Hurricane activities: 20 things to do when you’re stuck inside

I googled “natural disasters in Denmark” and between 1980-2010, only 24 people have been killed due to natural disasteres (though the disasters were not listed?) We don’t have tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes – I thought we’d at least have severe floodings and tsunamis as Denmark is surrounded by sea, but no: Denmark seems pretty safe. It seems like the biggest natural threats in this country are a snake ‘Hugorm’ and a fish ‘Fjæsing’ … but aside from being blown off your bike by a great gust of wind, I think we’re all around pretty safe here.

So my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in ‘unsafe’ countries and are stuck inside with no power and antsy children. Here’s what I’d do with my kids if affected by a hurricane.

  1. Masking tape pasted on the floor – make roads, train tracks and build towns with props from around the house. We made train tracks for my son’s birthday party and it was a hit!
  2. Scavenger hunts with clues and prizes
  3. An obstacle course made with furniture, pillows and mattresses
  4. Costumes make from household objects eg. toilet paper, newspaper and tape
  5. Filling the bath or kitchen sink with warm, soapy water and letting them loose with containers, funnels, plastic jugs etc.
  6. Photo time – let them play with your camera/iphone/ipad and have fun creating memorable, silly photos
  7. Furniture forts!
  8. Set up a tent in the living room and ‘go camping’ (don’t build a campfire in the living room though…)
  9. Painting, drawing, arts and crafts… this maybe daily activities but they sure go a long way!
  10. Playdough
  11. Simple science experiments – eg. ‘Sink or Float?’ – grab different objects and they have to guess if they’ll sink or float – then try it out!
  12. A photo scavenger hunt – they have a list of things they have to find and take a picture of.
  13. Make sock puppets and have a puppet show
  14. Have a jam session – grab all your instruments, make instruments eg. wooden spoon, pots and pans and let them be noisy!
  15. Rice/beans/cotton balls – something small and lots of it and lots of containers – kids LOVE sorting!
  16. Cuddles and story time – this could go on for hours, but they love it!
  17. invade Mummy’s closet: especially her shoes – my kids LOVE trying on my shoes, it’s hilarious (and scary) watching my son walking in wedges way better than I can!
  18. Binocular scavenger hunt – you can’t be outside, but you can look outside – give them some binoculars and see what they can see!
  19. Paper airplane – if you can make them (my husband can thank goodness) – make a whole lot and have races across the room
  20. Perform: dance show, musical concert, make a movie, a fashion show – whatever it may be = kids love to perform

All in all: have fun, offer prizes (always works with motivation!) and be prepared to make more mess, more noise and give it up a bit more than you usually do – this is temporary and while it may be difficult for you – these efforts you are making to create happiness for your kids will never be forgotten by them!

xo, SSM

images c/o pinterest via blogmixbook, simplemom,notimeforflashcards

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