Dressing up for the season

The upside to the days getting colder is that the parties are only just getting started. The “Happy holiday” season approaches us. We’ll all be frequenting Christmas, Work, New Years – and around the corner, Valentine’s Day parties. One thing the Danes sure know how to do is party. After attending an event at my husband’s university, I noticed that not only do they love to eat, drink and dance, they do love to dress up. This winter we’re seeing some gorgeous trends in dresses. I certainly need to make some dress investments. House of Fraser offers a wide variety of choices in all the latest trends. It is too difficult to settle on one particular trend.

For the end of year school concert, how about some Peplum?

or sexy & sophisticated, for your work Christmas party, toast your colleagues with this -

March on in military style as you feed the troops their Christmas dinner – but you’ll look lovely doing it!

How about dancing in the new year with this stunning flapper dress?

And, not so long in the future: Champagne and roses are so-so but this blue and black bodycon is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Dinner


Too many functions to attend, too much to do, too many dresses, but oh – so much fun!

Visit House of Fraser for more dresses

*This is a sponsored post.

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One thought on “Dressing up for the season

  1. Love all of these – you really are a stylish mom! One of my favourite parts of the holiday season is being able to get dressed up. It seems like the only time (in Canada anyway) that you have an excuse to go high glamour (the eyelashes, the heels, the dress) and it’s so much fun!

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