25 Fashionable Birthday Outfit Ideas for Kids Under 5 Years Old

birthday outfits ideas for kids

Birthday outfit ideas for kids under five years old mostly have floral, animals, stars, or heart patterns, cute doll collars, and pastel colors. And a birthday party is where we can celebrate how someone we love was born and there we should celebrate it festively!

Whether we celebrate our own or a friend’s birthday party, we should celebrate it wholeheartedly. So, when it comes to our little girl or boy’s birthday, shouldn’t we prepare it to another level, including how they should appear at her own birthday party?

The most common color of their outfit is white with lace fabric material or something that reflects their favorite cartoon. With that knowledge, we have provided a list of 25 fantastic birthday outfit ideas for kids under five years old – boys and girls! Shall we jump in?

Birthday outfits Ideas for Kids Under 5 Years Old - Girls

Birthday outfit ideas for kids, especially girls under five years old, mostly have floral, lace, and layered tulle skirt to add both elegance and cuteness overload. We have listed 15 items here that should suit your taste, your birthday concept – or is it your little girl’s? Casual, chic, elegant, and cute are all here!

birthday outfits ideas for kids

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Kids under five years old are the most favorite phase for parents as that is when they look the cutest like a doll, especially the girls. Therefore, this cute doll collar top is perfect as a cute birthday outfit idea for kids under five years old, especially girls. Pair it with a stunning tulle skirt and flat shoes, you will see the girl becomes as cute as a doll on her birthday day!

(source: alitools.io)

A chic top that must-wear by our kids, one of which is a puffy long sleeves top. The sleeves are designed with puffs to add more elegance to even a kids’ outfit. 

To make it look more fashionable to wear at a birthday party, you can pair this puffy top with long flare pants, a headband, and small bags. This is great as a fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old, and we bet you want to consider this item as your baby girl’s costume!

Denim is never too late or too early. Denim is created for everyone; as long as you can pair it nicely, you can even wear it to a birthday party! The denim blouse is made of 95% cotton, providing comfort when wearing it. 

This cool top has long sleeves to give warmth during the winter too. Moreover, you can pair it with long white pants and cute black flat shoes to keep the little ones stylish and comfy on her special day.

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A casual sweatshirt could be one of the great birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old, especially when we are facing cold weather in our place. The sweatshirt has good quality cotton fleece that not only provides warmth but it has a good design too.

 Pair this sweatshirt with a cute hat and denim culotte pants, and our little girl is ready to attend her casual birthday dinner with her friends.

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We had a denim dress with buttons on the earlier list and this time, we have a mix of floral tutu skirt and denim top with a bit of see-through shoulders design. 

The floral tutu skirt gives a touch of a cute look, while the sleeveless denim top gives a bit of a fashionable and mature look. Perfect as birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old during summer or spring!

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A Hawaiian dress with a floral pattern can be one of the great birthday outfits ideas for kids under 5 years old. The bright colors and floral pattern printed on the dress bring out a happy vibe. It is just like how someone should be on her birthday! 

Pair it with white shoes and a pearl necklace, our little girl is ready to blow out her candles at her birthday party near the beach. 

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Another fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old is this strawberry fruit pattern printed on the skirt with a knit top. The dress is perfect to be paired with an ankle boot if you want her to look a little vintage.

Alternatively, giving her simple ballerina flat shoes is also a good idea to make her look sweet and chic. The dress is also made of good quality cotton materials that are comfy. 

(source: 2daydeliver.com)

Floral patterns or bright colors dresses are common, but here we found you another unique and fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old! This layered tulle dress has rainbow colors that look surprisingly elegant.

We can pair it with any kind of shoes, such as ankle boots, children’s heels, strapped sandals, or even flat shoes. The rainbow colors also bring out a festivities ambiance which will be perfect for her to wear at her birthday party!

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A sunflower print dress with ruffles is definitely one of the stunning birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old! The dress is made of high-quality polyester to provide comfortable wearing to the kids and it has nice cutting to make the little ones look stunning. 

Although it has a strapless design on its shoulders, it has ruffles and floral patterns to still give a cute touch to the dress so the little girl can keep looking stylish for her age. Definitely amazing!

(source: ubuy.co.in)

If the birthday party concept is more into modern minimalism, you’ll need to prepare the outfit accordingly. This lace dress with ¾-length sleeves can be one of the best fashionable birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old.

The dress is made of a mix of cotton and lace that looks adorable. You can pair this little lace dress with flat shoes and a big bow to our little girl’s hair. Voila! She’s ready for a fine birthday party. 

(source: desertcart.com)

A Frogwill dress is definitely a fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old. The dress has pastel blue colors with pattern prints to bring out happy vibes to the party. 

To avoid being too revealing, you can pair this Frogwill dress in a long or short sleeves T-shirt, white straw hat, and ballerina shoes. Perfect to wear during summer or spring too!

(source: ubuy.co.id)

For a more elegant night look, a backless dress can be one of your birthday outfits ideas. But, the dress also has additional lace material on its top and layered tulle material for the skirt. 

Just pair it with a nice hair bow and ballerina shoes, and she is ready to go to her own party – or even her friends’ party, and all eyes will be on her!

Being stylish should be everyone’s first priority when it comes to a birthday party. Flare pants would be great to be added to the list of fashionable birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old. Flare pants have a unique design as it has the look of a mermaid, which every little girl likes.

As the flare pants are knitted, they will also provide warmth – not heat as well as comfort whenever the little ones wear them. Simply pair this with a floral top and cute kids’ heels, and our little girl can go rock her party!

(source: aliexpress.com)

Baggy jeans can be one of the fashionable birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old when you mix and match them with an amazing top that is suitable for a birthday party. The baggy jeans have a nice high-waisted design to get a slimmer waist look just like us, adults.

For a stunning birthday outfits look, the little ones can wear a lace top, stacked necklace, and cute sneakers. What a great birthday outfit idea!

birthday outfits ideas for kids

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Last but not least, another fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old is this flare pants jumpsuit! A Boho look that will be perfect to have when the little girl has her casual birthday lunch near the beach.

The flare pants jumpsuit also has nice cotton material to comfort whoever wears it. Simply pair it with a straw bag and straw hat, as well as pump shoes that are friendly for kids. The little ones will be ready to go!

Birthday outfits Ideas for Kids Under 5 Years Old - Boys

Since we have mentioned birthday outfit ideas for girls under 5 years old, now we will discuss the ones that will be perfect for you boys. Birthday outfits for boys mostly will have blue, black, white, or brown colors. Rather than floral print, boys’ outfit mostly has animal print as their masculine identity. Let’s jump into this list, shall we?

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In case you want your little boy to have a bit vintage look, the first priority is this shirt set with romper and bow. The set has a T-shirt top, linen pants, and a bow tie to look a bit mature like a gentleman, just as all of us wish him to become. Pair the set with white sneakers and he is ready to sit on his special birthday chair!

(source: etsy.com)

Well, when it comes to our boy’s birthday party, he becomes the majestic prince of the day! And it is normal to have a thought on, how if we give him an exquisite prince costume on his birthday?

The costume has a great combination of royal blue and white which will bring out his charm. Pair it with casual sneakers, and he is ready to rock his party! A nice costume for birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old, indeed. 

It is always exciting to see our boys treasuring their hobbies and dreams. If your little boy dreams about being a racer, this jumpsuit can be his birthday outfit! The birthday party concept takes inspiration from racing as the big theme and the little boy can wear this racer costume. The costume is made of cotton to provide comfort. Shall we consider this idea?

(source: aliexpress.com)

A cotton suit set can be considered a fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old. The set has organic cotton as its material to provide comfort and is safe for all skin. Our little boy can wear it with kids-friendly formal shoes and get neat when he is about to attend a formal birthday party. Gorgeous!

(source: wish.com)

For a casual birthday lunch, it would be amazing to wear a lightweight outfit. Therefore, we would like to recommend this birthday outfits idea for kids under 5 years old, which is called short sleeves polo shirt set.

The set has one pants and a polo shirt that is designed for kids, especially boys who just want to wear something that has lightweight and simple. Pair this set with a pair of casual sneakers, birthday pizza is waiting for our stylish boy!

(source: facebook.com)

A blazer is a must-wear for the birthday boy attending his own birthday party, especially when the birthday party is more of a formal one. The blazer itself is made of high-quality wool to provide warmth and comfort, especially when the birthday party is held during winter. Pair it with formal long pants or jeans, both will give different types of look. Which one will you choose? 

(source: aliexpress.com)

Who doesn’t look cute with this sailor boy costume? The costume has a perfect combination of navy blue and white that gives a great charm to whoever wears it, including our little boy.

Therefore, it would be great to be included as one of the great birthday outfit ideas for kids under 5 years old. The costume has a good quality cotton material that is safe for all skin types. Pair it with cute socks and little sneakers, he is good to go rock his birthday party!

(source: vertbaudet.com)

A linen shirt with long sleeves, paired with long or short pants and strapped sandals, will be a fashionable birthday outfit idea for kids under 5 years old. The buttons are neatly sewed on the shirt, and the long sleeves add a more elegant look to our little boy. Perfect to wear when he is attending a friend’s birthday party!

When our little boy’s birthday party is held during winter, this knitted cardigan will be great to wear. To look more proper for the boy attending his birthday party, he can wear this cardigan with a T-shirt inside and cloth pants or casual jeans as the bottom.

He can wear casual sneakers and a little sling bag for a final elegant touch. And voila! He is ready for his birthday party in swag and a stylish look!

(source: etsy.com)

A sweater is definitely a must-wear outfit for our little boy on his birthday! The sweater can be paired with stylish long cloth pants in white or black for a natural look and finally, a pair of loafer that is kids-friendly. It has a look of a gentleman, but with calming pastel colors, it still gives a touch of a cute kid. 

Therefore, we think that sweaters should be added to the list of fashionable birthday outfits ideas for kids under 5 years old. Moreover, when we make the sweater by ourselves, we can add his name to the sweater to look more special on his special day. We bet the birthday party will be unforgettable for him!

Which outfit is best for your birthday?

My best birthday outfits will be best if it has bright colors or floral patterns that represent my feelings when I have my own birthday party. Because a birthday party should have happiness, I would only think of bright yellow, green, or red colors on top and pair it with jeans or a mini skirt as my bottom clothes. 

What should I wear for a simple birthday party?

I should wear a combination of white and blue colors outfit with fewer patterns print for a simple birthday party. It would be great to have pairs of flat shoes for girls under 5 years old and sneakers for boys under 5 years old for more comfortable wearing on birthdays. 

What should kids wear for birthdays?

Kids should wear bright colors and patterns that bring out the cheerfulness and happiness they are feeling on their birthday, such as dinosaurs or animals for boys, while floral for girls. Not only how it looks, but kids should wear outfit that provide comfort so they will not become fussy at the birthday party. 

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