Feeling the Mabo vibe

Did anyone grow up in a family who absolutely loved and spent a summer vacation quoting and requoting lines from The Castle?

So you can imagine how delighted I was to find Mabo kids that not only aided my reminising about my childhood but introduced me to a stunning line of kids clothes, that yet again, made me wish for a daughter!!

“That’s goin’ straight to the pool room!”

A pair of ankle-biters

Lately I have been introduced and have fallen in love with INSTANCE socks. Made for men and women originally, they’ve recently come out with an ankle-biters line full of funky and colourful graphics. They feature art by Andy Warhol-inspired designer David Hanson and they celebrate the child’s individuality by each pair being completely unique and nothing like something you’d find at Gap or H&M. The quality of the socks are amazing – their cotton is thick and soft and unlike most of my kids socks, I can’t see them becoming holey anytime soon! #1 son’s favourite design is the Kid Creature, a bit gory for me but as you know grossing out Mom is key!

Check out these fab socks and follow them on twitter and facebook


Practising what I preach

So you’ve heard me harp on about dressing kids and you’ve seen my favourite seasonal picks for kids clothes (fallwinter, spring & summer).. but I recently read a post that posed an important question. When it comes to dressing kids: Do you find your kids are an extension of you, or do you dress them completely different?

Too often I see very stylish Moms walking around with their kids wearing tragic outfits and I wonder, did they have their eyes clothes when they purchased their kids clothes? Do they spend all their money on their outfits, but make their own kids look ridiculous? Alternatively, I know parents who have very little money and yet still purchase first-hand, reasonably expensive clothes for their kids in an effort to feel like they’re providing the best for their kids – when we all know that a) kids wear through their clothes soo quickly and b) all kids really want from us is food when they want it, good amounts of sleep when they’re tired and unconditional love, patience, attention and affection – a $20 t-shirt, who cares?!

Having pondered over this question, I thought to myself, am I one of the above parents either spending too much or too little attention and money on my kids clothing. I turned to my wardrobe that consists of a few expensive pairs of jeans, purses and jewellery, a ton of cheap shoes and the rest: thrifted and swapped items in reasonably good condition. And then I wandered over to the boys room and viewed their closet: a couple of good pairs of Gap, Zara and H&M pants and shirts, expensive European shoes I’d purchased on consignment and then a lot of 2nd hand, consigned and laundry room giveaways. So, pat on the back SSM, I do practise what I preach! I feel like my kids and the way they dress is an extension of myself and the way I view clothing!

My Monkeys recently: #1 wears hand-me-down Zara shirt, Old Navy skinnies (on sale) and Crocs (gifted) and #2 wears thrifted shirt, hand-me-down sweatpants and laundry room rainboots…..

dressing your kids

Pinned Imagei’m always looking for new and funky ways to dress my boys (and fun ideas to dress a girl).

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

I am very firm oPinned Imagen my rules about dressing a kid:

1. No disney movie/tv shows/brand advertising allowed. Ok I have a couple of the iconic GAP hoodies as well as the odd vintage comic superhero t-shirt

2. No dinosaurs/trucks/cars on the boy and no fairies/hearts/princesses on the girls. Girls are girls and boys are boys, agreed. But I don’t walk around wearing high heels, nail polish and fashion magazines on my t-shirts, so why do my kids have to? Pinned Image

3. Boys can wear pink and girls can wear blue (and boys can wear nail polish too!) Don’t be afraid to let your kids experiment with gendered items, personally I think it’s going to make them more healthy in the long run. If my boys want to wear pink necklaces and red nail polish and your girls want to play with trains and cars, there is NOTHING wrong with it! Pinned ImagePinned Image

4. Let kids be kids. As much as I love the little adult look on kids, I think it can go a bit too far. Eg. girls in heels. Hmm not so much. Fine when dressing up, but let the girl be a child for heaven’s sake! Let them run around and get dirty – life is too short!

5. Listen to your kids. You and your child may have differing opinions over what to wear each day but if you’ve purchased/chosen all their clothes originally you’re going to like all the items, so what if they want to team it with a pair of patterned pants. So be it, live a little. Just make sure you hide the identical outfits that mother-in-law sent you because if you hate them, chances are, your kid will love them!

Nevertheless, kids clothes are amazingly fun to experiment for. I LOVE shopping for my boys and window shopping for girls. Enjoy it and have fun dressing your kids!

30% off the J Crew Spring sale. It’s a family affair!

Love the J Crew website. Love love love their ROYAL spring sale. Their markdowns are soo good that their prices become TOTALLY reasonable. Not only can you outfit a simplystylishmom, you can also suit up your man and the kidlets. Here are my picks from their current sale for my family’s Spring wardrobe. PLUS THEY ARE ADDING an extra 30% OFF if you mention OURTREAT at checkout. Expires 28th April so be quick!

For hubby:

Vintage slim-fit jean in vintage worn washCavalry twill sportcoat in Ludlow fitHarbor phys ed graphic teeFatigue jacket

Heavyweight slub stripe full-zip hoodieSecret Wash button-down shirt in faded ginghamhammock camp shortJaspé V-neck tee

For kidlets:

Boys' ruler-stripe slub jersey shortBoys' cotton suit jacketBoys' rock'n roll'rs teeBoys' glen check Bowery pant

Boys' Secret Wash lightweight button-down shirt in medium ginghamBoys' slit-neck stripe popover hoodieBoys' slub shawl-collar cardiganBoys' wool herringbone vest

For me (I get more because i do all the shopping!):

Chambray utility jacketPleated halter tankCastaway dressPerfect-fit stripe henley tank

Cavo capri sandalsBoardwalk cargo shortCotton lace shift dressHayward trouser in Italian wool twill

Corsa pursetteShirred chambray skirtCashmere V-neck cardiganTux boy tunic