Top 12 in 2012: key wardrobe items

When working with clients cleansing their wardrobes,  I’ve found that they’ve had too many pieces and when asked to show my wardrobe, people have been shocked as to how little things I have in mine. I think it’s about covering the essentials and then stocking up on accessories: hats, scarves, jewellery, purses and shoes. Here’s my top 12 essential wardrobe items for any Simply Stylish Mom:

1. A pair of well fitted jeans

Pinned Image
2. A classic trench
Pinned Image

3. A leather jacket

Pinned Image

4. A LBD

Pinned Image

5. A black cardigan

Pinned Image

6. A white cotton shirt

Pinned Image

7. A silk blouse

Pinned Image

8. A breton shirt

Pinned Image

9. Dress pants

Pinned Image

10. A turtleneck sweater

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11. A white t-shirt

Pinned Image

12. A skirt (that suits your body eg. short, long, a-line, pencil etc.)

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13 thoughts on “Top 12 in 2012: key wardrobe items

    • I agree. Dress pants are a toughie. I would suggesting trying Zara, Nordstroms and other department stores, Anthropologie/Free People, even H&M and once you find a brand that fits you – just purchase it in every colour and keep purchasing it every season. The key is fit. Don’t be afraid to purchase good quality pairs at thrift stores and get them tailored at a reliable tailor. Hope this helps!

  1. I like how you included the jackets. I really miss having a leather jacket. My problem is, my wardrobe isn’t really conducive to it. I wear so many long sweaters, I feel like I wouldn’t wear a shorter coat much. In fact, I just went out and bought a 3/4 length coat so my sweaters wouldn’t hang below! lol.

    I’ve also never worn blouses. They just don’t seem to work well on me. I think it’s the combination of short hair, short neck and big boobs. LOL.

    Love those bright dress pants you pictured. I need to add those to my wardrobe.

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