Unleash Your Inner Euphoria with These 30++ Must-Have Outfits

euphoria outfits

Euphoria outfits are distinct from each character, ranging from the academia look, comfortable and easy outfits, and feminine clothes to daring and vintage outfits. Numerous women feel inspired to replicate and style their outfits based on the series’ characters. They successfully recreate the outfit and look stunning.

This article has compiled some gorgeous Euphoria outfit ideas you can wear to different events and look fabulous. Keep reading to see more of them.

Rue’s Outfits

Portrayed by Zendaya, Rue is one of the main characters and narrator of this series who struggles with her drug addiction. She has a casual, boyish, and more laid-back fashion style. Her style is the best choice if you’re looking for simple daily outfits. Let’s take a closer look at Rue Bennet’s Euphoria outfits.

1. Oversized shirts and zipper hoodies

euphoria outfits
Source: daysinspired.com

If you have a lot of oversized t-shirts in your closet, try this quick and simple way to style them! Pair the t-shirt with biker shorts and layer a hoodie over to look stylish. Complete the look with ankle-high sneakers and socks to look effortlessly chic.

2. Cropped tops under button-ups

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

Another outfit to try if you don’t have much time, combine a cropped top with a button-up and short pants. Opt for patterned shirts to add some spice to your look. Complete the outfit with sneakers or slip-on shoes to rock the casual, summery look. You can also add sunglasses or necklaces to look fancy and pretty.

3. Oversized striped cardigans

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

In almost every Euphoria episode, Rue always wears oversized tops that look comfy and warm, including this striped cardigan. You can wear a tank top or shirt underneath and create a layering look. Add a pair of black pants and the good old sneakers to look stylish without much effort.

4. Button-ups and plaid shorts

euphoria outfits
Source : seventeen.com

This time, you can level up your button-up shirt to look gorgeous. Wear a mesh inner and layer it with patterned button-ups. Add plaid shorts and sneakers and you’re looking awesome! This look is also perfect for daily wear if you’re a fan of a casual and simple look.

5. The detective look

euphoria outfits
Source : instagram.com

Rue’s detective look is among one of the best in the series. Pair a cropped tank top that flaunts your belly with a brown overall to create a sexy yet more polished look. Add in boots to give a bolder touch, or you can go for sneakers to look more laid-back and fun.

Jules’ Outfits

Jules is Rue’s romantic interest in the series, portrayed by Hunter Schafer. Her vibrant and eclectic outfits might be the total opposite of what Rue wears, more colorful and daring. Here are some of Jules Vaughn’s dazzling Euphoria outfits.

6. White and pink combo

euphoria outfits
Source : elle.com.au

To dress up like Jules, you can play with bright or soft color combinations. Take this look for example. You can pair a white cropped t-shirt with a high-rise denim skirt in pink to look more girlish and fun. Complete the look with white fishnets and sneakers, and add a pop of yellow for the accessories. Guaranteed you’ll look sweet and extraordinary!

7. Soft-colored tops and tennis skirts

euphoria outfits
Source: fashionactivation.com

Layering outfits are Jules’ staple look in Euphoria. You can pair a tight bodysuit with a cropped t-shirt and mini tennis skirt to show the feminine dan sweet side. For the color, you might want to go color-block like this purple and green one to look chic. Add a pair of white sneakers to complete your look.

8. Sheer trench coats

euphoria outfits
Source : instagram.com

Besides wearing feminine outfits, Jules is also popular for her vibrant, neon-colored outfits and daring like this sheer trench coat. Under the coat, you can wear a set of purple trousers and a bra to show yourself off. At the back, you can spot a transgender symbol that represents Jules’ identity as a trans woman.

9. Oversized printed t-shirts

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

Another look from Jules is this oversized printed t-shirt. Underneath the shirt, you can add shorts and a pair of arm warmers to look retro and grunge. Complete the outfit with ankle boots and colorful socks to give a bold and badass look.

10. Embellished zipper jackets

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

Try this embellished zipper jacket to create a dazzling look for your outfit. Underneath the jacket, you can wear a mini dress like Jules or combine a t-shirt with pants if you prefer a casual look. Add a pair of shoes to complete your gorgeous look.

Cassie’s Outfits

Cassie Howard, portrayed by Sydney Sweeney, is another main character in Euphoria that has fantastic looks. The popular girl’s outfits predominantly lean on the feminine side with soft blue and pink as the primary colors. Here are some of Cassie’s sweet-looking outfits in Euphoria.

11. Blue mini dress with gingham tops

Source: pinterest.com

Cassie wears soft blue outfits in almost every Euphoria episode, like this one for example. You can easily recreate this look by wearing a sleeveless mini dress under a cropped gingham top. Tie the end of the top to create a sexy yet sweet look. Add a pair of boots to complete the look and you’re looking gorgeous!

12. Blue ruched mini dress

euphoria outfits
Source: houseofcb.com

Cassie’s blue mini dress on season 2 is as good as we remember. This sexy and flattering outfit is perfect for parties and other occasions. You can throw in some pieces of jewelry to spice up the overall look and wear high heels to look pretty. If you think this cloth is too revealing, you can layer the top with cardigans.

13. Fitted dress for party

euphoria outfits
Source: umsquaremagazine.com

Cassie’s party dress might be a good inspiration for your next party outfit. The embellished neckline is an excellent addition to give a glamorous look and steal everyone’s attention. Complete the look with high heels or heeled sandals and throw in accessories to spice up the overall look.

14. Cropped tanks and pink skirts

euphoria outfits
Source: fashionactivation.com

Besides blue, Cassie wears a lot of pink outfits in Euphoria. One of them is this sweet and pretty-looking cropped tank and skirt combo. You might go for the versatile white cropped tank and high-rise pink skirts to create a lovely pair. Complete the look with white sneakers, and you’re good to go!

15. Tracksuit sets

Source : femestella.com

This tracksuit set is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a comfortable and stylish outfit. Underneath the cropped hoodie, you can wear tank tops to stay comfortable and warm. Complete the look with sneakers or running shoes for exercising or lounging lazily at home.

16. Sweet ruffled tops and high-waisted jeans

euphoria outfits
Source: tvfanatic.com

Cassie’s look often incorporates high-rise jeans and cropped tops, like this one. You can recreate her sweet and innocent-like look with ruffled cropped tops that shows a bit of your skin off. Pair the top with high-waisted jeans in light blue to complement the charming look.

Lexi’s Outfits

Lexi Howard, portrayed by Maude Apatow,  is Cassie’s younger sister, who is more quiet and shy. She’s also Rue’s childhood friend who supports her through her addiction. Her sense of fashion is neat and has academic vibes to it. Keep reading to see Lexi’s stylishly preppy Euphoria outfits.

17. Plaid dresses

euphoria outfits
Source: buzzfeed.com

Lexi’s outfits sometimes incorporate patterns and look more vintage. This one, for example, she wears a mini plaid dress with a peter pan neckline that gives a sweet and preppy look. You can recreate her look by adding boots and a sling bag to look pretty and nice.

18. Short skirts and cropped blouses

Source: twitter.com

This is another charming and studious look from Lexi that you can recreate. Pair a square-necklined cropped blouse with a high-waisted mini skirt to create a sweet and alluring look. Complete the look with boots, platforms, or Mary Jane shoes to complete the academia vibes.

19. Black dresses

Source: twitter.com

This elegant black velvet dress is an excellent choice to wear for formal occasions. You can pair the dress with heels or pump shoes to give a nice touch to the overall look. Spice up the outfit by adding accessories such as regular necklaces, rings, or earrings to look prettier.

20. Checkered cardigan and short skirts

Source: jacketars.com

You can mix and match a checkered cardigan with short plain skirts for an academia and preppy look like Lexi. The outfit combo is an excellent choice to wear in the colder season. Add a pair of boots to look gorgeous and give a nice charm to the overall look. Throw in a sling bac for accessories, and you’re looking awesome!

21. Plaid pants and black cardigans

Source : instagram.com

Patterned pants are still popular to this day. You can mix and match plaid pants with plain, solid-color tops like cardigans to give a warm and comfy look. For this casual look, you can add a pair of slip-on shoes or sneakers and still look awesomely stylish.

Maddy’s Outfits

Alexa Demie plays Maddy Perez, the highly confident, straightforward student at East Highland High School. Her confidence is shown through her fashion sense. Her outfits and make-ups are primarily bold, glamorous, and remarkable, making her a fashion icon in the series. Let’s take a look at some of Maddy’s greatest outfits.

22. Cut-out matching sets

euphoria outfits
Source: daysinspired.com

Throughout the series, we can spot Maddy wearing different matching sets. One of them is this purple cut-out bra and trousers set. You can wear this flattering outfit to a party and look alluring, as well as makes all eyes on you. Complete the look with high-heel sandals and hoop earrings to add some spice to the overall look.

23. Ribbed cropped tanks and barret hats

Source: refinery29.com

You can level up the entire look by adding some safety pins to the plain ribbed crop tank. Pair the top with high-rise jeans and a soft-colored beret hat to add a fashion statement to the overall look. It’s guaranteed to make you look fabulous!

24. The iconic bodycon dress

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

Maddy is considered the most well-dressed character in Euphoria because of her iconic black cut-out dress in season 2. Many people try to recreate her look for parties with different twists and creativity. You can opt for a black, sleeveless bodycon dress with cut-outs in some parts and add black gloves that match the outfit. Complete the look with gladiator sandals and hoop earrings to look alluring and glamorous.

25. Ribbed shirt and skirt sets

Source: nodress67.com

This is another two-piece outfit rocked by Maddy in the series. The mix of orange and cobalt blue on the outfit makes a great look. You can wear them with heeled sandals to look gorgeous and elegant and throw in some fashion statement accessories to level up the look.

26. All-black tube tops and trousers

Source: pinterest.com

You can take this look as an inspiration if you prefer a more simple one yet still want to look as fabulous as Ms. Perez. Wear a graphic tube top and pair it with black trousers to look elegantly mature and maintain sexiness. Complete the look with heeled sandals and a black sling bag to look fabulous!

27. Lilac cardigan and mini dress

euphoria outfits
Source : instagram.com

This purple outfit is an excellent choice to wear at parties and shows the fun and colorful outfits off. Wear a glittery bodycon mini dress and layer the top with a darker lilac cardigan to look stylish and fabulous. Don’t forget to throw in lilac accessories to add some extra flair!

Kat’s Outfits

Kat Hernandez is Maddy’s best friend and is portrayed by Barbie Ferreira. Throughout the series, Kat has a different and stark difference in fashion style. At first, she wears average clothes. As the show progresses, she gains more confidence and wears eye-catching, revealing, and bondage-related accessories. Here are some of her best Euphoria outfits that are perfect for curvy women out there.

28. Green cardigan and t-shirt combo

Source : instagram.com

You can recreate Kat’s green cardigan look for daily wear or other occasions. Wear a white graphic t-shirt underneath the cardigan and pair the tops with a black skirt with heart prints. This look combines contrasting red and green colors that’ll make you look fabulous.  Add sneakers or boots to complete the overall look.

29. Marble dress with matching gloves

Source: twitter.com

Kat’s prom outfit is this marble-print dress with matching gloves that gives an extra point to the overall look. This unique, multicolored dress is an excellent choice to show your confidence and look pretty fabulous. Add accessories to level up the overall look, and you’re looking gorgeous!

30. Zebra-print tops and leather skirts

Source : instagram.com

Another iconic look from Kat happens after her ‘transformation’ in the series. Like this one, for example. You can copy her look by wearing a mesh top with animal print over it and pair the top with a leather mini skirt to look bold and badass. Add black ankle boots and some accessories to give some spice and level up the entire look.

31. Corset tops and chockers

euphoria outfits
Source: pinterest.com

Corset tops are getting popular these days as people wear them with shirts and show their body curves off. You can try the same way, wear the corset over a t-shirt and pair the tops with a plaid mini skirt and sheer tights. Add ankle boots and a choker to rock the grunge look.

32. Sheer tops and body harness

Source: popsugar.com

This outfit is considered Kat’s most daring outfit in the series. She wears a red sheer top and jeans in the same color, complete with bondage accessories like a body harness and a choker. Kat shows people that curvy girls can wear whatever they want and be themselves. This outfit is an excellent idea to wear for your next costume party.

Other Characters’ Outfits

Besides the East Highland High School girls, some recurring characters also pull the great look. Here are some of the honorable mentions.

33. Faye’s baby tees

euphoria outfits
Source: seventeen.com

Faye, portrayed by Chloe Cherry, is a recurring character in the series’ second season. She often wears Y2K girly and sexy outfits like this baby tee. You can wear it with pleated skirts, colorful socks, and white sneakers to stand out and rock the vintage look. Her look is a great option if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic about the Y2K fashion style.

34. Bright blue Euphoria Outfits

Source: pinterest.com

Euphoria doesn’t only highlight its teens’ fashion styles but also middle-aged women like Fezco’s grandma, played by Kathrine Narducci. In an episode, she rocks this blue suit consisting of a blazer and pants. She still looks badass despite her age. You can recreate her look by adding some bling accessories and high heels or boots to look stylish and ageless.

35. Plaid jackets and printed socks

Source: pinterest.com

Last but not least, Faye’s plaid jacket outfit. She wears a blue plaid zipper hoodie over the matching sets, as well as a pair of patterned knee-high socks. Her looks combine different patterns that might be too overboard for some people, but this look can be an excellent inspiration for your next party!

Final tips:

  • Adjust the outfit based on what occasion you’re going to attend.
  • Make sure the outfits fit your body to enhance your best body features and look fabulously awesome.
  • You can add a belt to a certain outfit to accentuate the hips area and look slimmer.
  • Choose versatile accessories and shoes that can be customized with different outfits.

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