Birthday Outfit Ideas Black Girl Plus Size (30 Best Guides)

birthday outfit ideas black girl plus size

Birthdays. You know the drill, right? It only happens once a year, so make sure to dress well in order to stun all your guests. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about your body. Whether you’re skinny or a little bit chubby, you can still find the right birthday outfit. If you are a black girl who needs a boost of confidence on your birthday, we are here for you! We’ll help you find the best birthday outfit ideas for a black girl with a plus size!

The right birthday outfit will definitely enhance your overall appearance for the day. It doesn’t have to be luxurious or expensive, because the most important aspect is to find the matching dress for your body. Therefore, we’re here to provide a list of birthday outfit ideas for a black girl in plus size. Now, you don’t need to worry about looking bad anymore because our selections will blow your mind away!

1. Go Bright

Birthdays are supposed to be filled with a happy mood. Therefore, you should try and show that great mood by wearing an equally bright outfit. Might we suggest a pink cropped jacket, combined with a white crop top and blue jeans? It will definitely give out a casual and cheerful look. 

2. Square Neck Dress

You’d be surprised to know that a lot of birthday outfit ideas for a black girl with a plus size are not that different compared to those who are slimmer. In fact, you can also look beautiful wearing a square-neck dress. For birthdays, a black dress will make you look stunning, especially if you decide to pair it with white heels. 

3. All-white Outfit

An all-white outfit seems to contrast with our previous idea, but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad at all. In fact, a plus-sized black girl will look really great when wearing an all-white birthday outfit. To accomplish this, you can find yourself a nice crop top and pair it with white pants and heels.

4. Black (and a Touch of White) Dress

If you love both black and white outfits, why not try and find the middle ground by combining both colors? In fact, you can find a black-dominated dress with little white lines that act as a cute variation to the model. We’re pretty sure that it’ll result in one of the best birthday outfit ideas for a  black girl with plus size. 

birthday outfit ideas black girl plus size

5. Simple Red Dress

If you’re planning on doing a birthday photoshoot, make sure to find a nice gift box to pair with your birthday shirt or dress. A great idea for both of them is to find one with red colors. A great red dress to use is a plus-sized spaghetti strap dress.

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6. Colorful Tracksuit

Again, we’d like to mention that colorful outfits can be great birthday outfit ideas for a black girl with a plus size because they may reflect your overall mood for the day. However, by colorful, we don’t always intend it to be bright and light colors. In fact, you can try to find multicolored outfits that combine various dark colors. 

7. Casual White and Blue

Some girls imagine their party to have a more formal dress code, while others simply don’t care. If you prefer a more casual approach to your party, then try and wear a combination of white and blue. For the upper half, a white crop top would be nice. Then, you can wear a pair of blue jeans too. 

8. Wear a Denim Jacket

The good thing about throwing a casual birthday party is the freedom of choice for wearing different birthday outfits. Here’s a great idea for you: wear a denim jacket as extra layering for your nice dress or suit. It will give out a more relaxing and casual vibe around you!

9. Buttoned Dress

Unlike shirts, most dresses don’t always have the necessity to include buttons on them. However, we truly can’t deny that finding and wearing buttoned dresses for your birthday event will be a wise move to make. In fact, you can also wear this kind of dress for other things, such as work or a romantic dinner. 

birthday outfit ideas black girl plus size

10. Colorful Means a Happy Girl

We can’t stress enough the importance of being happy on your own birthday. After all, throwing a party with your friends won’t mean anything if the person celebrating is sad, right? Therefore, you should assure all your friends by wearing colorful outfits. These light colors won’t have to fill out your whole ensemble. In fact, you can still wear a white top and cover it with a nice red fur jacket. 

11. White Sleeveless Dress

White will always look good for black girls. But if you want to emanate a more elegant aura to your overall appearance, we highly suggest wearing a sleeveless dress. It also makes perfect sense to top it off with some cool accessories, such as bracelets or earrings. 

Rainbow outfits also look pretty dang cool, especially when you’re the one celebrating the birthday. It really gives out a cheerful and light vibe for your closest friends. Therefore, we highly suggest wearing a rainbow skirt or shirt. It’s better to wear one piece of rainbow clothing and pair it with a neutral color. 

13. Reflect Your Mood

Are you happy, anxious, or even excited about the day? Whatever your feeling is, make sure to reflect it through the outfit of your choice. A wise choice for a happy person is pink. Thankfully, there are a lot of pink outfits that you can wear for birthday parties, such as pink dresses or trousers. This combination will be one of the best birthday outfit ideas for a black girl who has a plus-size body. 

birthday outfit ideas black girl plus size

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14. Cut Out Dress

It really feels bad to talk trash about somebody’s body, right? Therefore, it would be nice if you’re confident with your own. A nice way to show off your beautiful plus-sized body is by wearing a cutout dress. Because of its flamboyant nature, wearing a natural color like black will be enough. 

15. Black and Red

A black outfit can only get better with a complementary addition from other colors. If you want some elegant plus-size birthday outfit ideas for a black girl, then make sure to combine your fabulous black dress with something red. A nice idea will be to wear a red beret. 

16. Off-shoulder Dress

An off-shoulder dress would also be a great choice for plus-sized black girls, especially because it screams elegance and class. For this outfit idea, we highly suggest you try wearing white. After all, white is elegant too, and it makes perfect sense for an elegant off-shoulder dress, right?

17. Purple Jumpsuit

Although dresses are beautiful and perfect for birthday parties, you can still try out other alternatives for your annual celebration. A jumpsuit will be excellent for a casual party and one that you shouldn’t overlook. Perhaps, it’s time to try out purple jumpsuits, seeing that it’s really elegant and cute at the same time.

18. Black and Blue

Even though your birthday party might turn out to be really wild, you should still try to wear something calm and soothing too. To achieve this target, a combination between black and blue might be needed. Try and wear a long-sleeved black top and pair it with your blue jeans. We guarantee you that it’ll be one of the best birthday outfit ideas for a black girl who has plus size body.  

All-Black Outfit

19. All-black Outfit

Yes, an all-black outfit will most likely appear in many outfit ideas, no matter the occasion. Why, may you ask? The answer is simple: wearing a combination between a black shirt and trousers will help emanate elegance to the venue. 

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20. Yellow Outfit

We aren’t messing around when we say that colorful outfits are great for birthday parties, as they can reflect your overall mood. After talking about pink outfits, let’s move on to the equally awesome yellow color. It’s bright, and it screams fun, making it a no-brainer for your shortlist. 

21. All-blue Outfit

An all-blue outfit ensemble is equally as amazing as your all-blacks or all-whites combination. Therefore, it’s definitely worth considering! Here’s a suggestion: wear a long-sleeved top and pair it with ripped jeans.

22. Mix Different Colors

While monocolored outfits are great, you shouldn’t block the idea of mixing different colors for your ensemble. However, we’re not talking about the obvious black-and-white pairing. Instead, you can try combining two lighter-toned colors, such as wearing a yellow shirt and complementing it with ripped jeans. 

Pinky Girl!

There are a lot of pink outfits that will fit the theme of birthday parties, and we’re all for it! In fact, be a fun, pinky girl and consider wearing an all-pink outfit for your annual celebration. A decent choice is to wear a pink linen dress for a more casual look.  

Although white dresses or shirts are normally associated with elegance and beauty, you can change the vibe into a much more casual and swag style with the right item! For this to work out, you should check out unique white dresses with certain cutouts or models.

25. Black and Brown

Black is a neutral color, which means that it’ll be easily matched with various colors. For a birthday party, we highly ask you to consider mixing and matching black outfits with brown. A great idea will be to wear a brown shirt as well as a black skirt.

Nobody asks you to cook, especially on your birthday. However, it won’t hurt to wear apron dresses for your party. In fact, we hadn’t seen much of this clothing lately. Therefore, it’ll be perfect for those of you who love wearing anti-mainstream outfits. 

27. Casual Shirt

Some of us are guilty of not thinking too much regarding outfit ideas for a birthday party. Well, this can turn out to be great too. In fact, you can simply take out a nice graphic shirt of your choice and pair it with black shorts. Let’s see if it matches and makes you look pretty!

28. Red Outfit

Technically, red outfits are different from pinks. However, they do reflect cheerful auras to people around them. Therefore, it won’t be a bad plus-size birthday outfit idea for a black girl, right? You can even pair it with your leathered boots as well as wrap your waist with a brown belt!

29. Bell Bottom Pants

Bell-bottom pants are rarely seen these days. However, it can still look good and unique, provided you have the right ensemble to accompany it. Should you own black bell-bottom pants, you can mix them with a black top and black shoes. 

30. Red Boots

Our last entry in our list of birthday outfit ideas for a black girl who has a plus size is something that is both cute and adorable. Try wearing red boots for your annual celebration. Then, you can finish the ensemble by wearing gray outfits. 

What Should a Plus-sized Girl Wear?

A plus-sized girl should wear anything that they like, just like a normal-sized girl does. The main difference is finding them in a much larger size.

How Should I Dress If I Have a Big Stomach?

If you have a big stomach, try to dress up with something loose. Avoid tight clothes at all costs, and try to find large-sized clothes.

What Clothes to Wear If You Have a Big Stomach?

There are a lot of clothes to wear if you have a big stomach, such as dresses or jumpsuits. The models don’t matter, but rather the size of the clothes itself.

How Do You Dress Classy Plus-size?

If you want to dress classy plus-size, wear monocolored outfits. Besides that, you can also wear outfits that have neutral colors, such as black or white.

What Should I Wear If I’m Short and Chubby?

You can wear an extra-large dress if you’re short and chubby. The model of the outfits can be similar to normal-sized outfits too!

What Kind of Dress to Wear If You are Overweight?

Any dresses are appropriate to wear, even if you are overweight. Remember, the most important thing is to find something that fits your body and is not too tight.

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