31 Unique women’s golf shoes that suitable for any type of terrain

Golf is a type of outdoor sport that requires a club and ball. The key to playing golf is to hit the ball with clubs in as few strokes as possible. Golf playing areas are mostly varied with any type of terrain, such as grass, sand, and even water and rock. These days, golf’s popularity is rising in some countries. Women golfers are increasingly growing since the pandemic started.

Similar to any other sport, golfing requires special kits that support the player. One of them is golfing shoes. As the demand for women golfing shoe increases, numerous sports companies are designing golf shoes that meets women’s needs. We have compiled some of the best women’s golf shoes that function for the sport as well as fit their look. Let’s check these out! 

Spiked Golf Shoes

In general, spiked golf shoes’ outsoles have cleats or spikes made from soft plastic. Spiked shoes provide excellent tractions, so they are mostly suitable for wet, soggy, or hilly courses. Spiked shoes are usually more durable because if the cleats wear down you can replace them or fix them with a cleat wrench. Here are some of the most recommended spiked golf shoes.

1. Puma Women’s Ignite Blaze Sport Disc Golf Shoes


Puma has been designing various golf shoes for women, including this one. This shoe is equipped with DISC Closure systems that ensure the wearer’s feet are fitting and securely protected. The foam for the insole also provides comfort and energy return for better performance. The cleats also help in providing incredible grip. Furthermore, this shoe has a waterproof warranty of up to 1 year.

  1. Etonic Lady Stabilizer Spiked Golf Shoes
Etonic Lady Stabilizer Spiked Golf Shoes

Manufactured by Etonic, this upper part spiked golf shoe is made from microfiber and mesh that allows the air circulation flows more easily, whilst the cup sole is made from rubber. The rubber outsole part is durable and equipped with numerous traction lugs. This shoe also has a one-year warranty for waterproof.

  1. Callaway Coronado Women’s Spiked Golf Shoe

This lace-up shoe is made from waterproof microfiber leather for the upper material and durable rubber for the outsole. The midsole area allows the wearer to walk comfortably, the same goes with the insole which adds extra comfort. In addition, the cleats underneath can be removed easily. This shoe has an elegant design and shape that adds extra fanciness to your look

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Jasmine Spiked Waterproof Golf Shoe

The rubber sole of this shoe is equipped with five removable cleats underneath. The synthetic leather upper part is waterproof, thus suitable for wet terrain. the lightweight foam cushioning for the insole adds extra comfort. This shoe utilizes both functionality and aesthetic aspects, thus you can comfortably walk on the field and still look great.

  1. Adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoe

This shoe is a perfect fit for golfing, it has a stable base that helps the golfer to swing easily. Underneath the sole, it has six spikes that support the tractions and provides a better grip on wet or uneven terrains. The leather and synthetic upper add extra comfort as well as elegant and nice looking. This shoe is sturdy and offers stability to the wearer. Manufactured by one of the most well-known sports brands, this shoe offers the best quality. 

  1. Etonic Lady Stabilizer Sport 2.0 Golf Shoe

Six soft spikes underneath this shoe provide incredible traction in any type of terrain. The shoe is waterproof as well, meaning that you can wear this on wet or soggy fields and the water won’t soak inside. It is also equipped with a cushioned insole that adds comfort to every move. This lace-up shoe’s upper part is made from breathable and lightweight synthetic mesh material. This shoe is also available in light colors with a bright accent, sot it will add an extra nice look.

  1. FootJoy Women’s Premiere Series Golf Shoe

Made from waterproof full-grain leather, this shoe is durable yet still maintains a good look. The polyvinyl sole is equipped with several cleats that add tractions and maximum grip to the surface. Inside of the shoe, there’s cushioning that ensures the golfer’s comfort while playing for a long time. This shoe has a classic and elegant shape that will spice up your look. This golf shoe accentuates both usability and aesthetic aspects for its wearer.

  1. Green Lamb Ladies Golf Shoe

This shoe upper is made from leather that adds extra elegance and beauty to your look with its color combination of grey, white, and pink. Even though made from leather, this shoe is very light, thus comfortable to wear during a golf game. The studs on the sole can be removed and tightened easily with the help of screw spikes. This shoe also has spare laces in case you’ll need them. In addition, this shoe is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet soaked wet. 

  1. Adidas Women’s Tech Response Golf Shoe

This three-striped shoe has six cleats underneath the durable sole that provide a stronger and better grip on any terrain. The upper shoe is made from microfiber leather and textile that allow your foot to breathe. This shoe is a perfect choice if you want to improve your golfing game, as well as add an admirable touch to your look.

  1. FootJoy Women’s Traditions Golf Shoe

This shoe’s upper part is made from durable and lightweight full-grain leather. Inside, the insole offers comfort and support for swinging and walking up until the 18th hole. Six cleats underneath the sole have an incredibly strong grip on any surface, including wet and soggy terrains. This classic-looking golf shoe is nice and adds extra elegance to your look.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Unlike spiked golf shoes, spikeless ones have a rather flat outsole with dimples or rubber studs instead of cleats. Spikeless shoes are more versatile for any event and not just for golfing. Furthermore, spikeless shoes provide more balance and keep the golfer’s feet close to the ground.

  1. FootJoy Women’s Sport Retro Golf Shoes
FootJoy Womens Fj Sport Retro Golf Shoes

This spikeless golf shoe is manufactured by FootJoy and made from lightweight linen material. The rubber sole provides excellent grips and tractions that support the player while golfing. Furthermore, this shoe is bendable. comfortable to wear, and suitable in any type of terrain. 

  1. Women’s New Balance Minimus SL Golf Shoe
Women's New Balance Minimus SL NBGW1007 Golf Shoe Grey Performance Mesh 6 D

It is a spikeless golf shoe made from breathable mesh material for the upper part. The rubber outsole is easy to bend and has excellent endurance, suitable for golfing in any type of terrain. The midsole cushioning is soft and adds more comfort as you walk. It is available in grey and navy colors.

  1. Adidas Summervent Golf Shoe

The lightweight mesh lining and knit upper part of this shoe is providing air circulation and keep the foot cool during the hot days on the field. The sole part is made from durable and flexible synthetic material. In addition, the insole part of this shoe can be removed without any difficulties. Furthermore, this shoe has plenty of lateral support and provides good traction.

  1. Nike Roshe G Golf Shoe

Made from breathable mesh material, this lace-up shoe is recommended for golfing. It has plenty of soft cushioning on the footbed and collar that adds comfort to the wearer. The insole part is removable, allowing you to customize your comfort. The rubber sole also has some cleats that help with your traction and movement. The shoe is available in 3 neutral colors, suitable if you want to pair them up with any colorful sportswear.

  1. Adidas Women’s Response Bounce 2 Spikeless Golf Shoes

This spikeless golf shoe is suitable to wear not only for golfing but also for any casual occasion. Made from breathable synthetic textile, it offers lightweight and comfort to the wearer. The sock liner and midsole also add comfort and stability while playing. Furthermore, this shoe is water-resistant and durable, making it the perfect footwear for golfing in wet or muddy areas.

  1. Etonic Women’s G-SOK 3.0 Spikeless Waterproof Golf Shoe

The shoe’s upper part is made from waterproof synthetic materials, so it’s perfect to wear during golfing in humid weather. The durable rubber sole and cushion insole of this shoe guarantee comfort for golfing. Besides golfing, this shoe can also function in daily wear. The elegant look of this shoe adds extra charm to you and makes you look more stylish. The shoe’s white color also can be paired with any sportswear in the various colors of your choice.

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Golf MAX Spikeless Golf Shoe

This white shoe with pink accents has a low-drop design that allows the golfer’s foot low to the ground by providing a compact base made from rubber. The sole has an incredible grip that helps with traction. The upper part is made from lightweight synthetic and mesh fabric that allows air circulation and provides comfort on every step. The shoe is waterproof as well.

  1. Ladies Founders Club Women’s Spikeless Street Golf Shoe

The upper part of this shoe is made from premium leather material and offers a stylish look for both on-course performance and casual daily wear. The upper part is waterproof and equipped with a lace-up closure that prevents the laces from falling off. Inside of this shoe, a padded collar and ankle support provide comfort to your feet. The sock liner of this shoe also has odor resistance that prevents an unpleasant smell from sweating feet. In addition, you’ll get a 2-year warranty on buying this shoe.

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Golf Birdie Golf Shoe

The upper part is made from lightweight and breathable mesh fabric. Durable rubber is used for the outsole and provides an excellent grip. The shoe also has water-resistant technology that prevents water from penetrating the inside part. Furthermore, this shoe is very comfortable and light, suitable to wear on any terrain type. Skechers provides a lot of variation for this shoe, so you can choose which color suits you. 

  1. New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam LinksSL Golf Shoe

The waterproof microfiber leather and mesh are used for this shoe’s upper part. The durable rubber sole provides support for the golfer while swinging. Inside, plenty of padding and insole provides extra comfort that prevents the golfer’s foot and ankle from any injury. Moreover, the shoe can fit perfectly to your feet and allows you to finish all 18 holes in golf with ease.

  1. Adidas Women’s Climacool Knit Golf Shoe

This shoe’s upper part is made from stretchable circle knit fabric that is specially designed for playing golf. The shoe is breathable and comfortable to wear. It also has a velcro strap that enhances stability and saddle support. The sole is wide and made from durable rubber that can bend easily and provides a strong grip. Aside from golfing, this shoe is also suitable to wear for daily activities. Adidas provides numerous color variations for this shoe, so you can choose which one suits your style.

  1. Cole Haan OriginalGrand Waterproof Wingtip Golf Derby

The rubber sole of this shoe provides great traction and is suitable for golfing. The upper part is made from leather, which adds an elegant look. This shoe is also waterproof, your foot can stay dry even on a rainy day or on wet terrains. The footbed of this shoe has cushions that add comfort while standing still for swinging or walking. The combination of white and Fuschia on this shoe also adds a sweeter look.

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe
Skechers Women's Go Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe

One of the golf shoes manufactured by Skechers, this shoe’s upper part is made from waterproof synthetic leather material. Although it’s spikeless, the rubber sole of this shoe is durable and provides excellent grip on every surface terrain. The soft insole part and lightweight cushioning add extra comfort while you’re swinging up to the last hole. It has an adorable accent on the back part that adds a cuter and sweeter look to you.

  1. Cole Haan GrandPro AM Waterproof Golf Sneaker

This streamlined golf sneaker is not only suitable for golfing, but also for daily wear and casual events. The rubber lugs underneath increase the durability and tractions that are required in golfing. The sole helps the wearer to stand still while swinging the club. The upper is made from waterproof leather material, thus adding an extra elegant and fancy look. The insole inside can be adjusted to your choice, you can either keep it or remove it to your need. Furthermore, the colors of this shoe are rather neutral, so you can easily pair them up with any color of your choice.

  1. Asics Women’s Gel-Course Ace Waterproof Golf Shoe

Made from lightweight mesh, the upper part of your shoe protects water or any liquid from seeping into the shoe. The midsole, cushioning, and ankle padding are made from soft materials which add comfort and support to the body while walking and swinging on the golf course. The sole patterns are designed with rubber spikes that help with tractions and stability, two important things in golf. This simple yet sophisticated shoe design also can be worn outside the court for daily wear.

  1. Adidas Women’s Crossknit DPR Spikeless Golf Shoes

This spikeless shoe is versatile to wear, either on the golf court or for daily activities. The upper is made from lightweight synthetic textile that allows your foot to breathe at ease, ideal to wear during a golf game on a warm day. The lace closure is also equipped with a fitting sock liner. The fish-scale patterned outsole adds more traction and flexibility while golfing. Thanks to the soft midsole and cushioning inside, you’ll feel comfortable wearing this shoe.

  1. FootJoy Fuel Spikeless Women’s Golf Shoes

The upper part of this shoe is made from waterproof synthetic material, whilst the sole is made from durable foam. Lightweight cushioning also adds additional comfort while walking and standing still. The outsole has nice tractions in any surface and condition. Furthermore, the shoe can fit the golfer’s foot and provides comfort as well as protection from injuries while golfing. The shoe is light, thus it’s very comfortable to wear.

  1. Adidas Women’s Adipure Sport Golf Shoe

The shoe’s rubber sole can bend easily and provides the good traction required for golfing. To add comfort, this shoe also features a rounded toe part. In addition, this shoe is water-resistant and aesthetically pleasing, thus it can function as both sports shoes and for daily wear.

  1. Skechers Women’s Go Drive Dogs at Play Spikeless Golf Shoe

This shoe is a perfect choice for women who are both dog lovers and golfing enthusiasts. The side part of this shoe has a graphic of dogs playing golf. This adorable and stylish shoe is comfortable as well, equipped with a padded collar and tongue that ensures comfort at every step. Not only for golfing, but this shoe also can be worn during daily events. 

  1. ECCO S-Three Boa Waterproof Golf Shoe

The waterproof leather of this upper part shoe provides comfort even in wet conditions. The grippy sole offers better stability and flexibility you’ll need for golfing. In addition, this shoe is not only suitable for golfing, but also for any casual occasion. The combination of white and silver adds an extra nice touch to your look. 

  1. Adidas EQT Spikeless Water Repellent Golf Shoe

This lace-up spikeless golf shoe is made from breathable textile and durable rubber for the sole. The removable cushioning inside offers comfort while walking from one hole to another. The sole provides a stable and grounded swinging required for golfing. With its clean and neat look, this shoe provides a more stylish touch to your look, both in and outside the golf course.


  • Are there special golf shoes?

Golf shoes are specially designed to have a stronger grip on various terrain types. Some golf shoes have cleats or spikes made from plastic, while the others have rubber studs. Both functions to provide a stronger grip on the ground.

  • What women’s golf shoes should look like?

Women’s golf shoes are mostly breathable, lightweight, and flexible. The shoes are usually made from soft leather, although some are made from mesh materials. The insole is mostly breathable and has a foam cushion to provide extra comfort. A waterproof system is also required to keep the feet dry during playing golf.  

  • What is the difference between golf shoes and normal shoes?

One of the most prominent differences between golf shoes and normal shoes is their size. Golf shoes are bigger compared to other sports shoes, especially on the sole. Golf players need shoes with a big base to keep them straight on the line, as golf swings are usually done when standing still. Golf shoes also have lower heels part compared to any athletic shoes that help the players sense the ground beneath them.

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