Family Vacations: keeping it simple – Part 1

After a difficult summer of good-byes, packing and moving, we felt like we deserved a break and particularly time in the sun as the winter is real here in Odense. After a 48 hour session of cleaning our house, selling/giving away our stuff, final farewells, 2 flights, 2 trains, a taxi and a LOT of walking in between) with 2 kids, 8 massive bags, a HUGE vintage print (that we forgot to send with the boxes!), hand luggage, a stroller – and the kitchen sink (not really, but you get the picture) – we were determined to have a no fuss – and luggage free vacation.

Usually our travels involve cars so carseats are needed as well as port-a-cribs, strollers, lots of toys and books, food etc… but this time, we decided to plan a vacation that needed none of these. Many large cities actually offer services you can rent such things from but going to the south of Italy, such organisations don’t exist. We decided to only take three small pieces of hand luggage (no waiting for missing baggage!), our small Maclaren stroller, minimal toys, no books (!), snacks just for the plane and our iphones charged up with plenty of games. At the airport, I purchased brand new colouring books (which are way more exciting for the kids) grabbed a stack of scrap paper (for scribbles, noughts& crosses etc.) before we left the home – so for the train, bus, plane and ferry ride the boys were perfectly content.  We had planned that there would be few car journeys (and if we had one, we booked with companies that had available car seats), we only stayed at places with travel cots available (for free! – countries such as Italy, LOVE kids this was not difficult).

We took less clothes than we’ve previously taken – I handwashed items half way through the holiday, only two pairs of shoes each, we purchased diapers (they’re cheaper in Italy!), soap, shampoo and other toiletries upon arrival and the kids spent all their time playing outside so there was no need for toys, though they did miss their books.

Most of our friends who have kids come back from family vacations exhausted and in need of some down time away from their kids (I guess that’s what people call ‘work’?!) – but we came back refreshed, relaxed and so sad when our kids went back to school/preschool as we really missed hanging out the four of us all day. I attribute a lot of this to how lightly we travelled and how stress-free the journey was!

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