Vintage cardigan, Jacob turtleneck (swapped), vintage midi skirt (thrifted), F21 booties & Sienna Ray clutch

I celebrated my final 30 for 30 outfit with a trip to Sweet Obsessions with my colleagues from UBC. While I did enjoy taking part in this challenge, it certainly was a relief to hang out with the rest of my closet after finishing this. I did miss my other jeans, sweaters, cardi’s and boots, but all in all I didn’t find this 30 for 30 half as difficult as the Spring/Summer challenge. It was a great reminder that you don’t need that many clothes to make a ton of outfits. I encourage you to take up the challenge!

5 fashion ingredients for a brilliant NYE

1. a short, tight, gold sequin skirt

2. very high and very impractical heels

3. a teeny tiny clutch that holds next to nothing

4. a pair of  very heavy shiny earrings

5. some really uncomfortable but sexy underwear 

Just kidding… whatever you wear, have a fun and safe NYE (and wear comfortable shoes!!)

xxo, SSM