Theme song

I’m sure we all have songs that make us think of certain times in our lives – vacations, road trips, momentous events etc. For example, I’ll always remember the songs that were popular the year I finished school. This summer, Good Feeling is our theme song. It represents all that is going on in our life (and my husband LOVES the video clip!! hehe)

What’s your current theme song?

My little sportsman

It’s quite a milestone when your child first enters organised sport. #1 is playing T Ball this Spring and I find it hilarious. 10 kids running after one ball, my son hitting the ball and running after it to retrieve it, coaches chasing after kids who are aiming bats their size at their playmates heads…. but it’s so much fun. And he loves it. That’s the best part! 

photo c/o Katie

Getting out of the door

Is it just me or is getting out in the morning with small children a bit of a challenge? getting everyone dress, snacks and diapers packed, shoes on… oh and don’t forget to get yourself dressed too!

Sweater: Dakota Group sample sale, tank: swapped, jeans: F21, shoes: Toms and necklace: boutique from London