A mini break in Hamburg

Over the Christmas break we caught the train down to Hamburg to spend a few days there and to see my husband’s brother and his girlfriend. It was an easy 2 trains down there (I am convinced that train travel is the BEST mode of transport with families!) We stayed in a lovely airbnb apartment in the lively neighbourhood Eimsbüttel and spent our days exploring the city as well as the usual playground and cafe hopping.

Here’s some pictures from our trip

IMG_0308 DSCN2428 DSCN2436 DSCN2446 DSCN2453 DSCN2461 IMG_4683 IMG_4687 IMG_4695 DSCN2480 IMG_0318 IMG_4723IMG_4718IMG_4726 IMG_4733 IMG_4768IMG_4745

the Cohens love train travel, Hamburg: as watery as Venice, you can’t have a Christmas trip without Glühwein, the old and the new, the beautiful Rathus, two sets of brothers, the boys loved the Planten un Blomen (free entry), the best way to get around Hamburg, the Rathus, Miniatur Wunderland is well worth visiting, family cuddles, sunset (at 3.30 pm), our wonderful airbnb apartment, more water, thanks to tripadvisor I found this great restaurant: affordable, kid-friendly, tasteful design AND no waiters – we ordered on tablets which was a hit with the kids! (last three pictures) – and no Hamburg trip is complete without eating a Hamburger! 

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2 thoughts on “A mini break in Hamburg

  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great little trip! What is a “airbnb apartment?” Also, I’ve never ridden a train but I would love to someday. There aren’t many trains available in Florida lol!

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