My winter wardrobe essentials

No, I don’t have the winter blues, but I am SICK of dressing for winter. I really am trying to positive and optimistic that yes, spring is JUST around the corner, but the recent return of the cold, windy days are a real downer. Over the past few months, there have been  complaints   no, comments that I haven’t been posting outfits for awhile. My apologies. Instagram is definitely more ‘instant’ than blogging so my outfits have been featured there. So for my non-instragram followers, I’ve compiled a few photos of the essential items that have helped me out this winter thus far and while these are pretty blah outfits, trust me: they are WAY more exciting than the non existent ones of me wearing jeans, boots, 2 oversized sweaters, three scarves, a thermal vest, leather gloves, my husband’s beanie and a sour expression!

Picture 7

the essential thrifted stripey sweater (#9, kidding, but almost), Old Navy denim vest (last year) & cute toddler

Picture 8

the essential leather Topshop (old) biker jacket (i just feel like I’m actually cool in this jacket and it keeps me SO warm), Anthropologie cardigan, Jcrew turtleneck, current H&M woollen skirt

Picture 9

The essential British padded vest (thrifted, found this in England, I feel very preppy wearing it), tweed jacket (circa 2003!), H&M turtleneck, H&M boyfriend jeans (from the boys department)

Picture 10

The essential denim shirt (laundry room! – oh I miss that place!, perfect for layering), over stripey sweater (#8, current H&M) and stonewash F21 jeans

Picture 11

The essential woollen maxi skirt (swapped), Topshop biker jacket, thrifted Zara blouse and F21 beads.

Picture 12

The essential dress worn as a top (Nicole Bridger), thrifted midi skirt and Mum’s belt

Picture 13

The essential faux fur stole with F21 glittery top and – again – biker jacket.

Happy Winter Dressing friends, hope you’re enjoying the weather more than me!

Family Vacations: Keeping it Simple Part 2

So Mrs High Maintenance had to become Mrs Low Maintenance this vacation as we decided to go light. That meant packing a lot less clothes than I usually do. Usually I like to be super prepared, have a fresh outfit everyday and wear my newest pieces…. as you know I’ve been living out of a suitcase since August, I haven’t had a new piece for the longest time I remember and as, my husband and I had promised each other: we’d pack light. This is roughly what I packed.

And while I didn’t do the best job taking outfit pictures, I managed to get a few snaps to show you how I mixed and matched. Also, I didn’t end up wearing everything I took!

If you want to travel light take the following:

1. A pair of black jeggings

2. 2 pairs of shoes ONLY. I took black sandals and a pair of black Toms.

3. A chambray shirt – great for covering up on the cooler days/evenings and a good item to switch from summer to winter weather via the short flight.

4. Black, white and grey tees or tanks – they are so versatile

5. Items you can wear different ways – eg. my stripey tube top that doubled as a skirt and a dress that could work well as a skirt too.

6. Accessories – I filled a small toiletries bag with different necklaces, bangles etc. so that while most days I felt I was wearing the same thing, at least my accessories changed!

7. Borrow from hubby! My husband’s t-shirts came in handy on the cooler days!

EXTRA tip for Mums! Book yourself a pedicure/wax/beauty session upon arrival in your destination for some ‘you’ time and leave the kids with your husband. That way you can have a quick break and de-stress after the journey and get pampered at the same time! It especially helps you feel fresh with the few outfits you have! I did this and it was the best decision ever!


My week in outfits

Apologies if this series of posts is dull for you. For me, it makes me appreciate having a small wardrobe!

 1) New jacket – I’ve been searching for this for years! Last year’s Topshop, purchased at street flea market 100DKK (score!), thrifted sweater (10 DKK), BDG jeans 2) gifted Topshop biker jacket, thrifted Cheap Monday men’s sweater, thrifted Old Navy cargo’s, Target flats and Carrie necklace 3) new Pavement boots for the Fall 4) thrifted Gap denim jacket, thrifted Cheap Monday men’s sweater, leopard print jeans and UO sneakers (for a day at Legoland!) & thrifted Old Navy plaid shirt, BDG jeans, thrifted flats and swapped Gap cardigan.

My week in outfits

Old Navy denim vest, Shade tee, BDG jeans and thrifted Steve Madden flats, Mom’s knitted vest, DIY denim shorts, Old Navy sandals with FlopTopz*; Mom’s lace top, BDG black jeans and Target flats; Thrifted Gap jacket, thrifted stripey sweater, Old Navy (girls) pants and swapped UO plimsolls; F21 jacket, swapped sleeveless denim shirt, CR jeggings & Toms; swapped Joe shirt, Citizens of Humanity white jeans & Anthro sandals;

* FlopTopz have saved my sandal wearing life. Ever since hurting my back seven years ago, wearing flip flops – or any flat sandal in the summertime has led to endless back pain. So, when I came across FlopTopz, I was keen to give them ago. They are really good. They add cushion to your flip flop as well as taking jup space of loose straps so that the shoe fits more snuggly. They work in all types of flipflops and sandals because they are secured with an adhesive strip. I tried the Eco Floptopz as they use recycled foam, are made with a non-slip fabric and 10% of their sales go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (US). For $10 a pair, I think this is money well spent!

My week in outfits

Week Four of my life living out of a suitcase of clothes. It is getting pretty tiresome. The days are getting colder and I’m worried I won’t get the rest of my wardrobe in time for the Fall… What I’d do for another pair of jeans…

Vintage denim shirt (laundry room), swapped Old Navy tank, thrifted Hollister shorts, Mom’s clock necklace and Italian flipflops; F21 sheer shirt, J Brand flares and thrifted Kenneth Cole wedges; Quicksilver sweater, Mom’s knitted vest, BDG black jeans (my favourite brand of moderately priced, quality jeans that fit my body!) and Target leopard print flats; Vintage denim shirt, Target tee, H&M sunnies, BDG jeans and Toms; thrifted Gap denim jacket, swapped silk black shirt, Country Road blue pants and Toms. 

My week in outfits

1) Chloe dress and anthropologie sandals, 2) Old Navy denim vest, F21 tank, Mom’s skirt, leather belt from local flea market & swapped Keds 3) Target tee, Citizens of Humanity white jeans, target flats 3) F21 jacket, target tee, DIY denim shorts and UO shoes (similar) 3)Shade top($9.99!), thrifted Old Navy cargos and Toms 5) Vintage denim shirt, Target tee, “Big Blue” @ Plenty leopard print jeans and thrifted chucks.

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Happy Wednesday! xxo, SSM

My week in outfits

 1) Thrifted old navy shirt, thrifted Country Road pants, Old navy sandals ($9!) 2) Vintage maxi skirt, Target essential tee ($8, I love these shirts!), Old Navy denim vest (sold out unfort!), Italian sandals 3) Thrifted H&M dress, H&M belt, swapped pashmina & thrifted Steve Madden flats 4) F21 denim shirtTarget essential tee, Sass&Bide denim shorts (old) 5) f21 military jacket, thrifted sportsgirl dress, Country Road purse and UO shoes. 

My week in outfits (and the ground on which I stood)

It was pretty difficult for me to pack my wardrobe for 3+ months in a small suitcase (the rest of the suitcases were used for more ‘important’ items such as trains, train tracks, books about trains… you get the gist) – so 90% my shoe wardrobe was packed away in boxes that will come to me sometime in the winter (sad face). So have had to experience a cold Vancouver summer, a warm Danish summer and possibly a Danish Fall with a very small amount of clothes. Allow me to introduce you to my new best friends: Mixing and Matching. I’m participating in a compulsory 30 for 30.

Day 1) Thrifted H&M skirt, vintage Levis shirt and swapped UO shoes, Day 2) swapped silk shirt, old Sass&Bide shorts, thrifted Chucks, Day 3) Mom’s skirt, vest, locket from London and old Italian sandals, Day 4) swapped sleeveless denim shirt, F21 tank, swapped UO shoes and thrifted Hollister shorts, Day 5) swapped silk shirt, Old Navy capris & Target shoes, Day 6) H&M tank, Anthropologie skirt & old Italian sandals, & Day 7) vintage Levis shirt, swapped tank, Country Road jeggings and Toms.