Greeting from Copenhagen…and some travel tips

After a gruelling 2 flights, layover at Heathrow (the Olympics made it crazier than ever!) and many issues with our overweight luggage, overtired M and I managed to get on a metro to downtown Copenhagen and sometime during that ride one of our suitcases (containing my laptop, camera and all our important documents) was stolen. Thanks to a good Samaritan, the Danish police and the grace of God, two days later (today), our suitcase (slashed and ruined, but with all the contents) was returned to us. Nevertheless, it motivated me to write a travel tips post about keeping your luggage safe. Here’s my tips (for you and for myself!!)

1. Spread out your valuables between your luggage (that way if one goes missing, you won’t lose ALL your valuables)

2. Spent the money and get travel insurance (it’s annoying but like taking an umbrella with you on a sunny day, if you don’t take it, it’ll rain!)

3. Back up your files/photos etc. on a hard drive just before you leave for the airport and store your hard drive close to you – therefore if you lose your laptop, you’ll just have to buy a new one!

4. Take your memory card out of your camera and store it in your wallet, therefore if you camera is stolen, you’ll at least have your photos.

5. Watch your kids, but also watch your luggage! Be extra careful and watchful when you are extremely tired – take turns with your partner between watching the kids and the bags.

6. Photocopy each of your important documents and keep copies in several places including on you.

Would love any advice from readers on how you keep your belongings safe when you travel (and have less than 2 hours sleep!)


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