Simply stylish denim on denim 3 ways

While I appreciate the never-ending Spring 2010 denim on denim trend (like here) I just cannot bring myself to do it. But, denim with coloured or patterned denim, well that suits my comfort level much better thank you very much! Here’s how I did this three days in a row.. (oh yeah and I like stripes and rolled up jeans too…)


Jacket: Gap (thrifted), cardigan: Gap (swapped), tank: Target (laundry room), Jeans: Target, Ballet flats: Old Navy and Purse: Sienna Ray


Breton tee: laundry room, jeans: H&M (purchased at Re-Fashion Vancouver), shoes: Nordstrom Rack, necklace: Spank


top: laundry room (Bluenotes), jeans: thrifted (Domino), flats: thrifted (Gap)

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Sorry readers, I feel I’ve been lacking in fashion inspiration as of late. I turn to my friend pinterest for some help. And she (because’s Pinterest is so obviously a girl) always delivers.

lovely lace..

Pinned Image

natural neutrals..


courageous coloured jeans…

and this is how you do coloured denim

simple shirts…

shirt tucked into jeans

and beautiful, beautiful blue.

navy + denim

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Treasures in Vancouver: Collage Collage

#1 and I recently wandered into Collage Collage, a wonderful art store situated on Kingsway. We were invited to the launch of Little Edie, by artist Becky Brisco who not only makes stunning pieces of jewellery for us Moms, but now makes stunning little pieces for our kids. While #1 enjoyed making God’s Eyes and Dream Catchers with Becky, I meandered around Collage Collage and enjoyed the carefully picked selection of books, toys and craft goods. Children are gently encouraged to be creative in this space. Their final works look amazing: not like they’ve been done with adult help but not like something you want to surreptitiously throw in the garbage either! A variety of workshops and classes are held here plus you can even hold a children’s b’day party here. Collage Collage is a warm, inviting space where one feels inspired to create. Definitely check it out sometime.

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Ikea Richmond: everything about it is….

HUGE!!! Last night I attended the opening party of the new Ikea at Richmond. And it was a-m-a-zing. From the ball pit for the kids (yes, this was the first thing we checked out) to the craaazy big cafeteria and eating area, to each departments to my favourite place: the Market Hall, each and everything was HUGE. No longer will Ikea Richmond be the little, annoying brother to Coquitlam’s Ikea but now a big boy in his own right.

huge amount of shopping bags,

huge lines of carts, 

huge floor to ceiling displays, 

huge cafeteria and eating area… 

 Turn up tomorrow (the 25th April) to take part in the opening ceremonies. It begins at 8:20 a.m (for the keeners!) Bring your running shoes as it is a 1.5 km walk to get round the  334,000 sq ft store. In honour of Richmond being Canada’s first market to have an IKEA store, there will be surprise envelopes for the first 1,000 in line with up to a $250 Ikea gift card on offer.

and huge swag bags, thank you Ikea!

Let them eat chicken

Here’s my latest in my series of lunches - apologies readers, during this week not only was I a single Mom but my kids had a very messy tummy bug, so the lunches were not that exciting!

granola bar, pear slices, water, cheese and crackers, chicken leg, pesto pasta and fishy crackers

veggie risotto, chicken, chesee, coconut muffin, strawberries and grapes

chicken and jam bagel, jello, 1/2 a banana, water, chicken leg, carrot sticks and granola bar

cheese stick, rice crackers, chicken, trail mix, raspberries & grapes, celery and water

hot cross bun, steamed veggies, turkey and cheese, strawberries, kiwifruit and water

white chili, water, pineapple, apple sauce and granola bar


Something about wearing any shade of pink, in this case magenta, makes me feel like I’m a girly-girl, which I’m not I think. I love  fashion (particularly coloured jeans!), shopping and time with my girlfriends but I still wouldn’t classify myself as a girly-girl. Anyone else feel the same?

Please excuse the hair holding, there was a pesky breeze!

Denim shirt: F21, Jeans: Target, Flats: thrifted (Aldo), Lipstick: c/o Makeup Forever Rouge Artist Natural N.28

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My top 10 of Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week F/W 2012

1. Vivacious Vintage

F is for Frank Vintage

F is for Frank Vintage

2. Coloured and patterned tights





3. People Watching

4. Slightly eccentric designers

Lincoln Heller of Five Left

Lincoln Heller of Five Left

5. Spring florals

6. Innovative ways to wear a scarf

Myriam Laroche with Value Village

7. Freebies for the front rowers

Handmade clutch from FiveLeft

8. Fall colours

Standing Armed

Standing Armed

9. Dreams of warmer weather

La Isla and Mala Imports

10. Quality time with (new and old) friends

 with Kendra and Tracey