Signs of spring

Spring has most certainly arrived. We’ve been blessed with some really warm days, some sun as well as the cold Danish days we’re so used to. I love spring. There is so much hope for longer, warmer more enjoyable days. There are everyday reminders of new life – and of course, Easter!


Dyeing eggs with some of #1′s school friends on our back verandah, the wonderful afternoon sunlight that comes into the boys bedroom, a beautiful and relaxing venue for our church weekend away, a whirlwind weekend in Copenhagen with my parents & enjoying lovely walks in our beautiful city on sunny days. 


the spring jacket

More commonly known as a cardigan, the Spring jacket is a way you can still keep your body warm yet without the extra layers needed in Fall and Winter. How do you wear your ‘spring jacket’?

With a maxi dress and wedges,

a white tee and jeans,

prints and colours,

a graphic print spring dress and sandals,

 a floral skirt and boots,

 stripes and a belt,

 or just with a touch of cuteness!

images c/o ilovewildfox,middlechildcomplex,whipup, littletinsoldier, knitty, mydaybook

Spring Break!

Ok, so we’re not at school anymore, nor do we have the capacity for late nights, nor do we have the taut body of an 18 year old, but we still can go on our own spring vacation with our wonderful husband. I did a post on babymooning here, here’s ideas for a similar break before baby.

Maxi, Sweater, Shorts, Tank, shoes

Spring 2011 Trends…the mommy version

The Maxi Dress This year it’s all about the sheer maxi dress. Really. Well that’ll look good at preschool pick-up. Hmm. Never fear Momma, I have searched high and low for the perfect Momma maxi dresses and here’s a few i heart.

Ardisia Maxi Dress,

Bec & Bridge escape maxi dress,

H&M maxi dress

Lace & Crochet

Nothing new here. We’ve seen this trend happening for awhile – and like the sheer trend sometimes not so easy nor practical to do. My feeling is best to wear small amounts – a lace blouse, a lace detail on a skirt and work from there depending on how you feel. 

The White Shirt

An extremely versatile and practical piece, the white shirt allows you to add elegance to a variety of outfits. It can be casual and requires a lack of effort to put on, leaving you a simply, stylish Momma!

Preppy Cardigan

ok i love this one! Get yourself an old-school cardigan (easily found at any thrift store or market)/ This is a truely versatile item and perfect for Moms to throw on when running out the door. Have fun mixing and matching. Wear it with your white shirt and a pair of denim shorts or to be more feminine, a skirt and sandals. And here goes my tribute to one of the best tv shows ever…


This trend is eternal! Ideally head-to-toe denim but if you’re like me that just doesn’t suit, so then, instead fill your closet with denim skirts, shirts, jackets and jeans.

Vertical, horizontal, black & white, bright coloured… zebra it up ladies!
I’m looking forward to a great spring!
xxo, Simplystylishmom