Men’s Golf Costume Ideas (30 HACKS You Must Know)

men's golf costume ideas

No one can deny that golf is fun. No matter what people might have thought about the sport, whether it’s not as demanding as basketball and soccer, or it’s only accessible for rich people, you know that it’s really prestigious. Therefore, you might not want to go to a golf course in a messy outfit. Instead, thinking of awesome men’s golf costume ideas will be really great. 

Fortunately, men’s golf costume ideas aren’t that hard to think of. You can even start with something as simple as shirts and jeans. It’s going to be exciting to talk about these amazing men’s golf costume ideas, so let’s get started, shall we?

mens golf costume ideas

1. Classic Combination

The classic pairing between a shirt and a pair of jeans is the first idea on our list of amazing men’s golf costume ideas. It’s a casual and simple combo that is normally seen on the streets. But to make it more special, you can find matching caps that have the same color as your jeans

mens golf costume ideas

2. Wear an Extra Layering

A golf course can vary, in terms of temperature, depending on its area. For a much colder area, you probably want to wear extra layering. A cardigan or jacket might be nice to wear on top of your shirt. Besides, it will make you look more elegant and luxurious. 

mens golf costume ideas

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3. Black and Blue

A combination between black and blue might result in one of the coolest men’s golf costume ideas ever. To achieve this feat, all you need is to wear a dark blue shirt. Then, finish the ensemble by wearing a pair of black trousers and a belt. 

mens golf costume ideas

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4. Blue and Brown

The blue and black pairing is a really great one, but it’s also a common combination. Therefore, you can tweak it a little bit by wearing brown shorts instead. It’s as elegant and simplistic as the previous pairing, and it will also allow you to enjoy golf better. 

mens golf costume ideas

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5. Graphic Polo

Most golfers tend to wear polo shirts simply because of their awesome appearance. It also provides comfort as well. But if you want to find a cooler and more unique version of this costume, you can try a graphic polo shirt!

mens golf costume ideas

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6. All-gray Costume

Monocolored costumes are so great to use. But instead of the old black or white cliché, we’re going to be recommending this all-gray outfit for you. For starters, a polo shirt is a great idea, because it will fit perfectly with a pair of gray trousers. 

mens golf costume ideas

7. Blue, or Pink!

When you take a look at our list of amazing men’s golf costume ideas, you’ll notice some creative and crazy ones! Here’s one for you: try wearing a light blue or pink polo shirt when playing on a golf course. Both will suit you perfectly, especially if you want to combine them with brown trousers. 

mens golf costume ideas

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8. Pink and Blue Costume

We know, we know. We have just mentioned the idea of wearing pink or blue costumes before. However, now we’re talking about combining both colors at once! Yes, you will have the freedom to wear a pink polo shirt and combine it with blue jeans or trousers.

mens golf costume ideas

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9. Casual Brown Shirt

It’s no crime to wear a casual t-shirt that you normally use at home. If it really makes you comfortable, then don’t overlook it! In fact, here’s a tip: try to find checked shorts that have similar colors to your brown shirt.

10. All-white (with some tweaking)

An all-white costume combination is one of the best men’s golf costume ideas ever. Furthermore, you can still make it look even better with some tweaks and adjustments. A simple one will be to wear a contrasting belt! It’ll make you look more luxurious.

mens golf costume ideas

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11. Gradient Shirt

Unlike women, men don’t have lots of shirt model variations. To cope with that, you can just wear golf shirts that have gradient colorings as variations. Just make sure that at least one of your shirts comes in colors that match your trousers. 

mens golf costume ideas

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12. Nike Striped Polo

When you’re thinking of cool men’s golf costume ideas, then make sure to follow Tiger Woods’ costume ensemble. He is, after all, the greatest golfer ever! One of his highlights is by wearing a Nike striped polo. It’s a comfortable outfit that won’t make you feel bad when swinging your stick. 

13. Red and Black

The red and black combo is really great to consider, despite their contrasting nature. To try out this ensemble, you can find a red polo shirt and finish it off with a pair of black shorts. Make sure that your sneakers are also black.  

men's golf costume ideas

14. Blue Cap

Normally, we would advise wearing a baseball cap that matches the color of your overall outfit or costume. But if you’re trying out something different, then wearing a blue cap might not be a bad idea! Even if it doesn’t match your costume, it will still look awesome. 

15. White Hoodie

Most people tend to avoid wearing hoodies when playing golf because it might be a little uncomfortable for them. But if you’re just playing a casual game and don’t mind the fuzz, then a white hoodie is a great idea to consider!

16. Matching Caps and Shorts

When you own a baseball cap, you might want to wear it when playing golf with your friends. However, you can do better by matching the colors of your cap and shorts. For a little bit of variation, you’re free to wear sky blue polo shirts.  

17. Red and White

The combination of red and white is really classy and elegant. It is truly one of the best men’s golf costume ideas ever. Therefore, you can try it out by wearing red polo shirts. For the bottom half of your body, make sure that you wear an all-white assembly, including your sneakers

men's golf costume ideas

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18. Coming from Work

Some men treat golf as a refreshing entertainment. It’s a fun getaway from all the stress and hassle of work. Therefore, you can just go to a golf course in your work outfit! Even if you’re wearing denim jeans and a gradient shirt, we’re sure that you will still look cool. 

19. Green is Great

Green costumes are not as flashy as the ones with red or blue colors. However, it makes perfect sense if you choose to wear one, especially because it matches the color of the grasses too! You can still balance it out with something neutral for your pants, like beige or white. 

20. Patterned Outfit

For a sunny day at the golf course, why not try and wear something fancy and light? It will definitely reflect your current mood, which we hope is great! This light-colored shirt can even be paired with something dark, such as black pants. 

21. Contrasting Sneakers

Usually, we’d recommend something more conservative, like wearing sneakers that match your whole outfit. But for a bold guy like yourself, contrasting sneakers might just be the way! If you choose to go with something dark (like a dark gray polo shirt), then wear white sneakers instead!

men's golf costume ideas

22. Light Color Combination

For this next idea, we highly encourage you to let your imagination run amok. The key trick, however, will be to find the right combination between two different light colors. One example is wearing a white cap and combining it with your sky blue polo shirt

men's golf costume ideas

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23. Gray Shirt and Black Trousers

A combination between a gray shirt and a pair of black trousers might not sound like such bad men’s golf costume ideas after all. In fact, this is a really classy costume idea that screams elegance. If you have an Under Armour polo shirt, we bet that you can swing your sticks in comfort too. 

24. Oversized Plaid Trousers

Michael Jordan isn’t only known for his basketball skills. As a matter of fact, you can also copy his outfit style. For a golf costume idea, imitate his oversized plaid trousers. It really is a casual and relaxing costume for a fun golf game. 

men's golf costume ideas

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25. Red and Brown

Most golfers tend to use sun visors or baseball caps to shield and cover their heads from sunlight. But for a more vintage approach, you can replace them with a newsboy cap. It is a perfect outfit idea, especially when you’re wearing trousers in the same color. 

men's golf costume ideas

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26. Newsboy Cap

The combination of an unbuttoned t-shirt and a Panama sun hat is a wise choice as beach outfit ideas for guys. Cream and brown earthy tones from every outfit you wear blend well to resemble the beach vibes for your holiday. By using this outfit, you can look stylish while enjoying a cold drink at your favorite beach spot.

27. Color it All You Want

The best thing about playing golf is that you’re free to express yourself through the outfit of your choice. Therefore, we’re pleased to say that you are free to use any multicolored outfits of your choice. P.S.: you can also wear black trousers to balance out the brightly-colored shirt that you’re going to be wearing. 

men's golf costume ideas

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28. Under Armour, Bohemian Theme

A bohemian-themed Under Armour polo shirt will be a nice golf costume outfit idea, especially when you’re running out of options! Its pattern is relaxing and warm, and it will definitely give off a cheerful vibe to people around you. 

29. White Shirt and Cap

Yes, we have mentioned the exciting prospect of wearing an all-white costume. But what if you don’t want that? Well, not to worry, because you can just wear an all-white outfit for the upper half of your body, and that also includes the cap. Just make sure that you don’t wear anything contrasting for the bottom half of your body. 

30. Black and Yellow

Let’s end our list of awesome men’s golf costume ideas with something interesting and fancy. Yes, this combination of black and yellow is a really exciting prospect. Wear a black cap, sunglasses, and black shirt for the upper half of your body, then finish the mixture with a pair of yellow trousers.

How Do You Dress Like an Old Golfer?

If you want to dress like an old golfer, then try on some vintage costumes. Replace the modern cap with a newsboy cap. Then, you can also find plaid shirts for a more retro vibe.

Are Cargo Shorts OK for Golf?

Cargo shorts are super comfortable, which makes them perfect for golfing. They are lightweight and allow you to move freely at the same time.

What to Wear Golfing on a Cold Day?

Make sure that you wear an extra layer to your costume on a cold day. A unique costume idea is to wear a cardigan. But something else like jackets or hoodies will also be great.

Do You Have to Wear Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes are great, but you aren’t obligated to wear one. In fact, there are a lot of casual sneakers that will make you feel just as comfortable.

Can You Wear a Button Up Shirt Golfing?

The rule of wearing a button-up shirt depends on which club you’re signed up to. Some golf clubs allow that, while others encourage you to wear polo shirts.

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