Beach Outfit Ideas For Guys (30++ Best Guide List)

beach outfit ideas for guys

Welcome summer and happy, warm days to all of us! The season when we are all excited to get out of the house. And when we talk about summer, the beach can’t be out of our minds. The breeze, the waves, and the sand at our fingertips are the elements that complete summer. For those who need some fashionable clothing to welcome summer, you can’t miss checking out our list of beach outfit ideas for guys!

Perhaps, you have not been able to determine what combination of clothes you will wear for the summer holiday. Therefore, we specially prepared some beach outfit ideas for guys in the summer holidays that you can use. Let’s check our list and see if you might be found the right one for you!

1. Earthy Tone and Panama Sun Hat

The combination of an unbuttoned t-shirt and a Panama sun hat is a wise choice if you are looking for some breezy beach outfit ideas for guys. Cream and brown earthy tones from every outfit you wear blend well to resemble the beach vibes for your holiday. By using this outfit, you can look stylish while enjoying a cold drink at your favorite beach spot.

2. The Cozy Linen

It’s a mistake if you wear clothes with thick and hot materials when going to the beach in the summer. Be free and comfortable by using the cozy linen, especially if you are looking for some breezy beach outfit ideas for the summer holidays. Thanks to the thin, breathable linen, you can feel every gust of beach breeze on your skin. In addition, the choice of linen as a clothing material also makes it durable and more comfortable.

3. Floral Shirt

Exotic beaches are the best summer vacation spots. By deciding to stay at a fancy hotel or resort, of course, you also want to look fashionable. Therefore we advise you to wear a floral shirt. Yes, if you want some beach outfit for guys that can get you into a vacation mood, shirts with such a pattern are a good choice. You can combine it with white pants and fine shoes to look more fabulous as a center of attention.

4. Black Tanktop and White Shorts

When you are visiting the beach, the comfort of your clothing choice is the main element you should pay attention to. Of course, comfortable and simplicity can also be fashionable in your hands, especially if you follow our beach outfit ideas recommendation. Only by using a black tank top and white shorts can you look stylish with additional accessories such as sunglasses and necklaces.

5. Navy Shirt and Stripe Shorts

For those of you who like calm colors and don’t want to look too flashy, you can use a navy shirt. By choosing a shirt with a thin material, you won’t get hot too fast, perfect for sunny beach weather. Combine it with matching striped shorts for some interesting yet subtle pizzas. Look relaxed with rolled-up shirt sleeves and accessories such as sunglasses to enjoy your vacation at the shore of the ocean.

6. Striped Shirt and Navy Shorts

Do not limit yourself and be creative with your dress style! Unlike the previous beach outfit idea for guys, now we choose the opposite style so you stand out. Change your shirt to a blue stripe and your pants to navy blue for an exciting look. Open a few buttons and roll up your shirt sleeves to look as comfortable and attractive as possible when you are on summer vacation.

7. Black Hawaiian Shirt and Shorts

When we talk about Hawaii, the first thing that comes to mind is its beautiful beaches. Therefore, we provide you with this black Hawaiian shirt with black shorts as a beach outfit idea for guys. The all-black outfit alone is cool, coupled with the Hawaiian pattern on your clothes, making it even more compatible with the exotic beach feel you’re enjoying.

8. Loose Brown Shirt

The brown color combined and matched with white is suitable if you want a stealthy idea to be used as a beach outfit for guys. This color selection blends perfectly with the beauty of the beach that you will enjoy in the summer. In addition, the choice of a loose brown shirt makes it comfortable to wear during any of your beach activities.

9. Yellow Tone Outfit

Here are some more stylish beach outfit ideas for guys that you can try! You can be as warm and bright as the sunshine. Yes, you are right, by wearing the yellow-tone outfit that we recommend, you’ll look dazzling. By using a matched yellow shirt and yellow floral shorts, you can get a flashy impression. The perfect outfit idea for people who like to be the center of attention.

10. Casual Gray Suit with White Pants

Choosing a casual outfit while on vacation to the beach is the right choice. A neat and stylish outfit, yet still comfortable when worn, will be perfect to welcome summer vacation. We suggest you wear a neutral color outfit such as a gray suit and white pants that are suitable to be combined with anything.

11. White Kimono

If you are going to the beach to swim or sunbathe, then this outfit is perfect for you. A white kimono that is easy to take off and put on provides you with comfort while on the beach. This an excellent beach outfit idea for guys who love to spend summertime taking things easy. Like the photo above, you can add simple accessories such as sunglasses to keep it looking stylish with a simple outfit.

12. Brown Polo Shirt

This polo shirt is made of 100% breathable cotton, so even the most sensitive skin will feel comfortable wearing it. The brown polo t-shirt works really well as a beach outfit for guys, thanks to how cash and comfy it is. Just look at the photo above; how suitable a brown polo shirt is for relaxing on the beach. You can combine it with white pants and brown shoes for harmonization to match your outfit.

13. Cream Casual Suit

Using a cream-colored casual suit that is similar to the color of the beach sand is an interesting idea. Wearing it while on a beach vacation gives you chill vibes and shows people that you are a perfect fit for the beach. This a fabulous beach outfit for guys that you can try for less sweaty beach activity. Looks fine and classy!

14. All-White Outfit

The cleanliness and purity of the white color of this outfit fit would suit the beach vibe.  The all-white outfit is an excellent choice for vacation. This a great beach outfit idea for guys who love to wear simple clothes and neutral colors. The white low-collar shirt looks relaxing, the perfect outfit to enjoy the beach breeze.

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15. 70’s Stripes Tank Top

Sleeveless shirts like tank tops are perfect for a beach vacation. Trust us! Try this ’70s striped tank top. This clothing offers a unique design using a striped mixture with a shade of beach color, making it look vintage. No need for additional accessories; just with this tank top, you can already look attractive.

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16. Black Kaftan

Kaftan is a type of clothing originating from Mesopotamia, South West Asia culture. Kaftans, which are generally shaped like robes or oversized outfits, can be used as beach outfits for guys. For instance, take a look at this black kaftan, an oversized shirt made of breathable material. Because it does not feature much stitching, it is loose, making it very comfortable to wear. It feels like wearing and not wearing clothes at the same time. Perfect for enjoying the windy beach atmosphere.

17. Unbuttoned Gray Shirt

If you don’t want to think too much, an unbuttoned gray shirt can also be a beach outfit. Some people, especially during a vacation to the beach, don’t want to dress excessively. Light linen shirts and beach shorts with additional accessories such as hats or sunglasses are the best choices.

18. Teal Tone Outfit

An outfit with a natural color tone, like teal, is the perfect choice if you are looking for something to wear to the beach. The color blends harmoniously with nature and the ocean. It is calming and relaxing, pleasing to the eyes. You can combine a teal polo shirt with Hawaiian shorts of the same color and additional accessories such as hats to make it look more elegant.

19. Tucked Shirt with High Waist Pants

The combination of an unbuttoned t-shirt and a Panama sun hat can never go wrong. If you guys want some breezy and casual, yet sexy beach outfit ideas, this is the one. Cream and brown earthy tones from every outfit you wear blend well and harmonize perfectly with the beach, giving off extra fun vibes. By using this outfit, you can look stylish while enjoying a cold drink at your favorite beach spot.

20. Terracotta Polo

The choice of terracotta color is also very fitting if you want a unique beach outfit. This eye-catching solid color on this terracotta polo would add flair to your style. It is also comfortable to use. The breathable material combined with black Hawaiian shorts makes you look very attractive, especially when on vacation on an exotic beach.

21. White and Red pair

Just by looking at the photo above, we can agree that the combination of a white polo and red shorts is very relaxing and comfortable to wear. This is an awesome beach outfit idea for guys who love to wear simple clothes but still look stylish. Don’t miss out on using your sunglasses to make your outfit more stylish, even when you’re on vacation.

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22. Swimwear

As a lover of outdoor activities, maybe you can’t refuse to swim when you are at the beach. Such a waste if you miss it. For that, we suggest you wear swimwear. The selection of attractive swimwear will enhance the beauty of your body. The sexy combination will attract people to pay attention to you.

23. Blue Shirt Like The Ocean

The blue color of the ocean is also a great inspiration if you are looking for a masculine yet stunning beach outfit idea for guys. Choosing a comfortable blue shirt to wear without being buttoned allows you to have a happy summer vacation. As an option, you can combine it with neutral-colored shorts and various additional accessories to make it more comfortable to be on the beach for a long time.

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Do you remember what clothes people who do yoga usually wear? Yes, like in the photo above, they are wearing white meditation suits which are loose and comfortable to wear. This yoga outfit might inspire you for a beach outfit for guys who be comfy and breezy. Besides, if you’ve never done yoga, it doesn’t hurt to try it once in a while, right?

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25. Flashy Pink Tank Top

It doesn’t matter if you want to wear clothes that look flashy while on the beach. Even this pink tank top is great for guys. The flashy pink color that contrasts with the beach atmosphere actually creates a distinct impression if you use it. A perfect choice for those of you who like to be the center of attention, at least captivate the eyes of others.

26. Striped Short Swimwear

Swimming in the sea in hot weather helps us to come back fresh. The breeze that accompanies the salty water waves makes body heat disappear instantly. Enjoy it even more by wearing striped short swimwear, which is suitable as a beach outfit for guys. Pants made of polyester material make you comfortable when used in water and don’t prevent you from moving freely.

27. Black and White with Brown Shoes

The summer holiday is the best time to relax. Hot weather is enjoyed by traveling quickly to chill and eliminate all fatigue. Look super casual with black tees and white shorts, and combine them with brown shoes as your beach outfit. Look relaxed but still fashionable wherever you are, especially when you are on vacation at the beach.

28. Two Color Shorts

Shorts with plain colors may seem boring. So, what if you use two colors? Like these two-color shorts for men, ideal for your beach outfit. It is made of 100% polyester with a fit-style model that fits perfectly on your body. Look attractive with these shorts to make yourself more confident while on vacation at the beach.

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29. Striped Loose Trouser

When the weather is hot, and you are on the beach, it is not suitable to wear clothes that are tight. You should also avoid the ones that do not absorb sweat. It can make you uncomfortable. Therefore, you can use these loose-striped trousers as a beach outfit. The looseness makes room for your skin so that it can breathe freely. The vertical stripe motif on these pants also gives the impression of being taller on your legs, making you more elegant.

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30. African V-Neck Summer Shirt

Have you ever tried some clothes like this? This is an African v-neck summer shirt that we recommend for you. Loose clothes with a low collar, like the picture above, can give you the flexibility to move, especially when the air is hot. Available in attractive patterns make you the center of attention when wearing it. This is one of the most excellent beach outfit ideas for guys who love to try some ethnic clothing!

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31. Burgundy Elephant Print Burgundy Elephant Print

Hawaiian shirts are also the right choice as a cool beach outfit for guys. The low collar and lightweight t-shirt offer a variety of comfort when you wear them during the summer holidays. Visiting the beach with this elephant print shirt also makes you look stylish. Plus, the pleasing burgundy color makes your appearance more attractive.

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32. Vintage Black and White Set

A set outfit of shirt and shorts is the right choice for a beach outfit that suits guys. That’s why we provide this vintage black and white set for you. Unique patterns and comfortable materials make you free while on the beach. The selection of soft fabrics makes it perfect for use in hot weather.

33. White and Black Couple Theme

With this set, you can look matching with your partner for the summer holidays. Choosing the same clothing theme as your partner gives the impression that the two of you are a happy couple. The couple’s set also happens to be suitable as a beach outfit. Thanks to the light and breathable white linen shirt, the set will allow you to have a comfortable time together.

34. Sets of Two Piece Polo Outfit

The set of two-piece Polo outfits is indeed very stylish, and if you are looking for some easy beach outfit ideas for guys, this is it. The calm tone color that matches the top and shorts makes you look very charming. You’ll look different from other visitors thanks to this outfit. It will turn you to become the center of attention!

35. Yellow Tank Top

What about outfits with vibrant colors? For instance, this yellow tank top will be perfect for you guys. It is suitable for those who love to look energetic, especially at the beach. Be confident with your outfit that can show your good body perfectly. The open tank top makes your body exposed to the breeze so that it remains comfortable in hot weather.

What a guy should wear to the beach?

A guy is free to wear anything to the beach because it depends on his taste and how you want other people to see him. However, we provide you with some unique beach outfit ideas for guys, such 70’s Stripes Tank Tops, floral shirts, or brown polo t-shirts that you can try.

How can a man look attractive at the beach?

To look attractive, a man can wear a casual cream suit as a beach outfit. Neutral and soft color shades make you look fancy yet casual while enjoying your summer vacation at the beach.

What can I wear to the beach besides a swimsuit?

You can wear various types of outfits at the beach besides a swimsuit, such as tank tops or black kaftans. The selection of comfortable and breathable fabrics is something you should pay attention to when deciding which beach outfit you will wear.

What should you not wear to the beach?

You should not wear thick and unbreathable clothes to the beach, especially when the weather is hot. This will hinder your activities and look awkward in the eyes of other people.

What shoes do guys wear to the beach?

Guys do wear some shoes like brown boat shoes to relax or leather shoes to the beach to look fancy. What guys should pay attention to when choosing shoes is what type of activity they do at the beach. Do not let you exercise or do water activities using leather shoes that are not suitable.

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