits are really great for symbolizing a good mood.

Yes, wearing bright-colored outfits is really great, but you would want to avoid overdressing yourself with something too fancy. That’s the reason why we came up with calmer outfits with bright colors to balance both worlds. A nice idea would be to wear a blue hoodie or sweatshirt and pair it with blue jeans.

22. Wear a Red Tie

source: patyrns/pinterest

Previously, we have discussed the possibility of wearing a bowtie. This idea is perfect for someone who wants their look to be more vintage and classier.

But if you’re going for a more modern, contemporary style, then wearing a normal tie might be the better option. A red tie is highly recommended. Despite its bright nature, it fits perfectly with any outfit that you want to wear.

23. Wear a Striped Shirt


Why haven’t we discussed the idea of wearing a striped shirt yet? Let’s correct that mistake by reviewing an idea based on this awesome outfit. After all, wearing a long-sleeved, striped shirt is a great choice for those of you who are attending a graduation ceremony.

An easy pairing will be to combine it with black jeans. It is truly one of the simplest and most awesome graduation outfit ideas for men on our list, so make sure to try it out.

24. All-white Outfit


Men can’t resist the sensual style that an all-white graduation outfit offers! Dare we say that it’s also one of the best ideas on this list?

All you need to do is go to your closet and find a white shirt and a white suit for the upper part of your body. Then, you can just mix it with white jeans or pants and white sneakers down below.

25. Tux!


No outfit can look classier than a tuxedo. This alone makes wearing a tuxedo a great option for your graduation party. Make sure to go simple: a combination of a white shirt with a black tuxedo is enough. This way, you can finish the ensemble by wearing black pants and shoes.

26. Wear Stretchy Suits!


Most formal or semi-formal outfits on our list are normally made to fit your body just right. That’s the reason why it’s essential to wear something stretchy.

Put it this way: your black suit, no matter how beautiful it looks, will be prone to be broken when you have a stiff material, so please take that into consideration.

27. Old-school Graduation Outfit

Once in a while, it feels right to pay tribute to old-school outfits for your graduation day. Now, we don’t necessarily mean that you need to wear it during the whole ceremonial process.

Instead, you might want to use vintage/old-school men’s graduation outfits for a photoshoot session with your friend and family. Try it out and then print the photo to create a lifelong memory.

28. Pink and Blue Outfit

source: copperbluephotography/pinterest

Please don’t leave us yet, as we still have plenty of graduation outfits that you can entertain. Here’s one: a combination of pink and blue attire.

What you want to try is to wear a pink suit (with a white shirt underneath, as usual) and then combine it with blue jeans. It will result in something casual and magnificent that is perfect for many occasions.

29. Blue Suit, Blue Vest, Blue Pants

source: greenweddingshoes/pinterest

Wearing an all-blue outfit combination might seem like a tasty idea. However, you can alter it a bit and use light blue outfits instead. This way, you can also insert a white shirt into the mix, as they have similar nature! It will result in a truly elegant and magnificent outfit combination!

30. Black with a Hint of White

source: matthewhhoenig/pinterest

We really find it hard to imagine ditching a white outfit from our idea. Therefore, an all-black outfit seems impossible here. However, we can include an “almost” all-black outfit. Yes, you will be wearing a black suit with black pants, but you also need to make sure that you wear a white shirt underneath.

31. Wear a Beige Vest and Matching Pants

cool outfits perfect for graduation

Do you want to create a classic look for your graduation party? If you do, then please take note of this next idea. Find a pair of matching vests and pants in beige color. But before putting the vest on, make sure to wear a white shirt underneath with a black tie. For an even classier look, you can wear an analog watch!

32. Traditional Shirt

men graduation outfit

Even though you’re graduating here in the States, you can still show your pride in your cultural heritage. If you’re from Japan, wear oriental-themed outfits to a party that you’re hosting. If you’re from Africa, outfits like the Dashiki set will be a great idea to consider. Try it out and let us know what you think.

33. Checked Suit and Pants

men graduation outfit
source: Walter Ponce/pinterest

Wearing a checked shirt to a graduation ceremony or party is nothing new. But when you decide to wear a checked shirt and pants, that’s how we know that you have a good fashion sense. It’s an unconventional combination that actually looks good to wear. Besides, it also gives off a casual vibe yet still impresses people around you.

34. Green and White

men graduation outfit
source: Nikita/pinterest

No matter what color of suit and pants you decide to wear for a graduation party, we still feel that they deserve to be accompanied by something as simple as a white shirt. Therefore, please try a combination of a green suit and pants. Then, wear a white shirt underneath. 

For an even classier look, you might want to consider wearing a pair of brown shoes. Brown shoes look classy and give out a bit of an old-school vibe which works perfectly with the idea mentioned before.

35. Purple and Black Outfit

men graduation outfit

And at last, our last idea for our list of awesome men’s graduation outfits. Let’s end it with something beautiful and aesthetic. We thought that this goal could be done with something as simple as wearing a combination of purple outfits in the form of a suit and pants. Then, you can wear a black shirt underneath!

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