30 for 30 update

I am half way through my 30 for 30 challenge and compared to my Spring/Summer remix, I’m LOVING it this time! It is much easier in winter as you can keep bundling up and you can add hats, scarves, tights etc and feel like you’re wearing more than just your 30 garments. How do you think I’m going? What has been your favourite outfit so far?


Vancouverites love snowy days. Well we love them until we realise this city can’t cope with snow. Oh well. Maybe the rest of our continent can teach us how to deal with our inch and a half of snow that we get each year. Meanwhile #2 and I will enjoy the snow.

Coat: H&M, Skirt: General Pants, Boots: Thrifted, Socks: H&M; Bean, Scarf and Sweater: swapped

and this one is for you Mom: my little Michelin man!

Holiday Shopping: Me

ok so this post is basically a ‘hint hint’ to husband but let’s just pose it as an ‘inspiration wish list for the holidays’ heheee…

textured t-shirt from Zara,

Penpal Storyteller Scarf

a silk scarf like this one,

Blaque Label Sequin Mini Dress in 2 Colors

a sexy so-not-Mommy dress for NYE like this,

A sequiny blazer (would look amazing paired with a white tee and jeans),

A simple lace top,

some ‘Kate’ pumps,

A pair of red jeans and

and a black biker jacket.

Ok, maybe I’m being a little too ambitious?

xxo, SSM