Let’s do lunch

I’ve been recently inspired by these guys and my own desire to give my kids more healthy and affordable food options for their school lunches. Finally after almost five years of patients #1 son is finally eating vegetables without a fight and so it’s been so exciting for me to be able to give him veggies in his lunch box. How do you do school lunches? Do you have a meal plan for the week? Do you use dinner leftovers or cook your child a fresh meal each day? Do you use a lot of packaged snacks eg. granola bars? Do you write notes in their lunchboxes? (yesterday I did gave my son a puzzle, below and it was a big hit)

Something I find helpful is my cheat sheet that I have on the fridge so when I’m packing his lunch box either at 11pm (exhausted) or 7am (still exhausted) I can just refer to it and grab things from the fridge and cupboards.

Here is a sample of my list:

  • apple slices
  • ants on a log
  • strawberries
  • raisin toast
  • apple sauce
  • roast sweet potatoes
  • pasta with ground meat and sauce
  • steamed broccoli
  • couscous salad
  • turkey and cheese sandwich
  • frezh mozzerella
  • grapes
  • hummus and cucumber
  • hard boiled egg
  • sushi
  • quinoa
  • banana chips
  • trail mix

and so on….

I welcome more tips on preparing lunches!! What do you do?

Cloudy with a smattering of pink

Tomorrow, to raise awareness about bullying in schools, kids all over Canada will be wearing pink. If you’re so inclined, send a picture of you in your pink outfit to photos@pinkshirtday.ca

Here’s my pretty penny pink picks (trying saying that over again 5 times),

all under $25: rainboots, purse, earrings, belt, jeans, nail polish, dress, tank

Spring 2012 trends: for Moms

While it’s very difficult for Moms to embrace Spring 2012 trends such as bra tops, sheer shirts, tuxedo trousers and lace gowns on a daily basis, there are some trends for this Spring that we can try to bring into our Mom wardrobe. Here’s my top ten trends for Spring 2012.

Pleats: add a pleated skirt to a crisp t-shirt and ballet flats

Old Navy

Black and White: Mix super crisp white with bold black lines


Lace: for the girly dresser, think doilies that lined your Grandmother’s side tables (don’t forget your undergarments!)


Zigzags: perfect for our crazy up and down, hormonal Mommy days (think Missoni)


Summer suits: For the working Mama, I love this simple, yet sexy work look.


Draped pencil skirts: For work or for dressing up here’s a change from the classic pencil skirt, this Spring, add ruffles, ruching and folds to your skirt

Karen Kane

Pastel separates: we love eating ice-cream sorbet, well, this time: wear it!


White: I know it shows all the stains, but at least you can bleach it! (just don’t wear it to a wedding, that’s tacky)


The Great Gatsby: Possibly my favourite fashion era, the flapper dresses are back! A great investment item for date nights, weddings and formal functions


Asymmetric hems: Add a bit of excitement to your skirt – and sexiness with a slanted hemline

Urban Outifitters

Hyperbright florals: keep up with the print mixing and don’t be afraid to don the bright, bold florals including floral pants.


I find it hard to believe that one day you’re going to be a teenager…

…and that I’ll yell at you to get out of your bed, clean your room, let me know what time you’re coming home and not  to facebook, tweet or skype (or whatever social media will be happening then) your buddies until your Math homework is done…..

But for now, I’ll just savour the moment and enjoy how darn cute you are and that the most frustrating thing about you is your early morning wake up calls.

photos by Megan

Review & Giveaway: Teethease jewellery

Both my sons were (and are – sorry guys) – mini nightmares when they’re teething. #1 was growly and solemn for months on end, we could never get a smile out of him and #2 was (and is) like a whiny parasite. I’ve tried everything over the years: wet, frozen cloths, frozen fruit in a mesh bag, amber necklaces, distraction and attachment, frozen teething toys, homeopathic remedies… you name it. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review Teethease’s new pendant necklace as I have never tried a teething necklace and the idea of it doubling as a fashion accessory, well, that’s just brilliant!

10 things I love about Teethease jewellery:

  1. Teethease was started by a Canadian Mommy of two
  2. Each piece is made from high-grade silicone, is BPA- and PVC-free, and contains no phthalates, heavy metals or latex.
  3. They are easily cleaned with soap and water or can even be tossed in the dishwasher.
  4. They are essentially safe (made of FDA approved, medical grade silicone and has met and/or exceeded European standard safety  requirements)
  5. There are a variety of colours, shapes and styles (original pendant, bangle, rockease, pendant 2.0) to suit your taste
  6. They are affordable, costing the same -if not less than most jewellery you’d purchase for yourself.
  7. They make great shower gifts for your stylish Mommy-to-be friends
  8. They are lightweight, simple and are versatile with most outfits.
  9. They feature a break-away clasp that releases with any force (there is absolutely no fear of being strangled by your toddler!)
  10. Most importantly, my son loves my teethease necklace
Today, I’m giving away one of the pendant 2.0 necklace, you can choose which colour you’d like! Comment below your favourite  method of teething relief for your kids. For extra entries: ‘like’ Teethease on Facebook, follow them on twitter, or facebook, tweet and blog about this giveaway (that’s a total of six entries you can make for yourself!) Leave me extra comments letting me know which of these you’ve done! The winner will be picked randomly and will be announced a week from today! This is a great giveaway not just for you but for an expecting family member, friend, neighbour or co-worker.
This competition is now closed. Congrats to Mrs Knocked Up Fabulous who won this fabulous prize! 

Blanche Macdonald presents: Curlique

Located on Robson street downtown is Blanche Macdonald’s newest campus, Atelier and within that block is what’s going to be the newest and most popular salon in Vancouver. Recently opened Curlique is large, light and airy. Filled with fresh flowers, bright lights and long corridors, this salon is an inviting space to wander into off the cold, damp city streets. They are using this space to combine the education of their students, public lectures and presentations and retail. I recently visited Curlique and was treated to an amazing manicure and make-over by a couple of Blanche Macdonald’s finest students. Curlique prides themselves in choosing new, unique and spectacular products (not your usual run of the mill make-up and nailpolish you see in other salons). I met and fell in love with products such as Butter London, Makeup Forever and Coverfx. Curlique is open Tuesday to Saturday, 10-6 and will be having many promotions, events and offers. Check out their website, sign up for their newsletter and even better, stop by and check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!