Monday Musings: the coloured jean

On my wish list for this Christmas is a pair of coloured jeans. When you wear blue, black or even grey jeans practically every day, it really is going all out for a Mom like me to try a plum, jade – let alone a red pair of jeans. Pair it with a white tee and ballet flats and bam, you’ve gone from super boring to super stylish – super simply. Done. Some of my favourite coloured jeans can be purchased here, here and here (get them while they’re still available!) And for inspirations sake, here’s some of my favourite coloured jeans looks, care of my BFF, pinterest.

Don’t let your presents and decorations be the only colour in your house this holiday, add some of that cheer to your legs!

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Monday musings: floppy hat

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so you’ve met my beloved felt floppy hat. you’ve seen it herehere and here. i have got a ton of lovely comments and queries about this hat. i’ve found some that you can get your pretty paws on for super duper cheap (as in under $20!): here, here and here. gotta love myself a floppy hat outfit.

Happy Monday amigos,

xxo, SSM

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Monday musings: Hunter boots!

Ok, so they may be soooo last year but I love my Hunters and they come in so handy in Vancouver with our never-ending rain. So i decided to devote this week’s Monday musings to Hunter boot outfit inspiration (as i tend to just wear them with jeans!)

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Monday musings: Frock on!

Nothing more wonderful about summer than slipping on a loose cotton dress aka frock (don’t you just LOVE that word?). They make me feel nothing but feminine, light and pretty. There’s so many out there to suit a range of styles, shapes and sizes. I have some of these dresses and want, want, want more., mydailystyle, acupofjoe, thistimetomorrow, pinterest, anthropologie,