Bad Bunny Concert Outfit Ideas (30 Outfit You Should Know)

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

Benito Antonio Martinez is a Puerto Rican musician that is better known as Bad Bunny. He has gained a lot of followers lately. His concert shows are exciting and awesome. Besides his music, Bad Bunny also wears unique and amazing outfits, both during concerts and in his daily life. This habit spreads to his fans, as they are normally seen with eccentric and unique outfits when going to his concert. If you want to follow this unique trend, check out our awesome bad bunny concert outfit ideas!

Thus, we’re here to assist you in finding the best Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas. From plaid shirts to beautiful cropped tops, these Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas will not disappoint, so let’s get started!


You might have realized that sports-related outfits have become somewhat of a trend for casual occasions. Therefore, it might not seem like the worst idea to wear a baseball jersey for a Bad Bunny concert. In fact, you can just pair it with your short jeans and a pair of sneakers. 

3. Bad Bunny Shirt



Every famous musician must have their own merchandise that fans can buy. Bearing that thought in mind, you are free to use a Bad Bunny-themed shirt to attend his concert. Besides, you can add a jacket as an extra layer too. It will be one of the simplest Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas ever. 


Although grunge is typically associated with the 90s alternative rock scene and not rap/hip-hop, their outfit style perfectly suits any kind of concert. For the grunge theme to take full effect, you will need dark-colored shirts and boots. You can also try wearing plaid skirts or shorts for a nice variation. 

5. “Decorate’ Your Head


When thinking of Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas, people are often focused on finding the right outfit. Actually, you can do better than that by also “decorating your head”. Wrapping the beautiful upper part of your head with a floral headband will definitely make you cuter. 


Camo outfits are great for two things: exploring the outdoors and parties. For the latter, you might want to try some color variants as an option. A light-colored outfit like yellow would be great, as it can be paired with a yellow cropped hoodie and a black crop top. 


A hat might prove to be great for a lot of things. First things first, it can protect you from the awful sunlight or heavy rain. A straw hat, when combined with the right outfits such as jeans and crop tops, will make one hell of a Bad Bunny concert outfit idea. 

A huge concert will always be filled with thousands of fans. Therefore, you might not want to wear something too thick. A great option to consider is wearing a sleeveless V-neck shirt. It’s a versatile outfit that can be combined with black trousers or denim shorts. 

9. Neon Green Hoodie


No matter where a Bad Bunny concert is held, wearing bright-colored outfits will always be welcomed. For that matter, there is no better way to make yourself stand out than wearing a neon green hoodie. It will keep you warm while giving out a casual vibe to people around you. 

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Black and white are among the most common color combinations that you’ll see for an outfit idea. However, you can still find creative ways to make this combination more appealing. Perhaps, a white cropped top and a pair of ripped black jeans might be wonderful. 

Want to wear a monocolored outfit? Well, why don’t you start by trying out an all-black combination? To achieve this feat, please consider wearing a black leather jacket and a nice cropped top. Then, you can finish the combination by using a pair of black boots. 

12. Add Some Glitters

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

Previously, we have mentioned the possibility of dressing up your face as a way to complement your whole outfit. That’s the reason why putting some glitter freckles on your face might seem like a great idea, especially if you’re attending a crazy concert by awesome musicians like Bad Bunny. 

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Boots seem like one of the best Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas for a lot of reasons. It can be paired with practically any casual outfit that you have. Besides, it will prevent your legs from getting dirty, especially when you’re attending a muddy concert venue. 

If a straw hat can make you look cuter, a baseball cap might make your overall appearance more polished and beautiful. To finish the whole ensemble, wearing a cropped hoodie and a white skirt will be great, making it one of the most unique Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas ever. 

A pink cropped top will definitely scream elegance and beauty. That’s why this outfit combination should be high on the top of your Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas list. Moreover, you’re welcomed to pair them with a black skirt and boots. 

16. Bohemian-themed Outfit

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

A bohemian-themed outfit is one of the most common Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas because it’s really casual and awesome. Plus, it’s as simple as finding a Bohemian festival bra and pairing it with shorts of a matching color. 

17. Graphic Shirt

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

We can never get rid of our inner child spirit. So, why not just unleash it during a Bad Bunny concert? To do just that, you can wear a graphic shirt along with a black skirt. Don’t worry, this outfit ensemble will definitely look cool on you. 

A mixture of outfits based on a jacket and shirt underneath will make a great Bad Bunny concert outfit idea. You can try out different colors to make it more versatile, such as blue and black. If you’re wearing shorts, try to balance it out by wearing thigh-high socks!

19. Tour Hoodie

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


Tour shirts of your favorite musician are always cool because they have a unique and aesthetic design. But if you want to try something even braver, why not wear your hoodies? It will definitely emanate a calming vibe that makes you look beautiful at the same time. 

20. Crop Top

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

Wearing a crop top to a concert would be one of the wisest Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas that you can think of. Due to the fact that a venue could be filled with thousands of fans, there’s a high chance that it will be very hot. Wearing a cropped top won’t only make you look beautiful, but it will also reduce the chance of you passing out. 

21. Matching Hair and Outfit

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


Yes, you can wear matching outfits from head to toe. That’s the reason why it’ll be a nice idea to try on and match your outfit with your hair color. If you happen to have blonde hair, then you can probably try and match it with a camo outfit

22. Knitted Shirt

bad bunny concert outfit ideas

Knitted shirts always give us a sense of calmness and elegance. That’s the reason why some knitted sweatshirts won’t be a great concert outfit. However, you can bypass that by using these colorful sweatshirts, as they will also emanate a cheerful spirit. 

23. Criss-cross Cut Out Crop Top

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


Another great idea for our Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas comes in the form of a criss-cross cut-out crop top. It is definitely a sexy outfit that fits perfectly for a Bad Bunny concert. Besides that, a crop top will ensure that you won’t get dehydrated due to the lack of air. You can also pair a black criss-cross crop top with a pair of black shorts. 

24. Orange and Black

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


Orange is a bright color, while black is dark in nature. These two colors contrast each other, but they make an excellent combination. Just try it out by wearing a pair of black ripped jeans with an orange hoodie for the upper half of your body. To finish off the combination, make sure that you own a pair of whit sneakers. 

In a concert, wearing a pencil skirt will definitely make you the center of attention in your section of the crowd. A wise choice to consider is wearing a white or light-colored skirt. This way, you can easily mix it with a colorful tank top or bra. So fun, right?

Too shy to go to a concert wearing a bra and a pair of short jeans? Don’t worry, because all you need is a little bit of extra protection for the upper half of your body. Wearing a bra to a concert is a common choice, but it can look far better when you have a plaid shirt as an extra layer!

Denim is the definition of casual clothing. Therefore, it makes perfect sense when you’re trying to consider wearing an outfit that consists fully of denim material. You are free to wear matching denim jeans and jackets. To top it off, make sure to wear a cute bra underneath. 

28. Plaid Set

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


If you like the colorful and unique pattern that a plaid outfit can bring to your overall look, then why not try it out for your whole body? In fact, it will be a really unique ensemble that can turn people’s attention toward you!


An all-cream-colored outfit will also look good for you ladies. Its color makes each wearer look very elegant and exotic. Try and wear a cream cap and a long-sleeved outfit. Then, top it off with a pair of high heels. 

30. Purple Shirt and Cap

bad bunny concert outfit ideas


Our final entry on our list of Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas is a pretty simple one. Just make sure and find a lovely purple shirt in your closet and pair it with your favorite cap. So simple, right? However, don’t underestimate the power of this combination, as it is really lovely and amazing. 

How Do You Dress Like Bad Bunny?

Go crazy and let your mind run amok if you want to dress like Bad Bunny. Bad Bunny is known for his eccentric outfit ideas, so you just need to make sure that you’re up for the task! Take a look at our Bad Bunny concert outfit ideas as a reference. 

What is a Good Outfit to Wear to a Concert?

A good outfit to wear to a concert is a casual ensemble that won’t let you feel hot and dizzy. There are a lot of people in a venue, so you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the outfit you’re wearing. 

Should I Wear Shorts or Jeans to a Concert?

Yes, you can wear shorts or jeans to a concert. Both of them are cool enough, so it’s actually a matter of preference as well as style. 

What Should a Guy Wear to a Concert?

A guy can wear a normal and casual shirt with a pair of jeans to a concert. On the other hand, wearing shorts and boots is also a great idea. 

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