36 hours in Copenhagen…

…without kids! What to do? Here’s what you do…

Enjoy long lie-ins and naps in public


Along the river in Islands Brygge is a good spot for a snooze.

Walking forever without a stop, enjoying the spring weather and beautiful streets.


Loooong brunches, coffee-breaks and undisturbed meals is such a luxury


at the Laundromat Cafe,


Luna’s Diner,


Wulff and Konstali,


and at Fortunen.

As I’m freaked out about taking my kids anywhere that involves great heights…


have a coffee break at one of Copenhagen’s many roof top cafes. This one is at the top of the gorgeous department store Illum and makes fantastic coffee. 

IMG_3073 IMG_3079

enjoy the torturous climb up the Vor Frelsers Kirke tower and savour the remarkable 360 view of Copenhagen 

And late nights out without the fear of an early-morning wake up!


Sankt Hans festivities in Christianshavn.


Being a parent is a wonderful thing, but time together alone with your spouse is so, so important!!

When Dad’s away…

….oh how we play.

How to make the most of three weeks without my husband (with two very long ‘long’ weekends and two adventurous boys):


Don’t freak out when it rains: make the most of the puddles and how ecstatic 2 year olds are over them!


Break a rule or too and take them the satanic restaurant (#2′s first time having a Happy Meal: he was over the moon)


Find a trampoline, who cares where, but wherever, it will amuse them for a whole day (well it did for mine anyway!)


New parks: how cool is this one? They had balancing beams, fire hydrants, stepping stones and hill slides – and nothing beats that view – at Stige Ø


Enjoy the hospitality of new friends, kick back and have a cocktail – or two (or three)IMG_2468 IMG_2457

The kids loved this park aka ‘the noise park’


Take your urban kids out to the country side (#2 thought the pigs were going to eat him so kept close to #1)


Enjoy hanging in your neighbourhood and really noticing how cool it is.


Get out of the city and experience spring in all its colour.


Take a different mode of transport (we usually walk or cycle)


My new wheels! (whatever it takes to get out of the house even it kills me doing it!)


Again, break some rules: ice-cream before dinner!


Thanks guys for being wonderful kids while Dad’s away – I write this just in case I ever forget to thank you:

I feel so blessed to be your Mum.


With #1 now at school full time (8am – 4pm, 5 days a week) and me, without a job, my husband at work, no phone/internet nor friends or family, #2 and I have had even more time together than we have ever had in his life. While I can get frustrated with his melodramatic, ‘blender without a lid’ behaviour, I was having a cuddle with him this morning and his warm little head was nestled into my neck and his chubby hands rested between my crossed legs and I had a thought that I don’t remember feeling for a very long time: I am completely and utterly content right now.  I haven’t got anything from the world that I want right now but would I trade those things for the moment I’m having right now? Never. I felt so completely happy that I don’t have a job at the moment so I can have these special moments with my son, just the two of us. Complete contentment.

“Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need.” Phil 4:11-12


I know the norm these days is to have one child. But I kinda like that my boys have each other. They may act like an old married couple – fighting, making up.. and then fighting again. But they learn so much about sharing and loving one another and even though I block my ears with their fussing at each other… they are bored when the other is not around.

photo c/o meansalot via pinterest


The boys and I were recently photographed by my friend Corina. It’s pretty difficult to get a perfect family photo, but on the other hand the imperfections make them even more perfect, don’t you think?

 To check out more cute toddlers, head over to:


Choosing your play-mates

Recently when organising another play-date for my son (and myself), I got to wondering: how play-dates are like real dates (N.B I haven’t been on a date-date for over 10 years so I may be a bit out of touch with the dating world).

Play-dates are simply you organising a play-time for your child that, when your child is young, you as the parent often attend. When you meet another Mom at a Mom’s group, church, a party, the park or even grocery shopping, more likely your children connect and from that you schedule a play-date. However, how much of it is about the child really? Would you actually schedule a play-date with another child whose parent you find absolutely repulsive?

Generally, we schedule play-dates with childen whose parents we have developed a connection with ourselves. Is it just me or are you sometimes nervous when preparing for the first date oops playdate? You pick a location: a neutral place like a park, a kid-friendly cafe or an indoor play area. You then pick out a casual Mommy outfit: not too casual mind you but you don’t want to go overboard (I’ll be honest readers, most Mom’s I like to ‘hook’ up with are stylish dressers!)

You get to the play-date, child in hand and you strike up casual conversation with the Mommy – you know small talk. You don’t immediately go into great discussions about sex, religion or politics, you keep it light – and unless your kids get into a bloody brawl or conversation between you and your ‘date’ runs dry after five minutes, you plan to meet again soon. You wait the usual 2 days to contact them – unless they contact you first – a few text messages occur and a second play-date is planned – perhaps a more personal one, at one of your houses. A meal is shared and the kids – or rather you and the other Mommy, get to know each other more.

What are the deal-breakers in this kind of relationship? Your child wacks the other child with a baseball bat? You spill your hot coffee on the other Mommies cream couch?

When organising play-dates, what is more important to you:  your child’s connection with the other child or your connection with the other Mom?

image c/o pinterest


What child doesn’t like bubbles?

I gave the munchkins two little bottles of bubble mixture and left them. Came back out five mins later and they’d poured the mixture into the train’s funnel so they could get at it more easily. I love their teamwork and how much they love playing together. My heart is full!