Overwhelmingly feminine

I miss a lot of my favourite stores in Vancouver. One particular is Nicole Bridger. Her pieces are classic, feminine and well-loved. Bridger is a designer who makes clothes knowing a woman’s body and knowing the desire to feel lovely no matter the shape/state of her body. Many of her pieces fit Moms-to-be and also suit post-partum bodies well. Here are some of my favourite pieces from this season. Plus she’s having a sale!

P.S Check out her sustainability policyPicture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10

12 hours in…

Planning a trip somewhere? Check out the new travel site 12 hrs, launched by The Locals photographer Søren Jepsen and writer Anna Peuckert. On this site, they aim to give you tips “that aren’t about money, but about great discoveries from all around the world.” I absolutely LOVE their pictures. I was so happy to see their section on Copenhagen, reminisced over their guide on Vancouver and was excited to read their tips on Berlin (we’re going there in July). Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 6 Picture 5images c/o 12hours


Farewell Anthropologie

A blessing was sent in the mail to me the other day: a gift card for Anthropologie. So I was able to do one final shop at my favourite North American store. Here’s what I got: metallic wedge sandals (perfect for my future life on a bike!), a “seafoam” latte bowl (a quintessential Anthro item) and this retro magnetic timer I’ve wanted for ages (so I’ll stop burning all my muffins!)

I’ll miss you Anthro!

#29 – Where it all happens

This is where it all happens in Vancouver –  some of the best shopping (in my opinion) on the southern end in South Granville and all the concerts/movies/seedy stores/interesting characters on the north side of the street. It’s the centre of downtown Vancouver and the first view we had of Vancouver when we arrived 7 years ago! Like it or not, you can’t avoid this street!

Review: Natural family pictures

Too often when I look through our family pictures our smiles are fake, strained, our kids have been forced into a stuffy studios and my husband would rather be watching cricket than attending yet another family photo shoot. Having a shoot with Megan was a whole different kettle of fish. Instead of a studio, we chose the location. Easy choice, our favourite family spot: the UBC endowment lands. Instead of holding a puppet behind the camera (that SO doesn’t work with my kids) this smart Mommy had fruit treats and an awesome wagon. Megan is just so enthusiastic, chatty and friendly, my kids couldn’t help but warm to her and immediately felt comfortable with her following us and taking shots. It was the first time we had a family shoot where there were no tears, whining, fussing or escaping toddlers. Bliss! It was just another rainy Sunday afternoon. And that’s the way we like it. Plus the result of the afternoon were some pretty awesome shots, don’t you think?