Top 5 play areas in Odense

In Denmark, playgrounds are not neccessarily conventional playgrounds we see elsewhere in the world – there are often no swings/slides. Children are encouraged to be creative and make use of the space they’re offered – especially if like us, you are without a car and live downtown! Here’s our favourite play areas from this year

1. Brandts Passage – a stones throw from our apartment this pedestrian area has some fun climbing structures, slopes to ride your bike down and in the summertime, a huge sandpit. There is often something going on there as well as lovely boutiques, coffee shops and cafes.


2. Munke Mose – a  long, winding, large park in the centrum, Munke Mose has endless areas of entertainment for kids including ducks to feed, paths to bike ride or walk along, a gorgeous river, bridges to wander over and a few lovely playgrounds.


3. Fruens Bøge - We were stoked when we first rode our bikes along the river for 20 or so minutes out of the centrum and came across this fantastic spot: a huge lake, an ice-cream stand and an amazing forest full of fantastic climbing trees and interesting structures. This has been a definite favourite area for my boys.


4. Musikrummet – while this playground is further out of town, it is well worth the visit. It is a huge space with a variety of musical instruments mainly made up of recycled pieces. It is so unique and the children spend ages entertaining themselves and you!

IMG_2455IMG_2457 IMG_2462

5. Stige  Ø - north of Odense is a windy and ‘hilly’ (for Denmark) area that has fantastic slides for the children as well as an ice-cream stand and some simple hikes you can do as a family.


These have been our family favourites this year, I’m sure there are many more. We are just so thankful for these creative spaces for our children to play!

Christmas shopping for the little boys

I have recently come across a lovely online store in the UK called Little Scout. It is catered for little boys. And their products are just wonderful. I could purchase everything in this store for my sons. But if I had to narrow it down, here’s my top picks.

For my 3 year old who loves to dress up:Picture 10

For my 6 year old who loves to create: 
Picture 11

For discovering our world by night: 
Picture 12

For the times we need to sit still and play quietly (eg. enroute to a new location):

Picture 14

What to buy a almost 6 year old who only loves lego (and a giveaway!)

My darling #1 son is almost 6 and currently his birthday list consists only of lego items. While we will happily give in to his lego wishes, we would love to buy some other pieces that he would be equally excited about. Other than lego he loves the beach, swimming, music and funky fashion pieces. When I came across Sunuva, I was instantly excited. Not only do they stock incredibly cool stuff for kids, their story captures my heart. Created by two British Mums who met holidaying who were bored with the usual prints and colours, they instead decided to work with Boho styles and funky graphics. Their products are popular by gorgeous celeb Moms such as Gwyneth Paltrow and are stocked in major British boutiques. Now they’re online and shipping internationally (I was also excited to do my first European collaboration!*)

Back to #1, for his 6th birthday, I picked out the following items:

Picture 3A pair of machine washable, quick drying, UV protected swim shorts (these are the softest swim shorts I’ve ever found!)

Picture 4 A funky, cotton tee (the cotton is just lovely, especially for these hot days)

Picture 5And a pair of camo printed anti-fog goggles

 (these are just super cool, my son just can’t wait to jump in the pool, great motivation for new swimmers!)

Other items I loved for him:

Picture 6

He shouldn’t be the only one with aviators Picture 7

Perfect for all our travel, my music lover can plug himself in!

Of course I couldn’t help but peek at the girls and womens section:

Picture 3

Adorable nappy pants perfect for toddlersPicture 4

Simple cotton summer dressPicture 8A handy gift for Mum: to keep things organised (on sale too!)

The most exciting thing though is that Sunuva is offering one lucky reader £250 worth of chic UV Sunuva swimwear! Simply click on this link, fill out your details and you’re in the running to win! The competition closes 31st August, so don’t miss it! This is open to all my readers no matter your location! 

* I received product compensation for this post.

Chop Chop lollipop!

Am looking forward to heading back to my teaching life later this year so have been digging out old resources and having some fun on the internet finding cool stuff such as this…Picture 2

no better way to turn the kids heads (and maybe raise their eyebrows!) when they leave the classroom :)

image c/o marvellouskiddo

Bag to school

Who says just because they’re heading back to school kids are the only ones allowed to get new purses? I say no! A Mommy needs a back to school purse too!

Here’s my back to school picks,

Asos Liquorish Hard Mini School Satchel Bag ON SALE $51

Topshop Ikat backpack $64

ASOS Leather Long Satchel With Fluro Trim, ON SALE $51

Mango Touch Laptop Case DKK279

Cambridge Satchel Company Bright Blue 11″ Leather Satchel $170

Fossil Dillion Messenger $328

A few of my favourite things…

One of the reasons I was so enthusiastic about our move to Scandinavia was because every product that I’ve come across made in this part of the world – particularly for children – are so beautiful, innovative and of good quality. And with #1′s 5th birthday fast approaching, I felt it time to do a little shopping…

 Find these wonderful items at Mormor (grandmother!), Sebra and Rie Elise Larsen

And don’t even get me started on the kids clothes here… actually a post is forthcoming!

A leisurely breakfast

I was always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I agree. I also love how our breakfasts can last well over an hour, especially as the kids are waking up at the crack of dawn and we have no where we really need to be. Oh well, once school starts that will all change. Better make the most of it!

On a side note, how great are these tea sets? I purchased this for #1′s second birthday and they’ve been one of the most popular toys we own. 

My little sportsman

It’s quite a milestone when your child first enters organised sport. #1 is playing T Ball this Spring and I find it hilarious. 10 kids running after one ball, my son hitting the ball and running after it to retrieve it, coaches chasing after kids who are aiming bats their size at their playmates heads…. but it’s so much fun. And he loves it. That’s the best part! 

photo c/o Katie