Favourites from the sales

Our poor bank account. It gets a big hit at Christmas time with all the gift expenses, julefrokost costs, Christmas foods and drinks, holiday expenses and then come the new year sales. January sales in Europe are just a dream. Things go from being out-of-reach expensive to being doable and in my opinion you cannot have enough warm clothes when you live in Northern Europe. Here’s some of my favourites Danish markdowns of January 2014.

Picture 6

Benetton jersey dress 269DKK

Picture 5

2nd Day slim fit jeans 519 DKK

Picture 22

Second Female Cable Knit Sweater 250 DKK

Picture 18

Besos snakeprint wool scarf 349DKK

Winter: come and get me, I’m not scared

The days are getting shorter and colder but unlike last year, I’m not fearful. I purchased a huge North Face coat on the end of season sale so I am ready to face the cold! However, I’m always open to supplement my winter wardrobe with more pieces to motivate me through the cold months!

Picture 8Picture 10Picture 9Picture 11Picture 13

Marimekko socksAce and Jig Coat, Madewell Boot, Female First leather skirt, H&M jumper

Falls 2013 trends

Hello all. This evening, I biked home in the dark from my Danish class, rain pouring down and I came into the house and realised: it’s freezing. Summer is over. My fingers were white and I put the kettle on. One soothing mug of herbal tea and 2 blocks of raspberry dark chocolate later, I did the bi-annual wardrobe haul: folding up and placing the summer clothes and shoes at the back of the wardrobe and dusting off my winter woollies and putting them on fresh coat hangers. It is pretty depressing but I figured the only way to be excited about it is to share the trends we’ll be seeing this Fall and how I recommend to do it – the tasteful, simple and stylish way (appropriate for Mums!)

1. London Punk

I call this trend this because when I think London fashion, I think: ripped jeans, over the knee leather boots, biker jackets, buckles, silver studs and exposed zippers. Accessorize with a beanie and you’re good to go!  Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6Picture 7

2.  Statement Coats

If you prefer a simple outfit, you can accessorise with a coat that is either colourful, has a crazy print or is oversized.

Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10 3. Girly girl

Pastels, pencil and mid skirts, Peter Pan collar and high neck blouses: this trend is perfect for the romantics!

Picture 11 Picture 12 Picture 14

4. Lazy days

The sweatshirt trend isn’t going anywhere. While I haven’t really got into this trend yes as fear it is too sloppy for my taste, there are some really great prints out there.

Picture 21 Picture 19 Picture 18

What trends are you looking forward to this Fall?

All items are from Asos

Back to Black

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.”

—  Karl Lagerfeld

Picture 10 Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 9

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE summer in Denmark right now. I LOVE the heat, the sun, the warm long days, wearing flip flops and denim shorts. I love it all. I never expected it could be so great. BUT, I miss black. The Danes, bless their hearts adore wearing black. But in summer, the black disappears and out comes their rarely worn summer dresses, shorts and sandals. It’s almost a competition of how colourful can I be wearing the least amount of clothing I can but still being stylishly elegant… I miss black. I miss their wonderful outfits of head to toe black that make them look like they’ve walked out of a page in Vogue as opposed to returning home from a funeral. The black section (yes my wardrobe is colour coordinated) of my closet has expanded (and is expanding!) since my move to Denmark.

images c/o pinterest


A friend asked me the other day if she could wear brown shoes with black trousers: of course I replied NO!!! But then I looked at some pictures, had a deeper think and realised: do we have to follow the fashion rules that are set out before us? Yes, I agree: no mini skirts over a certain again, certainly no exposed bra straps and cover up your mid-body unless you’re at the beach.. but as for colours: can we break the rules? Here’s some rule breakers who really do a great job of being rebellious:

Brown + black

Picture 1

Blue + Green (“should never be seen unless there’s a colour in between”)

Picture 2

Clashing Prints

Picture 3

Redheads must never wear red

Picture 4

Red and Green: only for Christmas decorations

Picture 5

What fashion rules have you broken lately?

images c/o pinterest, follow me

Overwhelmingly feminine

I miss a lot of my favourite stores in Vancouver. One particular is Nicole Bridger. Her pieces are classic, feminine and well-loved. Bridger is a designer who makes clothes knowing a woman’s body and knowing the desire to feel lovely no matter the shape/state of her body. Many of her pieces fit Moms-to-be and also suit post-partum bodies well. Here are some of my favourite pieces from this season. Plus she’s having a sale!

P.S Check out her sustainability policyPicture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 9 Picture 10

Wishing summer would last a little longer

When I saw one of my favourite fashion bloggers wearing this dress, I had to see the rest of the Bec & Bridge summer 2012/13 collection and I fell in love. What a gorgeous collection of pieces that to me evoke long, lazy days in the south of Italy. Oh, if only the early signs of Fall weather (and also lack of time and $ to travel to the south of Europe) wasn’t the case! 

Bellini drape sash dress, Sorrento Cami and Short, Sorrento Drape Maxi, Piazza Drape Bodycon dress, Bellini Lace Overlay dress


Sorry readers, I feel I’ve been lacking in fashion inspiration as of late. I turn to my friend pinterest for some help. And she (because’s Pinterest is so obviously a girl) always delivers.

lovely lace..

Pinned Image

natural neutrals..


courageous coloured jeans…

and this is how you do coloured denim

simple shirts…

shirt tucked into jeans

and beautiful, beautiful blue.

navy + denim

Images sourced from Pinterest via bejeweleddesignsbychelsea.blogspot.comaliciafashionista.com