Sunday Shopping: Old Navy update

Dearest readers, I haven’t given you my Old Navy loves for awhile so I thought I’d show you a few things that are catching my eye at present!

Velvet, Sequins and all things shiny: perfect for up coming Holiday parties

Colourful explosions: just don’t wear it all at once, but looks great if you add one of these items to an otherwise black outfit.

Keeping me warm and snuggly this winter: perfect with a white tee, jeans and boots

And don’t forget, their craaaazy sales (all of these are under $15!)

Get to Old Navy while the sizes last!

xxo, SSM

ps. Old Navy should really pay me for this…

Sunday shopping: Etsy finds

i love perousing etsy. here’s my current wishlist -

a daybag,DAY BAG - triangle

a chunky scarf (anything with Oatmeal in the title always conjures up images of a snuggly morning spent inside, mhmmm!),

Super Snuggly Chunky knit cowl Oatmeal

cute, creative toys for the kidlets,

anaPad - children's wooden creative tablet

Custom printed notecards, good for ‘thankyou’ letters and,

10 Custom Printed Notecards

eco-concious jewellery

Mama Whale Antiqued Brass Necklace

what are your etsy covets?

Sunday shopping: Shopping for Fall on a budget

Have you seen the latest arrivals in Old Navy recently? Hmmm. I am so in love with some of their stuff this season. Lots of stylish pieces for low low prices. I love how they just have such a good pick of basics and classic items, the simple lines and the burst of bright colour. And the best part – order them online, to your front door and if they’re not good for you, return them for free!! Very cool. Perfect for any SSM.

Here’s what i’m coveting this week:


And remember, Old Navy constantly has discounted days so join their mailing list and wait for one of those days! Happy Sunday shopping! xxo, SSM

Sunday shopping: the grass is always greener…

So I’m wondering whether i live on the wrong side of the border. On a recent trip across the border down to Seattle, the boys and I had a fabulous time. And spent a lot of $$!! So in actual fact, for the sake of our budget, maybe it’s safe to stay here in Canuck land. Though it was fun while we were there. Aside from stocking up on goods at Trader Joes, we also came home with a few goodies:

Husband: a HUGE, heavy box of books sent to him from San Diego, highly discounted protein powder, a pair of boat shoes from Macy’s and a Ralph Lauren shirt I purchased for him from Value Village (a ‘guilt gift’ as in when you buy things for yourself, you come back with one item for your husband in order to butter him up as he absorbs the fact that you’ve negatively affected the bank account… do you ever do that or is it just me?)

#1: #2 came home empty handed (deprived 2nd child) but #1 came home with a bundle of 4th b’day presents and this little gem – my husband managed to score a MASSIVE amount of duplo Thomas stuff on ebay and used our American address to his advantage. This also kept the boys entertained while on vacation. 

Me: Hmmm, so i may have gone a little overboard, BUT (rushing to my own defence) i did very well considering I didn’t spent that much! I picked up a pair of J Brand Jeans and a Tiny top from Anthropologie’s sale section and like #1 used my US address to have stuff sent to me from fellow blogger Ming. The rest of the stuff was from Value Village. This was my first Value Village trip and there was one in our neighbourhood and in five days, I went three times! I scored big time on the 50% off Labor Day sale. Americans sure know what good sale is. Anyway I’m looking forward to wearing and blogging these items and showing them off! 

xxo, SSM