Capture special moments

As we well know the holidays are coming up and it’s time to get those gifts for families and friends ready. For us, living faraway from our hometown, our gifts need to be small, light and yet still memorable and touching.

A great present we enjoy giving is a family photo or updated pictures of the kids. Recently, the boys and I had a photo shoot with Kari Heese at her studio in Yaletown.

Though I’m not a fan of professional photographs, Kari immediately put me at ease. Her gentle, easygoing nature made my kids and I immediately comfortable and I love how she captured spontaneous moments with the boys rather than the usual set, freeze and fake smile poses I see usually at family studios.The boys had a great time at this shoot pushing trains across her hardwood floors and she appeared not to be bothered at all, simply snapping away taking the moments that most people would rarely notice.

Thanks Kari for a fun morning and a wonderful shoot!

Oh and btw, if you book and mention my name, you will receive a 10% discount!

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