Work it Wednesday: Ankle Booties

Ankle booties have been my go-to shoe this winter. Worn with tights, long socks, bare legs, pants, leggings, skirts… they are super versatile and a fun way to dress up an otherwise casual outfit. I feel sorry for my poor, neglected knee highs this winter as they’ve been collecting dust in my closet while my ankle booties have had many a walk.

New Year’s Resolution: Spend $ on accessories

This year I’ve decided, instead of purchasing clothes, I’ll put my money into accessories – that way I can make each outfit new and exciting without spending too much money. This week, I’m looking at different ways for a SSM to style a fur collar.

1) With a belted dress or tunic top and cargo jacket

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2) Over a biker jacket, with skinny jeans and booties

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3.  With an oversized sweater, leggings and the neccessary coffee.

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4) With a warm coat, flare jeans and the essential oversized purse.

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How would you style a fur collar?

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1 pair of jeans, 6 different looks

Moms, you know my love of jeans. I sing their praises in almost every post i write and 99% of my outfits involve a pair of jeans. They are my uniform like it or not. But they can get tiresome when you wear them everyday. But I firmly believe that if you find yourself a pair of denim that fits your body perfectly, there is no excuse but to wear them everyday. You just have to figure out how to work them into different outfits.

For example my pair of Mavi ‘Annie’ jeans that I scored at a close-down sale for $40. Here’s six ways to wear them.

1. Brr…it’s cold outside!

Wear these items with your special denims when you curl up on the couch with your current read and a cup of tea or when you’re running errands with the kids.

2. A pop of colour

 Whether its a baby shower, a coffee with a friend, Sunday morning church, this oufit is sure to get you some attention and help you felt bright and cheery in your everday jeans.

 3. A quiet, casual weekend

Wear your favourite jeans with soft, cotton sweatshirt and a hoodie. Grab your well loved slip ons and you’ll be comfy and cozy all weekend (and NOT be wearing sweats or leggings!!)

4. Colonel Mustard

Mustard and denim to me are like mmm, raspberries and chocolate. They are sooo good together. Also I’m a cardigan girl and I live in a cardi-friendly city. Try this look for everyday running around school drop off, pick up, 5 loads of laundry, sweeping the floors and cleaning up toys…what else do we do?

5. Casual Work Attire

Grab yourself a navy blazer and a classic crisp white shirt (hint, these are two items I would always invest in!) Pair it with some ‘Kate’ pumps and a good quality leather bag and boom: this Momma means business.

6. Girls Night or Date Night?

Who cares? You’ll look hot in this outfit: a fun, craaazy (for a Mom) top, some killer heels, a clutch and you’re looking good and feeling tired the next day! (handy tip: have a blister? rub some vaseline on it!)

Work it Wednesday: A winter Mommy-to-be

In my opinion winter is possibly the best season to be pregnant in. Unlike the heat of summer when you have to use cold cloths and ice-cubes to keep you cool, in winter you make the most of your (ugh, cough) extra bulk and use it to keep you snuggly and warm. However, also in my opinion simply donning daggy sweatpants and your husband’s old sweaters will just not do. Sorry. With a just a little effort and shopping around, you can be stunning winter Mommy-to-be. Here’s some ideas.

#1 – Work: Keep your belly warm with a maternity peacoat, comfortable tweed trousers, low-heeled boots, a fun t-shirt and a colourful clutch

#2 – Weekend: Enjoy your lazy weekends wearing a snuggly maternity jacket, a classic breton top, stretchy skinny jeans and wedge booties.

#3 – Date night: make the most of the quiet nights with hubby before baby arrives with this sexy outfit that includes what i like to call ‘driving shoes’ (as in you’re not supposed to walk wearing these shoes!)

#4 – Christmas party: no alcohol for you this year but never fear, you still will look pretty tonight m’dear (oh my, i am sooo corny) And FYI, the ballet flats are for when you can’t manage the stilettos anymore!

Hopefully these ideas for you Mama’s-to-be will make your winter a cosy and stylish one!

xxo, SSM

Work it Wednesday: Get out of your Mom jeans!

Readers and friends often mention how difficult they find it to get out of their daily Mom uniform: jeans. And I agree. You’ve seen me wear jeans here, here, here and here…. among others! But I do like to wear a skirt too. I think it is great to have a fresh change and when I put on a skirt, I suddenly feel feminine, elegant and graceful. But to wear it daily with little ones can be a challenge. I find a regular cotton skirt can be a great staple for a Mom’s wardrobe. You can wear it all year round and on varying occasions. Here’s three ways I wear my essential skirt (a handmedown from my Mom!)

For work: With a button down shirt and flats

For everyday casual – ballet flats and a white tee (2 other essentials in a Mom’s wardrobe!)

And a season appropriate outfit – with a sweater, tights and boots!

Moms: take up the challenge, ditch your jeans and wear a skirt today!

xxo, SSM

If you haven’t got one of these skirts, I’ve found some great affordable options here, here and here.

Work it Wednesday: Stripes for cold days…

Ok, you’ve seen them everywhere: The breton, boat-necked blue and white striped t-shirts. They’re great for summer and under cardigans in the winter/fall. You’ve seen plenty of my t-shirt here, here and here (I even did a Work it Wednesday post on them!) They are so versatile, so stylish and so Mommy-convenient. So you can imagine my excitement, when browsing a local thrift store, and I found myself this stripey turtleneck, longsleeve tunic for under $10! I thought i may alter it (shorten, turn it into a round or boat neck) but as yet – have kept it and worked with it as is. Here’s three ways I’ve worn it:

with jeggings and a belt -

tucked in with a skirt and booties -

and tucked in and under a poncho with jeans and boots, love it!

I love these stripey, long-sleeve tops too (here, here and here).

Happy Wednesday darling readers!


Work it Wednesday: My new cardi!

Am loving my new Anthropologie cardigan, so much so I thought i’d put some inspiration boards up to see the different ways it could be styled!

 Jeans, Cardigan, Shirt 

Shirt ($10 at Anthro!), Jeans, Trench Coat, Shoes

Boots, Midi skirt, Bracelet, Clutch, Top

which is your favourite look, how would you style this cardigan?

xxo, SSM

Work it Wednesday: The felt floppy hat

As you could see on my Monday musings this week, I love my floppy hat. SO much. It is perfect for a bad hair day, a bad face day… or even just a bad day. I reckon there are four great ways to style the floppy hat this Fall:

1. Go back to the 1970′s and pair them with boho flared jeans, a loose bow blouse and a blazer

2. Skinny jeans, knee high boots, a thin knitted sweater, a big scarf and sunglasses

3. Denim shorts, a chunky knit sweater and ankle boots

Hats up!

xxo, SSM

Work it Wednesday: The chunky knit sweater

I have a couple of these in my cupboard and managed to score a heavy weight hand knitted one at a church garage sale recently for about $3. Score. How to style it though without looking too daggy? Here’s a few SSM looks I came up with recently, that have convinced me I can do more with my knits than I thought! For more inspiration check out these looks

What’s your favourite?
Happy Wednesday!
xxo, SSM

Work it Wednesday: the Breton Shirt

This closet staple, an item i wear the whole time! The Breton stripe shirt originated in Brittany—a French province by the sea which explains its nautical affiliation. The long-sleeved cotton garment usually has a boat neck and, traditionally, the stripes begin around the breastbone. These shirts are super comfy and better still, so versatile. They can be worn year round paired with jeans, shorts, skirts, blazers, cardigans….

This shirt is reminiscent of Coco Chanel, portrayed here by Audrey Tatou in one of my favourite movies Coco Avant Chanel which portrays her simple, but elegant personal style borrowed from traditionally male pieces. 

If you want to get your own Breton, I’ve found some affordable options here, here and here ($8.00!) Mine was very affordable, I found it in one of my community’s laundry room drop off box and it’s an original Breton top from France, why someone was getting rid of it I don’t know!?! Oh well, it has served me well! Here’s three of looks I’ve done with it recently:

with skinny jeans and flats and a silk scarf; with an Anthropologie skirt and H&M sandals and with boyfriend jeans, sunnies and sandals.

Happy Wednesday!

xxo, SSM

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