30 Fun Gladiator Sandal Outfit Ideas for Guy

Black Suit and Pants

Gladiator sandals: ancient outfit worn during the legendary Roman Empire’s reign. Back then, they were worn by gladiators for battles. Nowadays, it’s a really cool and fashionable outfit for casual occasions or even parties. Even though gladiator sandals were more affiliated with men thousands of years ago, they slowly shifted to become women’s signature fashion clothing options. However, it doesn’t stop us from finding awesome gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy. 

Compared to the ones for girls, there aren’t that many gladiator sandal outfit ideas for guys. After all, gladiator sandals aren’t as attractive to men now as it did back then. But for those of you who are still interested, let’s explore some amazing gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy together!

1. Keep it Casual

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Let’s start off our list of gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy with something simple and quite general first. Before we wander off to find complex and unique gladiator sandals for guys, be mindful that keeping your ensemble casual and simple is the right way to go. Perhaps, it might be best to wear simple and plain tops with a pair of shorts to accompany your gladiator sandals. 

2. It doesn’t Have to Match Your Shirt

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Unlike most footwear, gladiator sandals are quite a rare find for men. Thankfully, you don’t have the burden of matching your whole outfit this time! For instance, you can wear a white shirt and green trousers while wearing brown gladiator sandals. 

3. Wear Tanks

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Previously, we have talked about modern gladiator sandals’ main purpose, and it is used for casual events. Therefore, you should also match the ambiance by wearing casual shirts and pants. A great idea will be to use a tank top and a pair of denim shorts. 

4. White Gladiator Sandals

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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The most common gladiator sandals usually come in a dark-colored finish, such as black or brown. Don’t worry, though, ‘cause you still can get bright-colored gladiator sandals if that’s your preference. You can even match it with a white suit and shirt. 

5. White and Black

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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There are various wonderful and fun gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy. One such idea is to consider pairing your cool gladiator sandals with a white shirt and black pants. It’s perfect for a casual stroll at a park or a mall. 

6. Laced Gladiator Sandals

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Gladiator sandals have a lot of variation. One unique type that you can consider wearing for parties is the laced gladiator sandals. These gladiator sandals are equipped with laces like most sneakers. Even though it will cost you more time to get ready, you can bet that these sandals will definitely provide easier mobility.  

7. Dress Like a Real Gladiator

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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When you think about it, some gladiator sandal outfit ideas for guys are perfect for Halloween parties. In fact, you can dress and pose as a real gladiator! Simply find one gladiator outfit, complete with its helmet and sword, and wear your favorite gladiator sandals too. 

8. Pull Your Trousers Up

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Some gladiator sandals have low straps, while others can reach your knees! If you have the latter, make sure that you can show them off by wearing a pair of shorts. As an alternative, you can also pull your trousers up!

9. Leathers Sandals and Shorts

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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We have repeatedly said that gladiator sandals work best for casual events or occasions. It won’t work for formal parties! So, why not go all the way through and wear a casual outfit too? After all, it will be great if you decide to mix your gladiator sandals with a pair of sports shorts. 

10. Denim Shirts and Beige Trousers

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Going for a casual look but still trying to appear nice and clean? No problem! Here’s one great outfit idea (that involves gladiator sandals, duh!) for you: find one nice denim shirt and a pair of beige trousers. Then, you can finish the ensemble with your lovely gladiator sandals. 

11. Black Suit, Striped Shirts, and Brown Pants

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Even if you’re wearing low gladiator sandals, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear shorts! They don’t even need to match in terms of color either. You can try wearing a striped tank top with a nice shirt on top, brown pants, and nice black (or brown) gladiator sandals!

12. Elegant Outfit Ensemble

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Most gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy are better suited for casual events, like having a nice meal at a restaurant or when you’re going out shopping at a mall. But if you really insist, we can still think of an awesome idea for semi-formal occasions. In fact, try and wear a nice blue shirt, and cover it with a brown suit or jacket. Then, find gray trousers and wear your best gladiator sandals!

13. Wear it with Traditional Outfits

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Wearing traditional outfits might seem cool, but you need to make sure that you’re not using them to go strolling down the park. As an alternative, you can try wearing it to various costume parties that your friend host!

14. All-white Combo

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Are you looking for some of the dopest gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy? Here’s one: wear an all-white outfit ensemble for the day! The only exception we’re going to give you is for the belt and, of course, the black gladiator sandals.

15. All-gray Outfit

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Monocolored outfits are fun. If you’re a little bit bored with the commonly-used white shirts and pants, then consider wearing gray outfits! We’re still maintaining the same rule as before: you’re allowed to wear gladiator sandals with contrasting colors. 

16. Sleeveless Shirt and Black Shorts

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Yes, gladiator sandals were used for gladiators to battle. That’s enough reason to convince you that they can also be used for a workout session at the gym. To balance out this awesome footwear, you can wear a sleeveless shirt as well as black shorts. 

17. Black and Gold

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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It’s rare to see gold gladiator sandals, but there it is! Due to their nature, gold gladiator sandals will look shiny and elegant at the same time. So, you need to balance their bright colors with something plain and simple, such as black trousers. 

18. Brown Gladiator Sandals with Blue Jeans

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Some people feel more comfortable wearing long-bottomed trousers or jeans. Fortunately, gladiator sandals can complement them too. That’s the reason why you should also consider wearing your gold gladiator sandals along with a pair of nice and comfortable jeans! Trust us; it’s going to be magnificent!

19. All-black Outfit 

All-black Outfit 
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An all-black outfit is also as good as an all-gray or an all-white ensemble. But when we’re talking about an all-black outfit, you can still make a little bit of an outfit modification, like wearing an orange cap! It’s perfect for a night on the streets. 

20. Match it with a Brown-white Outfit

Match it with a Brown-white Outfit
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If you have a pair of brown, leathered gladiator sandals, then you’re in luck! Why you may ask? The answer is quite simple: you can match them by wearing brown shorts and a cardigan. Raise the level by wearing a plain white shirt too!

21. Black Suit and Pants

Black Suit and Pants
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Our next gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy can be used for both casual and formal occasions. Heck, you can even wear this unique combination for a photoshoot! Simply wear a black suit and pants. Finish off the combo by having a nice casual white shirt inside the suit!

22. Black Sandals and Blue Jeans

Black Sandals and Blue Jeans
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Black and blue aren’t similar in nature, but they often match and complement each other. Therefore, it would be a wise idea if you would like to consider pairing your sandals with blue jeans. This time, you don’t need to wear high gladiator sandals. A pair of ankle-high gladiator sandals will suffice.

23. High Gladiator Sandals for Trousers

High Gladiator Sandals for Trousers
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It never hurts to try wearing high-gladiator sandals and long jeans or pants. Even though you can’t show off the whole strap, nobody can deny that it looks awesome as heck. Besides, you can also choose any shirt on top!

24. Hawaiian Theme

Hawaiian Theme
Source: pinterest.com/León S. Arellano

Gladiator sandals are very fun to wear. When you decide to “chillax”, perhaps a Hawaiian theme will suit the occasion. Therefore, you can try and find some floral shirts that are colorful and match them with blue, ripped jeans. 

25. It Works with Denim Shorts

It Works with Denim Shorts
Source: pinterest.com/Jasper Mandal

Looking to relax on a beach or somewhere you love? You better make sure that you arrive in style. Therefore, a good recommendation is to wear a pair of gladiator sandals with your favorite denim shorts. Then, finish it by wearing a white shirt up top. 

26. Black Pants and Sandals

Black Pants and Sandals
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Black pants and black gladiator sandals are one of the best gladiator sandal outfit ideas for guys. There’s a reason why it’s different from the all-black idea, and the key is the shirt option. Here, you have the freedom to choose any shirt color that you’d like, although white would be advisable. 

27. Red Gladiator Sandals

Red Gladiator Sandals
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Red gladiator sandals are rarely used, despite their awesome appearance and design. If you’re interested in the idea, why not try and wear one? You can even pair them with a red plaid shirt and gray shorts. 

28. Multi-patterned Shirt

gladiator sandals outfit ideas for guy
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Dr. Martens is one of the leading brands in terms of footwear. It really makes sense if they have one of the best gladiator sandals in the market too. To keep up with its quality, you can try and wear a patterned shirt as well as white trousers. 

29. Wear Knee-length Sandals for Maximum Experience

Wear Knee-length Sandals for Maximum Experience
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Back then, gladiator sandals’ straps were always high, unlike most modern gladiator sandals that only reach your ankles. Therefore, it might not feel like a gladiator sandal if you don’t have one that reaches your knee! Despite its old-school appearance, you can still combine it with casual shorts or denim jeans. 

30. Match it with White Pants

Match it with White Pants
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Our last entry on our awesome list of gladiator sandals outfit ideas for a guy is pretty wicked and simple.  Should you have white trousers in your closet, make sure to wear them! It will fit perfectly with your simple and beautiful gladiator sandals!

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