Farewell Anthropologie

A blessing was sent in the mail to me the other day: a gift card for Anthropologie. So I was able to do one final shop at my favourite North American store. Here’s what I got: metallic wedge sandals (perfect for my future life on a bike!), a “seafoam” latte bowl (a quintessential Anthro item) and this retro magnetic timer I’ve wanted for ages (so I’ll stop burning all my muffins!)

I’ll miss you Anthro!

Work it Wednesday: My new cardi!

Am loving my new Anthropologie cardigan, so much so I thought i’d put some inspiration boards up to see the different ways it could be styled!

 Jeans, Cardigan, Shirt 

Shirt ($10 at Anthro!), Jeans, Trench Coat, Shoes

Boots, Midi skirt, Bracelet, Clutch, Top

which is your favourite look, how would you style this cardigan?

xxo, SSM

Anthropologie on the cheap

Thrifty shopping at Anthropologie? Hahaha. Not really. But many friends and readers can’t believe that Anthro is my favourite store yet I am generally a thrifty shopper. So how do I do it? Well, a few secrets: I only purchase sale items from Anthropologie. Secondly, I ask for gift certificates from friends and family for birthday/Christmas. Thirdly, I wait till there are crazy sales times during the year. Do your research, be patient and you will be rewarded. Here’s my latest purchase from Anthropologie:

Pinned Image

Isn’t it gorgeous? This Sparrow cardigan originally cost $178, then it was reduced to $79.96, THEN at the 50% off sale stock sale this last week, it was reduced to $39.97 (plus tax), then with a $30 off gift card, I ended up paying $14.77…. score!!! I just love its Fall colours, it’s so snuggly and warm… i can’t wait to wear it (will post pictures of how i style it!)

Anthropologie on the cheap – do it!

xxo, SSM

this Mama don’t need no soap box


…cause I got wedges! 

Along with a 70′s revival, I love the wedges continuing revival. It is so, so practical for flat wearing Mom’s like myself. Normally you’d see me in my staple pair of gold ballet flats, black Toms or flip flops this Spring

Bright Foundations Wedges/Summer but this year I’m going to take a (tall) leap of faith and get myself some sexy wedges. Yes they’re sexy, our hubbies love them and get this, so do our back and ankles!! Even Toms have their own wedges!

Here are some of my suggestions for Momma friendly wedges this season. The key for comfort is the back strap – or back coverage. If you are wearing simply slip on wedges, good luck not tripping over in the sandbox. However if you have enough support you’ll be able to don these shoes, carry a kid in one arm and the laundry basket in the other plus you’ll be darn hot…gee, I’m sounding like a 50′s housewife manual… Of course my search for the perfect Mommy wedges does pay hommage to my fave stores! 

Lemon Stick Wedges

 For my colour blocking friends, try these Bright foundations wedges ($188 from Anthropologie). Made from suede, these wedges will give a plain outfit a burst of colour, i think these will be wonderful for both day or night – equally looking great with jeans or with a little black dress. For the vintage loving Mom I love these flowery flouncy wedges. The yellow is perfect for this season and they provide a heap of support (lemonstick wedgies, $148, @anthropologies. Ok so i have a confession. My three year old helps me out with my styling choices (that’s probably the times when you read a post and are enjoying my choices 

and suddenly go – ooh that’s not quite right that one there… it’s probably my son’s choice) so here’s his wedge choice – he loves the pink raffia Zara ($69.90) wedge and I have to agree- you can’t go wrong with the classic espadrille and pink is so trendy this season, it just adds a bit of fun to our mundane (speak for myself) Mommy lives. Finally for the Mom who isn’t completely down with the high, high wedge, here’s one for you – with the Spring 2011 colours


we’re seeing – the ‘mini’ (cute!) wedge with plaiting (blue, $99.90) from Zara. I love this one – it has a handy zip at the bag easy for a quick zip on as you run out of the door and the mini wedge

 give you that bit of lift and height but doesn’t send you too high into the sky. So simplystylishMoms, take on my wedge challenge, see how high you can go! 

xxo, SSM






Sunday’s sales

When the weather is cold and damp, what better way to spend your time shopping or ‘window’ shopping online. Some of my favourite stores are having fantastic sales. Here are my SSM picks for Spring/Summer (when it finally arrives!) from the current sale stock! 

Endless Horizon TopTriple Cinch SandalsAntilles TankCrescent Hoops

@ anthropologie: endless horizon top $29.95, triple cinch sandals $49.95, antilles top $39.95, crescent hoops $29.95

MOTO Purple Kick Flare JeansTapered Utility TrousersMOSCOW Lace Flower Pumps

@ topshop usa: purple kick flare jeans $40, tapered utility trousers $36, moscow lace flower pumps $30, 

Drapey stripe teePerfect-fit henley tankStripe-brim straw fedoraSilk henley top

@jcrew: striped tee $29.99, henley tank $23.60, straw fedora $19.99, silk henley $59.50

Pleated detailed shortsDraped cardigan

@ stylebymarina: pleated shorts $35.00, draped cardigan $49.00.

Happy Sunday shopping!

xxo, SSM

Friday’s freebies

Darling reader, again i stress, i will NOT condone regular coffee-purchasing at Starbucks, but I will allow for the Happy Hour/deals that this over-priced/over advertised/average coffee joint holds. Here’s the latest: starting May 6th till 15th, you get a 1/2 price Frappuccino between 3-5pm… hmm,the Mocha one is actually bearable.

Mocha Coconut Frappuccino

Am in love with Anthopologie’s latest mugs. Love collecting mugs myself, already have one of the classic monogram mugs. Here they have their latest – an Aussie (no WONDER I love them!) designer – priced at only $8. A late Mother’s day purchase? Hint hint…


Here’s a little giggle for the weekend by Annie Taylor from the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. For North American Moms I have entered in little translations in [brackets]!!

Mummy just needs a lie down

May 5, 2011

YOU have heard of driver fatigue. But have you ever heard of toddler fatigue? I have recently realised that looking after my two-year-old son day in, day out is actually a lot like driving. You have to concentrate quite hard or there will be an accident. Revive and survive should apply to mothering as well. Stop every two hours. Now that would be nice. But more often than not there is no rest for the already sleep deprived. So I have come up with a checklist and now you too can tell if you are suffering from toddler fatigue.

1. You see your toddler randomly chewing and ask him what he’s eating. It’s a carpet sultana [RAISIN] and you don’t care. In fact, you ask him if he can find one for you.

2. You think that brumming, zooming and wukka-ering (that’s a helicopter, of course) are useful verbs. You use them in conversation which does not include any children.

3. You are genuinely excited that there are new episodes of Play School [SESAME STREET? not sure if there is a North American equivalent] about to screen on the ABC [TV CHANNEL].

4. You measure time in episodes of Roary the Racing Car/Angelina Ballerina.

5. You take pride in being able to set up a complex system of toy railway tracks and road (without the instructions) to meet the exacting standards of your two-year-old ”engineer” [THIS IS ME, MY HUSBAND AND OUR PRESCHOOL TEACHERS]

6. You can’t believe there was a time you couldn’t tell the difference between Gordon and Thomas at a glance.

7. You still listen to Giggle and Hoot’s [RAFFI] latest CD even though your toddler is not in the car.

8. You have to turn around to remember whether your toddler is in the car.

9. As you walk out of the door and declare all are ready to leave, you realise that everyone has their shoes [PLUS COAT, HAT, SCARF...] on but you.

10. You find yourself excited about your upcoming annual trip to the doctor because it means you will be going all by yourself. You get there and you actually have a good time [AND YOU GET TO READ ALL THE MAGAZINES!!].

Even if you have scored highly on this little quiz, there is still hope. If you know there will be a time when they won’t want to hold your hand in the street and it makes your heart ache already, if you don’t mind the taste of Vegemite [NO EQUIVALENT HERE!] spit as you are covered in kisses, if you don’t want to miss a single minute of their loveliness despite all of the above, you will get to your destination together.

But may this coming Mother’s Day let you pull over and enjoy the scenery for a minute or two.

Love whowhatwear.com, it’s my go-to for latest celeb styles and great fashion tips. Here’s today’s post= super appropriate for simplstylishmom.com! 


That’s it for me today! Don’t forget to check out my simplystylish events, there’s a lot happening in Vancouver this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend faithful readers! Off to do a jigsaw puzzle with my son!

xxo, Simplystylishmom

Styling basics 101

Darling readers, Anthropologie has come out with some tips that I wanted to share with you. Every Mom has plenty of basic tee’s, tanks and tops and it helps to know how to jazz them up abit. Thanks for the help Anthro!

Floor-length skirts can feel a bit dressy by nature, so for everyday wear top them off with a timeless boy tee. The pairing tones down the fancy factor, while accessories add pops of color. 

1. http://bit.ly/SeaminglyMaxi 
2. http://bit.ly/BoyTee 
3. http://bit.ly/OrbitalBracelet 
4. http://bit.ly/HalteresGladiators

The opposite of casual cotton? Sumptuous silk. Put the two together and voilà—basic no more. Throw on a chambray blazer and a pair of neutral heels (they go with practically everything) for added polish.

1. http://bit.ly/ChambrayBlazer 
2. http://bit.ly/PerformanceArtTee 
3. http://bit.ly/GoldfieldSkirt 
4. http://bit.ly/PliantHeels

Mixing prints may seem tricky, but it’s an effortless way to give your basics a style boost. The trick is to pair big prints with little, busier prints (i.e., stripes with small florals), and instantly, an everyday jersey tank is spiffed up. The springy wedges and cincher are just the icing on the cake.

1. http://bit.ly/WeaveAndPlaitBelt
2. http://bit.ly/HighAndLowsTank
3. http://bit.ly/ConvergenceSkirt
4. http://bit.ly/MarineDepthsWedges

images&info courtesy of anthro.com