#29 – Where it all happens

This is where it all happens in Vancouver –  some of the best shopping (in my opinion) on the southern end in South Granville and all the concerts/movies/seedy stores/interesting characters on the north side of the street. It’s the centre of downtown Vancouver and the first view we had of Vancouver when we arrived 7 years ago! Like it or not, you can’t avoid this street!

#25 – Westham Island

One of my favourite places to visit is Westham Island. Not only has it got a great U-pick farm, but it also has a gorgeous bird sanctuary - a fascinating place for bird watchers or just people like me who like pretty places to go! I love the old single laned wooden bridge you have to cross to enter the island. Only a short drive from downtown, it is a great place to escape to!

#24 – Spray parks

Scattered all over Vancouver are parks that have spray parks and wading pools. These are always a popular spot on hot summer days for families who don’t have their own backyard swimming pools (which means most of us!) I love taking the kids to a local spray park and watching them happily play in the water. (Here’s a link to all the parks that have wading pools or spray parks, most operate from early July to mid August)

#22 – Sunday hike

Most Sunday afternoons, no matter what the weather is, we enjoy a leisurely stroll through our ‘backyard’, the Pacific Spirit Park. This park contains 54 kms of trails and is absolutely stunning. The trees are massive and our kids gaze up in wonder at this magical world so close to our home. We’ll really miss this woods!