Birthday Outfit Ideas for Teenage Girl (20++ Awesome Ideas)

birthday outfits ideas for teenage girl

Here comes that special time of the year. Yes, your birthday. It is the annual reminder that you’re never going to get any younger. Therefore, you should go out and celebrate each birthday with your loved ones. Throw a birthday party in honor of yourself and celebrate like crazy! However, if you are a teenage girl, you need to have some unique birthday outfit ideas first because you have to look stand out in front of the audience!

There are a lot of awesome birthday outfit ideas for a teenage girl. Starting from retro and vintage dresses to summer clothing sets, the list can go on forever! Down below, we’ve listed some of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls that you can try on. Remember, you only celebrate it once a year, so make it count!

1. Single Button Blouse

Wearing a single-buttoned blouse is one of the coolest birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. In fact, it looks simple and elegant. Plus, wearing a single-buttoned blouse will also keep you comfortable all day long, due to its premium material. Try to wear a matching mini-line skirt too.

2. Sleeveless Knit Dress

Why not wear a dress for your birthday party? After all, you deserve to be the center of attention! If you want simple birthday outfit ideas for a teenage girl, please consider wearing a sleeveless hem knit dress at your party. Even though it’s a dress, you can still move comfortably!

3. Puff Sleeve Dress

Want a fashionable dress that is also lightweight and slightly stretchy? Perhaps, the answer you’re looking for is a puff sleeve dress. Some of these dresses have large puffs on the shoulder that make you look classier and elegant. If you’re holding a vintage-themed party, this is the perfect outfit!

4. Off-Shoulder Dress

You should celebrate a birthday in a happy mood. Therefore, wearing a bright-colored dress can be one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls since it can represent your happy thoughts and feelings at the moment. This combination looks dressy, yet it is really awesome and comfy.

5. Steampunk Era Dress

Ever think of holding a birthday party with a classic, steampunk-styled theme? It’s rare to see this kind of party, but we can assure you that it’s fun. All you need is a steampunk/retro button-down vest and a shirt underneath. To complete the set, make sure to wear black trousers.

6. Off-shoulder Sleeve Jumpsuit

Why buy a set of outfits when you can just buy a single jumpsuit for your annual celebration? If you still want to look trendy and fashionable, please consider wearing an off-shoulder sleeve jumpsuit. Most of them are able to stretch and fit any body type because of their flexible material, making them one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls.

birthday outfits ideas for teenage girl

7. Floral-themed Outfit

Flowers are a symbol of happiness, which make them perfect as birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. Fortunately, there are tons of floral-themed dress outfits that won’t look tacky (you know, the ones with a lot of flower pictures). Better yet, you can also wear a flower crown!

8. Floral-themed Shoe

After discussing floral-themed outfits, we shouldn’t be neglecting the footwear. In fact, you can wear barefoot sandals with floral patterns. The sandals will definitely enhance your style and the cuteness that those floral-themed outfits brought for you. Plus, they aren’t as hard to wear as shoes or boots!

9. Cartoons and Animation!

You won’t get any younger, and we all know that. However, it shouldn’t stop you from reliving all the fun memories of your childhood. Therefore, finding a gown or outfit with cute cartoons will be one of the greatest birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. Wearing a cartoon dress or shirt is perfect for birthday parties because it is, after all, not a formal event!

10. Slip Dress with Spaghetti Strap

Unwilling to buy a special dress just for this annual celebration? Don’t worry, because wearing a slip dress with a spaghetti strap can be one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. The adjustable “spaghetti strap” makes it easier for you to set up the dress to fit your body, ensuring a comfy all-day user experience. 

11. Vintage 80s Blazer

Wearing a vintage outfit doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re old and outdated. On the contrary, it will help you look more presentable and elegant. Let’s start with a vintage blazer, as they have a unique model and design that looks lovely and perfect for birthday parties. 

V-Neck And Sleeveless Dress

12. V-neck and Sleeveless Dress

Wearing a V-neck dress should be one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girl, especially for those of you who have broad shoulders and short neck. Their simplistic design also helps you move around easier, allowing for better mobility when you’re mingling with your guests!

13. Mermaid Skirt

Now, please don’t go all ballistic and hear us out first! We do know that mermaid skirts aren’t the best option for a fine-dining experience. However, you can choose to wear one for a fun-themed party. Combining it with a monocolored puff sleeve top would be great too. If you want to go wild, then wear a full-on mermaid cosplay shirt!

14. High-low Tulle Dress

A high-low dress is perfect for teenage girls of any size and shape. It is perfect for any kind of season and can be fitted with any other complementary gears or equipment. Since a high-low dress is quite large, you might want to find one that’s made from tulle, a lightweight fabric material. 

15. Backless Crop Top and Long Pants

Want awesome birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls? Well, please try on a backless crop top while wearing a long pant down below. Crop tops are usually slim fit, and the same thing can also be said for certain long pants. You’ll definitely look fresh, and most importantly, comfortable while wearing this combination. 

16. Elegant Jumpsuit with Rhinestone Belt

A black or dark-colored jumpsuit already looks good and elegant in its own right. However, it will look classier with an addition of a rhinestone belt. The mixture between the simplicity of a jumpsuit and the fancy aura emanated from the rhinestone belt makes it one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. 

Rhinestone Dress

17. Rhinestone Dress

If you particularly love wearing shiny rhinestones, might as well use a dress made up of one, huh? Although this kind of dress is going to show a lot of shiny diamonds, it won’t look tacky at all. In fact, you can wear them for other casual occasions too, as they are also lightweight. 

Flutter Ruffle Dress

18. Flutter Ruffle Dress

If you want to have a little bit of flair in your outfit, then you probably should check out flutter ruffle dresses. They have a unique kind of shape on the shoulder side that will make you look elegant and stunning. If you want great birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls using flutter ruffle dresses, try it on with casual sneakers or wedge heel sandals!

White Jumpsuit with Long Sleeves

19. White Jumpsuit with Long Sleeves

An all-out white dress or jumpsuit is great, and not only for wedding ceremonies. If you want to entertain the idea, simply wear a white jumpsuit that has long sleeves. You don’t need to add any other outfit, because it’s perfect just the way it is! Perhaps, a belt might be okay, but don’t overdress while wearing an all-white clothing

20. Black Surplice Dress

After discussing an all-out white dress, it seems fair that we also talk about their opposing color: black. Wearing black outfits doesn’t mean that you’re sad or mourning. In fact, a black surplice dress is a nice and luxurious outfit that is perfect for casual parties, and it can even be paired with white sneakers!

21. Knit Wrap Sweater and Shirt Underneath

Want cool birthday outfit ideas for teenage girl? Why not try wearing a shirt and layer it with a knit wrap sweater? It’s a perfect combination, especially if you’re celebrating your birthday during the spring or autumn season. Don’t worry about mobility though, because your hands will still move comfortably. 

Go Oriental with Hanbok


22. Go Oriental with Hanbok

If you want to have a traditional outfit that is still great for a fun birthday party, you probably should check out some Asian outfits, particularly Hanbok. Currently, there is a lot of modernized Hanbok that will not look outdated. Better yet, they are really flexible and easy to wear. 

One-Shouldered Dress


23. One-shouldered Dress

People said that one-sleeved dresses are perfect for women who have curvy bodies. However, it doesn’t have to be the case! In fact, wearing a one-sleeved dress would be a great birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls, as it can make them look elegant and beautiful without being too sexy. 

24. Satin Wrap Mini Dress

Wearing a satin wrap mini dress might not seem like a casual birthday outfit idea for a teenage girl. But, it’s still a great one for those of you who prefer to wear elegant mini dresses to stand out in front of the crowd. Besides, wearing a mini dress with satin wrap will surely make you look cuter and adorable!

25. Matching Blazers and Trousers with White Shirt

Wearing casual outfits doesn’t mean that you can’t dress fancy. Instead, try to wear a blazer and trousers in matching color, completed by a simple white shirt underneath. Yes, it’s going to look and appear sophisticated. However, you will still look fashionable and feel comfortable walking around all day. 

26. Casual Sleeveless Jumpsuit and Coat

A sleeveless jumpsuit might look good on its own, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with it! Why don’t you try wearing a coat to cover the exposed part? It can have a matching or contrasting color, your choice! Finish the ensemble by wearing nice and casual heels that are comfortable for you. 

Skinny Jeans Is Awesome For Shirts!


27. Skinny Jeans is Awesome for Shirts!

Feel like wearing a nice and simple shirt for your birthday party? Don’t worry, because you can still look beautiful on it! Just make sure to wear skinny, ripped jeans. It is a versatile bottom wear that can fit many shirts or sweaters. Truly one of the simplest birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls.

birthday outfits ideas for teenage girl


28. Bell Bottom Jeans

Did you know that bell bottoms were used by sailors due to their functionality during emergency scenarios on the ocean? Now, it has become a vintage bottomwear that can be paired with crop tops, shirts, hoodies, and many more, hence becoming one of the best birthday outfit ideas for teenage girls. 

birthday outfits ideas for teenage girl

29. Sleeveless Buttoned Dress

A sleeveless jumpsuit or mini dress can also look cuter when they have buttons on them. If you don’t have one already, try to find a V-neck buttoned dress that was made using polyester for your comfort. You’re going to want to find solid colors for this kind of dress, such as white or pink. 

30. Peplum Blazer

Our last birthday outfit idea for teenage girls will be to wear a peplum blazer. This kind of blazer has a short overskirt, otherwise known as peplum, attached. Hence, it will increase the attraction and attention of people around you. Plus, you can also wear slim-fit trousers that match the blazer itself.

What Should a Birthday Girl Wear on Her Birthday?

A girl should wear any dresses or outfits that she deems comfortable. While casual outfits are very recommended, you can also wear formal clothes, should that be the dress code of your party. Simple jumpsuits with matching sneakers might be enough to make you the center of attention!

What Do I Wear at a Birthday Party?

If you’re a guest, make sure to wear something that fits the theme of the birthday party. Something simple and eye-catching like wearing peplum blazers and tight trousers is cool. As an alternative, you can also wear a backless dress. 

Can We Wear Black Dress on Birthday?

Black dresses can be worn on birthdays, because they aren’t only meant for funerals. In fact, there are a lot of stunning dresses and jumpsuits with black color. They can easily be paired with accessories of various colors, which makes them very versatile. 

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