The summer that was…

The days are getting colder and shorter, we’re trying not to turn our heaters on (but we’re tempted), apples and pumpkins (remember this from ’11?) are piled high in the supermarket and my new winter coat is an everyday wear.

The summer that was….

packing boxes,

long days playing cricket,

being a ring-bearer in a friends wedding,

precious hours with grandparents,

playing with friends in Acadia Park,


Last visits to our favourite places in our beloved Vancouver,


Hugging, kissing and crying as we farewell old friends,

a joint ‘train’ birthday party,

backyard cricket,

fly to Denmark.

A stolen suitcase and three, hot days in Copenhagen,

a recovered suitcase and running around Kongens Have,

travel to Odense.

Feeding ducks, farmers markets, visiting ‘Hans’,

making friends,

starting a new job,

visiting Tivoli,



The weather turns and we say farewell to summer and,

hello to our new home.

Wishing summer would last a little longer

When I saw one of my favourite fashion bloggers wearing this dress, I had to see the rest of the Bec & Bridge summer 2012/13 collection and I fell in love. What a gorgeous collection of pieces that to me evoke long, lazy days in the south of Italy. Oh, if only the early signs of Fall weather (and also lack of time and $ to travel to the south of Europe) wasn’t the case! 

Bellini drape sash dress, Sorrento Cami and Short, Sorrento Drape Maxi, Piazza Drape Bodycon dress, Bellini Lace Overlay dress

Simple summer lunches

As you know readers, I get pretty excited about packing lunches for #1 and now that he’s back at school, I’ve recommenced that activity now in Denmark with all the wonderful food they have here. But I have loved making summer lunches for the boys and I during their vacation. Here’s a couple I made recently.

Apple slices, slices of Rugbrød, rolled up slices of ham, lettuce, sliced chicken, celery sticks and Ostehaps (the boys love!)

Pretty much the same with the addition of tomatoes, avocados, nectarines and grapes and local cheese.

We’re fortunate: unlike the trendy and expensive farmers markets back in Vancouver, the farmers market here delivers great local and organic veggies that are far cheaper than the supermarket vegetables  - so we get all our veggies, fruit (imported), cheese (local), fish (Norwegian and Danish) and the most amazing free range organic eggs. Bonus! 

Life lately

A photo dump of our life lately…

packing boxes, watermelon on the stairs, walks in UBC Pacific Spirit park, spray parks, more boxes, berry picking, summer outfit, running in the fields, kids in front of a red door, a parent-friendly cafe, smiles in the midst of a tough month – good-bye Canada, we’ll miss you!

Summer outfit ideas

Summer has officially begun! There are so many different occasions for a simply stylish Mom over the summer so it’s good to have a few outfits up your sleeve so you’re not stuck wearing the same thing day after day (though that can be fun too, it just will get a bit smelly!)

Wherever your social calendar may take you this summer—be it a plane travel, time by the pool or at the beach, touristing, or shopping with your girl friends —you are bound to need some fresh outfit inspiration.

So, read on for all the need-to-know details and be sure to take notes!

Plane travel is something a lot of us will be doing (with kids ugh!) this summer. I never look further than Sienna Miller for great plane travel outfits! I find my favourite outfit for plane travel is jeggings or boyfriend jeans (for comfort and N.B no sweats!), a cotton blouse (for the hot and sweaty moments), a cardi (for the highly air conditioned plane), an oversized tote and flip flops. I love the Eliora top from Anthropologie , these French Connection coloured jeggings, the Billabong Nada Mas bag and these simple, affordable sandals.

Shopping sprees are always fun but it can get hot and tiring trudging along  cement pavements in the summertime so you always want to have a simple outfit on. While a pretty useless actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley does a great job dressing for shopping sprees. A cotton tee, a midi skirt, sandals and sunnies seem to do the trick. I love this Asos floaty midi skirt paired with this American Apparel tee with these wonderful Sam Edelman colour block sandals.

Australians are big travellers and this summer we are looking forward to some touristing. Like me (an Australian, a mom, and a big traveller – that’s where our similarities end!) Miranda Kerr enjoys simply stylish touristing outfits. Here she sports a black maxi dress, a denim jacket and a colourful cloth purse. I love this affordable Old Navy black maxi dress, Old navy denim jacket and this Boho purse.

Hanging at the beach or the pool during the summertime is a no-brainer activity for Moms. While we don’t neccessary want to prance around showing off our post-baby bumps in a swim-suit, we do have to strip down and i find a happy compromise are denim shorts. I love how Dutch model/actress – and Mom Doutzen Kroeswas pulls of these Isabel Marant shorts and a simple 3/4 sleeve cropped tee. I love this longer and more affordable pair from Target and this vintage-look cropped tee from F21.

What are your favourite outfits going to be this summer?

Beach days

While this summer is so far cold, windy and rainy, there is someone in our family who never says no to a trip to the beach. Especially when it involves drinking endless cups of coffee creamer and filling Mommy’s empty coffee cup with sand!

#2 wears: Gap tee (thrifted), Old Navy shorts (laundry room) & Crocs (50c from Salvation Army – crocs are the WORST, my kids have really bad falls wearing them, I do not recommend!!)

me: F21 denim shirt, Hollister shorts (thrifted), Havianas (again, terrible shoes that I do not recommend!)