30 Matching Family Outfits for First Birthday Girl 

matching family outfits for first birthday girl

Nothing will ever keep you from your baby girl. After all, she must be the most precious thing in the world for you! Therefore, you need to make sure that her first birthday party goes smoothly and is fun. One way to make it even better is by wearing matching family outfits for the first birthday girl. 

Now don’t gloat yet. Matching family outfits for the first birthday girl isn’t as hard or complex as it sounds. It can even take advantage of outfits that you already have in the closet, which would be nice for those of you who don’t want to buy new stuff, right?

What we’re trying to say is that it can be as fun as it’s simple! Now, let’s take a look at our unique ideas concerning matching family outfits for the first birthday girl. 

1. Light Colors

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Never celebrate a birthday in a gloomy mood. So, what better way than to celebrate with light-colored outfits? Here’s a creative idea: the father can wear a light blue shirt, while the mother is welcomed to wear a pink dress. Then, the cute baby will wear a white mini-dress. 

2. Funny Shirts as Part of Your Outfit

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Fun birthday parties will always be memorable. Besides creating cool memories, you can also wear fun matching outfits with original quotes that will make your guests laugh. It’s truly one of the best ideas regarding matching family outfits for the first birthday girl. 

3. All-white Outfits

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As stated before, light-colored outfits are great for birthday parties because they can reflect your current mood at the time. But instead of taking a hard time and finding clothes of various colors, why don’t you just go ahead and wear an all-out white matching outfit instead? It’s cool, simple, and fabulous. 

4. Colorful Red Dress

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Another great matching family outfit for the first birthday girl idea is to find one colorful outfit in unison. For this scenario, why don’t we go ahead with red-patterned dresses? They are really beautiful and stylish. Plus, the design is not uncommon, which makes it easier for you to get for the whole family. 

5. White and Pink

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Who says that pink can only be worn by girls? As a matter of fact, you can encourage your sons to wear pink pants for just one day, as it’s a special day for their sister. To balance the bright nature of pink, they can wear a white shirt on top. 

6. Print It Out on Your Outfit

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Some families might choose not to celebrate birthdays with parties. If that’s the case, you can at least take the whole family to a nice restaurant! For this one day, you’d want to wear matching family shirts that can broadcast the happy news! If the shirts happened to be white, balance them out with dark blue jeans. 

7. Red Hoodies

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Some birthday parties have dress codes. If you choose to ask your guests to wear casual outfits, then you and your baby shouldn’t disappoint too. Perhaps, a selection of matching red hoodies will be more than enough to stun all your friends. 

8. Knitted Sweatshirt

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Some places in America might be colder than others. For that particular reason alone, we recommend this nice and warm sweatshirt, perfect even for a birthday party. After all, you don’t want your girl to get uncomfortable and catch a cold, right? P.S.: the sweatshirts that you choose can have different colors. 

9. Mother and Daughter Duo

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Just as a father can share a close bond with his son, a mother also has deep chemistry with her daughter. Therefore, it won’t be the worst idea to consider wearing matching jumpsuits on her first birthday. Let the boys have their own fun because you can do the same thing with your lovely little girl!

10. A Little Bit of a Green?

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It won’t be the worst idea in the world to find colorful dresses to wear together with your birthday girl. In fact, a green and pink dress might be one of the best matching family outfits for the first birthday girl. It’s a cute outfit that will make you and your daughter the center of attention for the party, just as it should be. 

11. Blue Outfits

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Blue. Every blue outfit always exudes calmness and elegance. If you’re thinking of throwing a rather intimate and classy party, wearing matching blue shirts will be a nice idea. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun too! Throw a slice of cake to someone when you have the chance. 

12. Various Pinks

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Pink is really associated with girls. Therefore, you can dress your baby girl with outfits that consist of different kinds of pink colors. The shirt might be light pink, while her pants can be a little bit darker. Make sure that your husband wears one, too, at least for this birthday party!

13. Patterned Outfit

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Tired of wearing plain, casual shirts all the time? Well, why don’t you get out of your comfort zone and try out patterned outfits? You can even dress your daughter in a minidress of floral patterns! For an even better variation, cover the dress with a denim jacket. 

14. White Shirt, Blue Jeans

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Throwing out a first birthday girl party doesn’t mean that you need to overthink your outfit idea. On the contrary, something simple like combining a plain white shirt and a pair of blue jeans might just be wonderful enough. Go ahead and try it out. 

15. Enjoy Your Girl’s Birthday with Yellow Outfits

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After all that talk about wearing bright-colored outfits, it feels wrong not to include an idea that involves yellow outfits on our list of matching family outfits for the first birthday girl. Its cheerful nature can really make other people happy and calm. For a cuter look, try and wear a straw hat too. 

16. Plaid, Red Shirts

Source: pinterest.com/Tia McCullough

No, red plaid shirts aren’t exclusively made for Christmas. In fact, it can also be used for your baby’s first birthday. If you choose to pair it with black trousers, you might as well go to a studio and take some pictures, because they look very dope! 

17. Or Wear Plaid Trousers

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Let’s switch the plaid outfit idea to the bottom half of your body. But rather than wearing black shirts, we highly encourage you to wear a white top to accompany those red plaid trousers. This combination can be used for your Christmas party later on!

18. Floral Theme

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Even if you’re not in Hawaii, there’s nothing wrong with wearing floral-patterned outfits, especially during your baby girl’s birthday. After all, it should be a relaxing day that can only bring happiness, right? The mother can wear a floral-theme minidress, while her husband will wear a similar shirt with beige pants. 

19. Colorful Outfits

Source: pinterest.com/MB 💎

Fancy wearing a yellow outfit but wanting a little bit more variation to your overall look? Worry not, because we’ve just got the right idea. Find yellow floral shirts that you and your family can wear, along with a pair of yellow sneakers. Make sure that you also wear white ripped-jeans. 

20. Black Variations

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Well, what we meant by black variations is that you’re not obligated to wear black outfits with a similar design for this particular idea. As a matter of fact, one of you can wear a striped dress, while the other one will wear a plain black shirt. Wanting to wear a plaid shirt? No problem!

21. Striped Blue Outfits

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Our next theme here is to wear striped blue outfits together with your daughter. The aim is to wear a similar design, so there’s no need to find the exact model (meaning one can wear an oversized shirt while the others can wear a striped blue minidress). 

22. All-black Combination

Source: pinterest.com-gxld_smart

An all-black combination is also a great idea. Despite its dark nature, you won’t feel bad wearing it for a joyous occasion. Furthermore, there are a lot of black outfits that you can wear, such as hoodies, V-neck shirts, tank tops, and many more. 

23. Winnie the Pooh!

Source: pinterest.com/We Heart It

Winnie the Pooh is truly one of the best cartoon characters of all time. We certainly hope that your daughter loves him because our next matching family outfits for the first birthday girl revolves around the idea of wearing clothes based on him. As a cherry on top, make sure to wear a yellow beanie. 

24. Red and Green

Source: elements.envato.com

Birthdays are like Christmas. They’re both fun and exciting. So, why not try and wear matching family outfits for the first birthday girl in the form of red and green shirts? Both of them are cheerful and fashionable. Just make sure that you get red and green party hats as well. 

25. It Doesn’t Have to Match in Color

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When people think of matching family outfits for the first birthday girl, most people will try to imagine outfits with similar colors. We’re glad to announce that it shouldn’t always be the case. In fact, you shouldn’t really worry about outfits too much, and focus on pleasing your daughter on her first birthday! Just find any polo shirt or dress that you can find in your closet. 

26. Wear Pink Tops 

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Wearing pink tops might turn out to be one of the coolest and simplest matching family outfits for first birthday girl ideas ever. Wearing pink sweaters or pink shirts will make your daughter(s) look cute and adorable, so make sure to give it a thought. 

27. A Little bit Fancy, A Little bit Formal

Source: pinkblueindia.com

Hey, it’s your daughter’s birthday party. Therefore, we thought that it would be appropriate should you decide to make her the fanciest girl in the world for the day. Try to find a nice minidress for her to wear. As her parents, you can both wear semi-formal outfits

28. Red and Yellow

Source: pinterest.com/keke 💋

Red and yellow are two bright colors. Without precise calculations, you will fail to find the right matching outfit with these two colors. But if you wear a yellow shirt and cover it with a maroon-red cardigan sweater, you will look pretty awesome. As an alternative, wearing a red beret is also a nice idea

29. Red and Blue

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We’re still not over the idea of wearing outfits based on red. Perhaps, you can consider mixing it up with blue (like Spiderman!). Wearing a combination between red shirts and blue pants is pretty dope. But for a little girl, a nice red jumpsuit might just be enough. 

30. Brown and White

matching family outfits for first birthday girl
Source: elements.envato.com

To end our list of matching family outfits for the first birthday girl, we’re going with something so simple yet captivating. Indeed, it’s a combination of brown and white. However, there’s no ground rule here. It means that you’re free to mix your overall ensemble as long as they contain at least one of the colors. As an example, you’re free to wear beige tank tops and white trousers. 

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