What to Wear Under Cropped Hoodie? (20++ Jaw-Dropping Ideas)

what to wear under cropped hoodie

Nowadays, people like to wear cropped hoodies due to their modern and fashionable look. Besides that, there are a lot of cropped hoodies that people can innovate, making every outfit combination unique and exciting. From wearing shorts to mixing cropped hoodies with fancy sneakers, nothing can ever go wrong with this particular outfit. Still, some people ask one burning an interesting question: what to wear under cropped hoodie? 

Wearing a cute outfit like a cropped hoodie doesn’t mean that you can’t wear something underneath! In fact, there have been a lot of attempts to wear something under a cropped hoodie. Thankfully for you, we’re here to help solve the problem of what to wear under cropped hoodies. We’re not going to spoil the fun yet, so make sure to stick around and answer the mystery of what to wear under cropped hoodie together. 

1. Cropped Hoodie and Cropped Top

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: iamandco.com

Cropped tops and cropped hoodies are almost similar to each other, but that doesn’t mean that they both can’t be blended into one cool ensemble. Simply wear one long-sleeved cropped hoodie and a slightly longer cropped top underneath. It will be even better if you have different colors for both outfits. 

2. Wear Something That’s Not Too Warm

Source: elements.envato.com

Wondering what to wear under cropped hoodie? Well, there’s one thing that you need to know for a fact: avoid wearing something that’s too warm or hot. The logic behind it is very simple. Cropped hoodies are made from thick material, and that’s why you wouldn’t want to pass out by having something warmer inside unless you’re living in a very cold area. Hence, a sports bra will be advisable. 

3. Bright-colored Innerwear for Bright Cropped Hoodie

Source: elements.envato.com

Feeling like wearing something colorful or bright? If that really reflects your mood, then go all out for it! Furthermore, we might suggest you try and wear bright-colored innerwear under your cropped hoodie. A casual t-shirt or even a tank top will be more than enough.

4. Red Super Cropped Hoodie and Cropped Top

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: pinterest.com/Mike

No one will ever wear a super cropped hoodie without something underneath, as they will leave most parts of their body exposed. Hence, you can try and wear long-sleeved cropped hoodies and pair them with a cropped top with matching color. It will be awesome and nice. 

5. Combine a Beige Cropped Hoodie with a Black Shirt

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Beige cropped hoodies look super nice because they emanate an elegant and luxurious vibe that feels so natural and simplistic. But for a more complicated (yet still awesome) look, you can probably mix it with a black shirt. Simply wear one underneath your cropped hoodie, and pair it with light blue jeans

6. Wear a Sexy Lingerie

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: pinterest.com/urbanoutfitters

What to wear under cropped hoodies? For you passionate lovers, wearing a cropped hoodie at home can be a great way to seduce your partner. As a matter of fact, wear sexy lingerie underneath the cropped hoodie, and thank us later!

7. Black and White Combination

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: pinterest.com/Ashton

Somehow, a black and white combination makes its way and becomes one of the best solutions to the “what to wear under cropped hoodie” mystery. To achieve this awesome combination, you need to find a plain white shirt and wear it underneath your long-sleeved black cropped hoodie. 

8. White Tank Top for Purple Cropped Hoodie

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: etsy.com

People rarely use a purple-cropped hoodie, let alone a super-cropped hoodie. What they fail to notice, however, is that purple super-cropped hoodies look absolutely magnificent when paired with a white tank top. Make sure to wear a pair of purple shorts too!

9. Gray and White Combination

what to wear under cropped hoodie
Source: pinterest.com/SHEIN

Gray and white are similar in nature, despite being two different colors. Furthermore, a mixture that involves both colors results in a cute and elegant outfit that you can wear. Go to your closet and find a gray cropped hoodie. Then, combine it with a white cropped top and drawstring pants. 

10. White Cropped Top and Black Cropped Hoodie

Source: iamandco.com

For our next entry, we’re going to turn the focus away from the cropped hoodies and let them become a complementary outfit for a minute. Yep, matching white crop tops and trousers are awesome, and they can look even better with a black cropped hoodie as an extra layering on top. 

11. Wear a Jumpsuit Underneath

Source: nordstrom.com

Wearing a jumpsuit underneath a cropped hoodie might seem funny or weird to some people. However, it actually looks good and can be beneficial for some occasions. In fact, this combination is a really casual outfit combination that you can use for informal parties that a friend hosts. 

12. Wear a Tank Top Underneath a Cropped Hoodie

Source: shutterstock.com

Tank tops are a great option to consider to wear under a cropped hoodie, especially if your goal is to simply cover your stomach. Contrary to plain shirts, tank tops are sleeveless, hence making it more comfortable for you in hotter areas. Just try it out and let us know how it feels. 

13. All-black Outfit

Source: etsy.com

When you’re thinking of what to wear under cropped hoodies, you also need to wonder about the color options too. In fact, wearing an all-black ensemble might just be a perfect idea. Therefore, you can find a nice and thick super-cropped hoodie, a black tank top, and black trousers. 

14. Yellow and Black

Source: amazon.com

Tired of wearing monocolored outfits when you’re hanging out with your friends? Not to worry, because contrasting black with yellow outfits is a good idea. To do this, you can combine your black cropped hoodie with a yellow tank top or sports bra. It’s really sexy and cute, and it’s perfect for parties at a nightclub. 

15. Black Top Underneath Traditional Cropped Hoodie

Source: etsy.com

Cropped hoodies are modern outfits. However, they can be inspired by certain traditions. As a matter of fact, ethnic-inspired cropped hoodies are so beautiful and unique. If you want to wear something underneath, something simple like a black shirt will be good to consider. Just make sure that you don’t overdress by wearing a bright-colored shirt underneath

16. Minidress and Cropped Hoodie

Source: pinterest.com/Alien

Thin minidresses are also perfect to wear under cropped hoodies. In fact, this particular combination is perfect for a casual party or even a romantic date at the cinema. A black minidress will be great to be paired with red or brown cropped hoodies. Make sure that your shoes or high heels match your cropped hoodie as well.  

17. Plain Top

Source: outfittrends.com

Never try to overthink something, including what to wear under a cropped hoodie. Just remember to always keep it simple. A fun and awesome example is by wearing a light blue cropped hoodie and pairing it with a darker (but plain simple casual) top. Very elegant and beautiful!

18. Black Bra for Mesh Cropped Hoodie

Black Bra for Mesh Cropped Hoodie
Source: amazon.com

Mesh-cropped hoodies are perfect for nightclub activities with your fun friends. But surely, you will need to pair this lovely outfit with something underneath, right? Well, why not try out a black bra instead? It works perfectly when you match them with ripped shorts as well. 

19. Wear a Sexy Bra Underneath

Wear a Sexy Bra Underneath
Source: shutterstock.com

This particular idea is quite similar in concept to the previous one, although they are both made for different occasions. For a more intimate time with your loving partner at home, you can try wearing a cropped hoodie with a sexy bra underneath. Who knows, you might have the best night of your whole life later on!

20. Or Wear a Sports Bra for a Workout Day

Or Wear a Sports Bra for a Workout Day
Source: elements.envato.com

Wearing a bra underneath a cropped hoodie can also be used for non-sexy stuff. One great instance is to use them for a workout day at the gym. This is a really fun outfit combination that you can try on. Make sure that the color of your sports bra and cropped hoodie match each other. 

21. Gothic-style with Fishnet and Cropped Hoodie

Source: etsy.com

The Gothic style might not be contemporary, but it’s popular for a group of people. Gothic cropped hoodies are available in the market, too, with nice accessories like chains. But for an enhanced look, please consider wearing a fishnet bodysuit under cropped hoodie!

22. Yellow and Black

Yellow and Black
Source: amazon.com

Want to find a fishnet cropped hoodie? Here’s a great outfit idea for you to consider! Find a bright-colored fishnet cropped hoodie. Then, finish off the ensemble with a black bra under a cropped hoodie. It will be a fun and sexy outfit that can be used for a fashion show or casual parties with friends. 

23. Button Down Shirt Under Cropped Hoodie

Source: popsugar.com

A button-down shirt might be great for formal occasions. But if you want to transform it into a more casual outfit, just wear a cropped hoodie on top of it. This pairing can also be mixed with a pair of black trousers and white sneakers!

24. Black Cropped Top for Mesh Cropped Hoodie

Black Cropped Top for Mesh Cropped Hoodie
Source: amazon.com

Mesh cropped hoodies are great for many things. Mesh-cropped hoodies also work great with a lot of combinations. One sexy and cute idea is to wear a monocolored outfit ensemble based on a black mesh cropped hoodie. If you’re on board with this idea, try wearing a black tank top underneath, as well as black shorts. 

25. Wear a Swimwear Under Cropped Hoodie

Wear a Swimwear Under Cropped Hoodie
Source: pinterest.com/urbanoutfitters

Going for a vacation at the beach or a swimming pool? Well, you might want to try wearing a cropped hoodie as an extra layer to your swimwear. It’s great for a lot of things! You can use it for a photoshoot idea or protect yourself from freezing in a cold area. 

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