No better way to celebrate my halfway point of the 30 for 30 remix challenge than attending the Gap Holiday shopping event hosted by The Style Spy team.

Blazer: Just Jeans (old), turtleneck: J Crew (thrifted, buy here), Midi skirt: vintage, Booties: F21 and necklace: Shoppalu

Discounts, giveaways, hair braiding (by Blo) and candy (from Frankies) were featured at this event – it most certainly was a fun, girly night!

photos c/o Georgia Esporlas

30 for 30 Challenge – Fall/Winter 2011

Darling readers,

So, I thought I’d do another round of Kendi’s 30 for 30 challenge. For those of you who don’t know the challenge is simple. Take 30 items from your wardrobe (shoes included) and make 30 outfits. Why do I do this? Well, I think it’s a great opportunity to ‘shop your closet’ ie, when you’re low on cash and feeling down about it, take a walk to the back of your wardrobe – C.S Lewis style – and check out what’s lurking back there. Pick out things you haven’t worn for ages and mix them with your favourite everyday staples. This is a great challenge for Moms as we have little time to pick our outfits in the day and thus challenging ourselves to make 30 different outfits allows us to get out of our t-shirt and jeans rut that we so easily fall into. It’s also good for those of us who do have small wardrobes to realise how much we can do with the items we have in terms of re-mixing. Things don’t have to match all the time, you can experiment, you just have to make yourself do it! So here it goes. Your saw my summer 30 for 30 here and to be honest, I didn’t enjoy it too much or looking back at it, do very well with my outfits. So here I go again, trying again to take up the challenge, bear with me, encourage me (please) and enjoy laughing at what I come up with!

5 pairs of shoes

3 pairs of jeans

3 skirts

9 tops

7 sweaters & cardigans

3 jackets

So there you have it, 30 items to make 30 outfits. Follow along and see what this SSM comes up with!

xxo, SSM

30 for 30 remix – Final update!

I entered into my last five days with as much enthusiasm as I started this challenge, so excited about the rest of my summer wardrobe crying out to be worn! Here’s what I wore on my final week of the 30 for 30 challenge.

Day 26:

Dress – Swapped, Cardigan – H&M, thrifted, Shoes – H&M (sale!), Earrings – Spank.

Day 27:

T-shirt – Amour Lux,Vest – Jacob (sale), Shorts (Sass&Bide OLD, similar)

Day 28: Skirt – Anthropologie (sale), Tube top – Old Navy (swapped), Belt (from Esprit skirt in challenge), Necklace (I feel like Betty Flintstone in this!), thrifted, Shoes - Aldo (consignment), Bracelets – Grandma, Mom, H&M, thrifted, vintage & swapped

Day 29: So… the one top I haven’t worn – I thought I should finally wear it – so wore it for two days in a row! Top – Gap (sale), Skirt – Mom’s, Hair-clip – thrifted, Shoes - Aldo (consignment)

Day 30:  Top – Gap (sale), Skirt – Anthropologie (sale), Shoes – vintage & earrings – thrifted.