30 matching family outfits for vacation, and Holidays

matching family outfits for vacation

Vacation. Ah, to get one these days is amazing and really relieving, considering how much apart one family can be during a busy season. Therefore, you need to really make it worth the while by finding a place that you and your family can really enjoy. After doing just that, make sure to at least spend one day together by wearing matching family outfits for vacation.

Surely, there are a lot of different matching family outfits for a vacation that you can choose. Plus, the style of the outfits really depends on the vacation spot that you and your family choose. Down below, you’re going to look at a lot of different (yet awesome) matching family outfits for vacation. Some of them are adorable, while others are really cool and amazing. So without further ado, let’s take a look at our comprehensive list of matching family outfits for vacation. 

1. Casual-themed Outfits

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Let’s start off our list of matching family outfits for vacation with something easy and simple. Let’s scratch off any outfits that are too formal here and just wear anything casual. Plain or striped shirts are very cool to wear, especially if you combine them with shorts. Any color will do because nobody is here to tell you what to do!

2. Summer Vibes Outfits

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Although a vacation can be enjoyed at any point of the year, most will take their time off during summer. That’s the reason why we’re dedicating one point from our list of matching family outfits for vacation specifically for it. Wear matching shirts with white sneakers and hats. To block off the sunlight, find sunglasses too. 

3. Striped Outfits

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Striped outfits are very fun and casual. Besides, they are also so easy to obtain. If you’re going out for a vacation with your family, you have to find striped shirts for the whole gang. It doesn’t matter if some have different models or colors as long as they are striped!

4. Gray for Men, Red for Women

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Wearing matching outfits that separate family members depending on their gender is also fun to consider. Here’s one: men can use gray shirts while women are able to wear red or pink ones. To bind all of you, make sure to still wear matching jeans!

5. Matching Hats

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Too shy to find matching family outfits for vacation? Well, you can just wear the same hat while using different outfits, and we still consider it a matching theme! For a sunny day at the beach, nothing is more recommended than wearing a white hat. 

6. Matching Plaid Outfits

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Plaid outfits are as fun as striped shirts. The only difference is the overall design. For a super dope vacation, you can consider wearing matching plaid outfits in the same color. Blue is recommended for a hot summer day in the middle of the year. Plus, it can also be paired with white sneakers. 

7. Long-sleeved Blue Cropped Top

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The cropped top is a really popular outfit for women. Evidently, it can be used for different occasions, from a romantic dinner to a fun night’s party. But for a girls-only family vacation, you can consider wearing blue long-sleeved cropped tops with the other family members. 

8. White and Dark

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A fun trip to the beach will only be worthwhile if you wear the right outfit. When we’re talking about the perfect outfit, we also mean that it is very comfortable to wear. Therefore, wearing matching shorts as well as shorts will be a great option to consider. For a memorable day, you can wear brown shorts. 

9. Patterned Outfits

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If your family is torn between wearing matching plaid or striped outfits, then why not use both of them? As long as they are made from the same colors, you’re free to choose which design you want. Let’s not make matching family outfits for vacation a huge problem for the family. 

10. Floral Outfits

Source: pinterest.com/beontrack.me

Floral-themed outfits are great for a lot of reasons. It can be used for a lazy day at the beach or for other relaxing activities that you and your family can think of. Girls can wear floral dresses, while boys will be able to wear floral-themed shorts with matching colors. 

11. Striped Polo Shirts

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Polo shirts are very fun to wear. Add to the fact that they are extremely comfortable to wear and look very stylish, and it seems like a no-brainer to have one, right? But for a vacation, you gotta find the right polo shirt. Therefore, we’re going to be recommending striped polo shirts, as they emanate a really fun and cheerful vibe. 

12. Tropical Theme

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Having tropical-themed outfits might be a great option to consider, especially if you’re looking to go to Hawaii or other tropical vacation spots. For a unique approach, you can try and combine a blue-colored floral outfit with white shorts. So relaxing and casual!

13. Bright T-shirts

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If you’re going for a vacation with the entire family, you can find it difficult to ask them to wear matching family outfits on vacation. Therefore, we’re going to save you the trouble and tell you not to bother too much. As an alternative, ask all of your family members to wear something bright, such as blue or orange shirts. 

14. Plaid Shirts and Jeans

Source: pinterest.com/mjfranko

Plaid shirts are great on their own; we grant you that. However, you can still upgrade your overall looks by using some more additions, such as a plain white shirt inside. To top off the combo, use a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers down below. 

15. White and Blue

Source: pinterest.com/Amypub

Blue and white always seem like a wonderful pairing for an outfit. This time, we’re going to let you be the fashion master by creating an innovation based on these two colors. You can wear a white dress and ripped blue jeans, while others wear a blue suit with a white shirt and pants. 

16. Red Pajamas

Source: pixabay.com

Have you ever heard of the term “staycation”? Indeed, this kind of vacation takes advantage of your home sweet home rather than spending a night at a hotel or villa. One matching family outfit that feels appropriate for this kind of vacation is surely a pajama, and what better color to use than red?

17. Unique and Fun Outfits

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What we meant here by unique and fun outfits are matching family outfits for a vacation that have a unique design for each shirt. As an example, the head of the family may wear a shirt with the writing “king” on it, while his daughter can wear one with the writing “princess”. 

18. Gray Outfits

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Wearing gray-colored outfits isn’t such a bad idea for a vacation trip with your family. After all, they are really elegant and luxurious. Girls can wear gray dresses (or minidresses), while boys will have the option to pair gray shirts with blue jeans. 

19. Matching Bikinis

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Bikinis are perfect for ladies who are looking forward to a hot summer night (or day) at the beach. For a family trip, you can encourage the whole female member to wear matching bikinis. Girl, you and the entire ensemble will look hot and sexy. We’re pretty sure that all the boys will be looking at all of you. 

20. Dark Blue and White

Source: pinterest.com/Mootho

A combination between dark blue and white is also a great option to consider for the entire family. If you’re interested in trying out this ensemble, make sure to find matching blue shirts and white shorts. But if you’re wearing a minidress, you can make it up by wearing white sneakers. 

21. All-white 

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An all-white outfit is really elegant and luxurious. If you really want to achieve that look, then, by all means, go for it! We’re not here to tell you which outfit to wear, because you will have the freedom to choose, as long as it’s white. However, we do recommend a white straw hat for a sunny day. 

22. Matching Red Outfits

Source: aliexpress.com

After talking about an all-white outfit, we’re going to shift it a little bit to an alternative color. Red is a really awesome color to consider, especially because of its cheerful vibe. Girls can wear red minidresses while boys will be wearing red shirts and pair them with their favorite shorts. 

23. Blue (ish) Shirts

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There’s a reason why we’re not naming this particular idea matching blue outfits. For this idea to work, you won’t have to wear outfits with the exact blue color. In fact, one can wear a sky-blue shirt, while others will probably wear a navy blue one. Light green that is close to blue is even welcomed. 

24. Green (ish) Outfits

Source: tinybeans.com

Besides blue, we’re going to be filling up the matching family outfits for vacation with another color: green. This time, you can wear different outfits based on this particular color. Whether it’s a plaid shirt or even a green minidress, please let your imagination run wild!

25. Mother-daughter Combination

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Even though you’re going to be enjoying the vacation with the whole family, it doesn’t mean that you can’t bond deeper with your daughter. Therefore, we’re dedicating this particular idea to a matching mother-daughter shirt. A funny and girly shirt based on black will be an awesome idea, so please consider it!

26. Matching Graphic Shirts

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Once again, we’re going to say that finding matching family outfits for vacation is fun, and you shouldn’t bother thinking of formal outfits here. For casual outfits, what better option to consider than matching graphic shirts? You can even wear matching jeans down below. 

27. Wear Sunglasses

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Even if you’re too lazy to find matching family outfits for vacation from top to bottom, something as simple as wearing matching sunglasses is actually enough. As for the shirt and the whole ensemble, we’re not going to argue with you because you can just let your imagination run amok. 

28. Matching Pink Dresses

Source: m.miniinthebox.com

In some cases, you can probably enjoy a vacation with just the female member of the family. If this turns out to be the scenario for you, take advantage of it and wear matching pink dresses together. It’s really cute, and adorable, and it can be used for various occasions

29. Hawaii Style Outfits

Source: etsy.com

Hawaiian-style outfits are definitely welcomed on our list of matching family outfits for vacation, especially considering that Hawaii is one of the most popular holiday destinations. This time, you can find shirts or dresses with Hawaiian patterns or designs that match your style. 

30. Bright Swimwear

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Let’s end our list of matching family outfits for vacation with something cheerful and light. What better way to do that than by recommending you to wear matching bright swimwear? You can choose any color you like, as long as it’s bright and colorful! Heck, you can even wear rainbow-colored swimwear.

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