Favourites from the sales

Our poor bank account. It gets a big hit at Christmas time with all the gift expenses, julefrokost costs, Christmas foods and drinks, holiday expenses and then come the new year sales. January sales in Europe are just a dream. Things go from being out-of-reach expensive to being doable and in my opinion you cannot have enough warm clothes when you live in Northern Europe. Here’s some of my favourites Danish markdowns of January 2014.

Picture 6

Benetton jersey dress 269DKK

Picture 5

2nd Day slim fit jeans 519 DKK

Picture 22

Second Female Cable Knit Sweater 250 DKK

Picture 18

Besos snakeprint wool scarf 349DKK

Christmas shopping for the little boys

I have recently come across a lovely online store in the UK called Little Scout. It is catered for little boys. And their products are just wonderful. I could purchase everything in this store for my sons. But if I had to narrow it down, here’s my top picks.

For my 3 year old who loves to dress up:Picture 10

For my 6 year old who loves to create: 
Picture 11

For discovering our world by night: 
Picture 12

For the times we need to sit still and play quietly (eg. enroute to a new location):

Picture 14

Winter: come and get me, I’m not scared

The days are getting shorter and colder but unlike last year, I’m not fearful. I purchased a huge North Face coat on the end of season sale so I am ready to face the cold! However, I’m always open to supplement my winter wardrobe with more pieces to motivate me through the cold months!

Picture 8Picture 10Picture 9Picture 11Picture 13

Marimekko socksAce and Jig Coat, Madewell Boot, Female First leather skirt, H&M jumper

Overwhelmingly feminine

I miss a lot of my favourite stores in Vancouver. One particular is Nicole Bridger. Her pieces are classic, feminine and well-loved. Bridger is a designer who makes clothes knowing a woman’s body and knowing the desire to feel lovely no matter the shape/state of her body. Many of her pieces fit Moms-to-be and also suit post-partum bodies well. Here are some of my favourite pieces from this season. Plus she’s having a sale!

P.S Check out her sustainability policyPicture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10

Shade Closing sale!

Sorry to post two in a row about shopping but I couldn’t miss this one.

I always get sad when I see a store closing. And even sadder when it’s one of my favourites. Shade is a great online store in the US for basics. One of my favourite stripey tees comes from there so I am so annoyed it’s closing down. American friends: shop their closing sale (everything is pretty much under $25US)!

Picture 1 Picture 3Picture 2Picture 4