Beach Outfit Ideas for Summer (30 AWESOME Ideas)

One-Shoulder Bikini

Summer is almost here! There are a lot of things that you can enjoy in the summer, such as road trips and parties. But one of the most common summer vacation ideas is to go to a beach. There are a lot of things that you can do on a beach. However, you need to have a good sense of beach outfit ideas for summer in order to attract attention!

Fortunately for you, we have a ton of unique beach outfit ideas for summer. Due to its cheerful and light nature, we’re going to be recommending outfit ideas of a similar nature. Some of the ideas can even make you look sexy and hot. All in all, you might not want to miss out on these crazy beach outfit ideas for summer!

beach outfit ideas for summer


An oversized shirt is beneficial for a lot of reasons. It is loose and will help ease any discomfort caused by a sunburn. Besides that, it really looks great when you’re going to combine it with shorts. But if you want to look even cuter and funnier, try wearing one with some cute pictures or quotes printed on it. 

2. (Just an) Oversized Tee

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Want a more simplistic and fashionable idea? Ditch the shorts and just wear nice underwear that is comfortable. Then, cover it with an oversized tee! This pairing will make you look cute on any beach, especially if you’re wearing a beautiful hat and a pair of sunglasses. 

3. Buttoned Long Shirt

beach outfit ideas for summer

A buttoned long shirt has the same idea as an oversized picture shirt, where it can provide easier room for movement. Moreover, it will also be able to cover more space down, which makes it the perfect beach outfit ideas for summer! You can just wear underwear and let the buttoned long shirt cover it.

4. Cardigan with Bikini Inside

beach outfit ideas for summer

The great thing about cardigans is that they can be modeled and paired with various outfits. For a more stylish look, you can widen the space and let the bikini shine on other people’s eyes. This way, you can get a tan while also appearing cute and fashionable.

5. Casual Shirt for a Beach

If you don’t want to waste any money by buying new outfits for the summer, you can still look pretty with simple beach outfit ideas for summer. One idea that stands out is wearing a casual shirt, preferably with a beach-related graphic or theme. If you pair them with shorts, you’re still good to go!

6. Tank Top and Shorts

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Wearing a tank top is one of the most common beach outfit ideas for summer. After all, it provides comfort while ensuring that you look nice and well. A great idea is to combine it with shorts. This combo will be perfect for those of you who are just looking for a lazy day on the beach.

7. Tank Top and Underwear

beach outfit ideas for summer

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Looking for something sexy? Why not combine a tank top while wearing an underwear? Wearing this awesome pairing will guarantee that all eyes are directed to you. Besides that, it will be a practical outfit idea if you decide to take a swim. Truly one of the best beach outfit ideas for summer. 

8. Kaftan Bikini Cover Up

Wearing a bikini for the whole day without any cover up can prove to be a costly mistake. After all, you’re increasing the risk for a massive sunburn. That’s the reason why you should try wearing kaftan bikini cover ups. Kaftans are usually colorful, which makes it the ideal outfit for a beach day. 

9. Kaftan Dress

Kaftans came in various forms and designs. If you really want to wear kaftans, and not just as a bikini cover up, then try considering kaftan dresses. Kaftan dresses are normally loose dresses, which means that you’ll be able to have enough room to move. Just make sure to wear something underneath!

10. Beach Ruana

A ruana is a poncho-style garment that originated from Colombia and Venezuelan Andes. Due to its nature, you can try to use it as a cover up for your beach outfit ideas for summer, such as bikinis or even a crop top. Make sure to find a colorful one in order to match the mood. 

11. Beach Hoodie

Hoodies are often associated with cold temperatures. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use it for a beach day. Here’s a solution: find one that isn’t made from thicker cotton or fabric. When you’re ready to go to the beach, you can pair it with a mini skirt or shorts. 

12. Ruffle Swimsuit

Swimsuits are one of the best beach outfit ideas for summer, especially to those of you who’re looking to go get wet. However, it doesn’t mean that you should only wear a normal swimsuit, just like any other ladies. In fact, a ruffle swimsuit will add a little touch of cuteness in your overall appearance!

13. See-through Cover Up

Wearing a see-through cover up is perfect for those of you who’re looking to protect your body from overexposure to the sunlight, but not entirely blocking it. Besides that, these see-through cover ups will act as an extra layer that can tease a hot swimwear or bikini outfit underneath. 

14. Sports Bikini

Sports Bikini

A lot of activities can be done during a beach day. Most of them require a lot of movements. Therefore, you should consider wearing a sports bikini set. That way, you’ll be able to move freely when playing catch with your dog or volleyball. 

15. Long-sleeved Sports Beachwear

Long-Sleeved Sports Beachwear

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If your purpose for going to the beach is purely for sports and not to get a tan, then you should wear long-sleeved sports beachwear. Most long-sleeved sports beachwear is made from comfortable and premium material that allows easy movement both on the beach and the sea. Plus, they’ll protect you from all the bad sunlight. 

16. Kimono Cover Up

We have talked about kaftan and see-through cover ups. But if you want oriental beach outfit ideas for summer, then please consider wearing kimono cardigans to cover your bikinis or beach outfit. To match its colorful design, you can combine it with simple bikinis or crop tops. 

17. Crochet Beachwear

Crochet dresses are the perfect summer clothing outfit, which also makes it one of the best beach outfit ideas for summer. For a beach day, try to find crochet dresses that won’t make you stiflingly hot. You can wear a crochet mini dress or a crochet crop top paired with a mini skirt. 

18. See-through Crop Top

If you’re already wearing a bra, why bother adding a see-through crop top? Let’s just say that it can complement your underwear. You don’t need to find a see-through crop top that matches the color of your bra. However, the most important thing is finding one that can clearly tease your underwear.

19. Crop Top with Short Skirt

There are a lot of awesome beach outfit ideas for summer involving crop tops. One of them is to try to wear a matching crop top and a short skirt. It’s a perfect idea, as it allows for greater mobility. Besides that, you can take a lot of great pictures with your phone or camera by wearing this combination. 

20. Crop Top and Long Skirt

Too shy to expose your legs in the open area? Worry not, because you can combine your cute crop top with a long skirt. While it won’t give a great comfort in terms of mobility, this pairing will definitely make you look cuter on any hot beach. It can even be used for parties!

21. Crop Top with Shorts

Crop Top With Shorts

Now that we’ve gone past the skirts, let’s talk about another awesome crop top pairing that can prove to be one of the best beach outfit ideas for summer. Wearing shorts as the bottom wear seems to be a great idea for a casual beach day. Try and wear a beach cardigan as an extra layer for the crop top. 

22. Add a Straw Hat!

Add A Straw Hat!

Wearing a straw hat on a beach seems like the wisest beach outfit ideas for summer. After all, summer is often associated with hot temperatures. Therefore, you should shield your head with adorable hats. Feel free to use it with other matching beach outfits that you have. You can even wear sunglasses too!

23. Maxi Skirt

If you prefer to wear something cute at the expense of mobility, then we highly recommend you to try and wear maxi skirts. It’s a versatile skirt that can match perfectly with many upper wears of your preference. Whether it’s a crop top or a simple bra, you can bet that they will fit perfectly with maxi skirts. 

24. One-shoulder Bikini

One-Shoulder Bikini

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If you want more exposed beach outfit ideas for summer, then please consider wearing a one-shouldered bikini. Having a one-shouldered bikini allows more mobility for your shoulder. And just like any other bikinis, you can pair it with a matching underwear. 

25. Sequin Bikini

Summer is always affiliated with cheerful and bright moods. Therefore, you should try and wear something shiny! Perhaps, a sequin bikini might suffice. It will definitely catch people’s attention due to its shiny glitters. It’s definitely one of the sexiest beach outfit ideas for summer. 

26. Monokini

Wearing a cute monokini can be a nice alternative to a conventional swimsuit. Its V-cut bottom will definitely be useful to attract interest. Besides that, it allows you to expose more skin to the sun in order to get more tan. For a summer beach vacation, try to find a colorful monokini!

27. Sleeveless Dress

beach outfit ideas for summer

There are a lot of awesome dresses that can also be used as beach outfits. One that might stand out is a sleeveless dress. The design will allow your hand to move comfortably. If you’re wearing a short dress, you won’t have to worry about it getting dirty from the sands. 

28. Knitted Poncho

beach outfit ideas for summer

A knitted poncho can be a great cover up alternative to cardigans and kimono. On a beach vacation, we highly recommend you to try and find white knitted ponchos. Due to its material’s nature, it makes the poncho look like a see-through cover up, which can be combined with a white bra and a bottom wear of your choosing. 

29. Spaghetti Strap Set

If you want to be exposed to the sunlight, wearing something thin will be a great idea. Therefore, make sure to entertain the idea of spaghetti strap sets of tank tops and shorts. They are usually elastic and flexible for any body shape. Make sure to wear a matching combination too.  

30. Funny Shirt

To end our list of awesome beach outfit ideas for summer, we’re going with something simple yet eye-catchy. Wearing a simple and casual shirt during a stroll at the beach is a wonderful idea. If you have one that relates to the beach or ocean itself, you can pair it with shorts or a mini skirt.  

What Do You Wear to a Summer Beach Party?

Wearing crop tops for a summer beach party can be one of the best beach outfit ideas for summer. You’ll meet a huge crowd at a summer beach party. Therefore, you should wear outfits that will increase mobility and comfort. 

How Can I Look Cute at the Beach?

If you want to look cute at the beach, you can wear see-through cover-ups with a bikini underneath. It will not only make you look cute but also hot and adorable. But the most important thing is that it will be comfortable enough to wear.

How to Look Cute for Fat People on the Beach?

For fat people to look cute on the beach, you can try and wear dark colors. Then, make sure to avoid wearing any tank tops. Furthermore, using a loose shirt might also be a good idea!

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