Rain smain

Did you know that Vancouver generally has 166 rainy (and sometimes 20 consecutive days) days per year? But having said that, there are then generally 289 days with sunshine. That’s not so bad is it?

Shirt: Swapped (AE), Sweater: Church sale (hand knitted), Jeans: Thrifted (BDG) & Boots: Ariat

Feel pretty with your big belly

Some of my favourite maternity clothes (and by that I mean I didn’t throw them out after my first pregnancy, but actually kept them for my 2nd as unlike all the others I didn’t feel physically sick looking at them!) were the clothes my Mom purchased for me in Paris. Not only does this country produce amazing kids clothes, but they produce stunning maternity clothes allowing the Momma-to-be not to feel like a beached whale. I’m currently crushing on maternity store Hatch (although not pregnant may i add!) with their French-inspired collection.

warm, chic, easy. throw over anything. it’s a wrap!downtown style at it’s best. belted or loose....the dinner party dress; the coolest dress to swing through the night.drawstring pants + the longsleeve t. embrace the new uniform. the afternoon dress; the one stop dress for every hour of the day.get jet set ready with the airplane dress!perfect draping, covers you as you grow. the soiree dress, the lbd’s chic cousin.form, function+style. the swing coat, your everyday layer. we have you covered.the comfy, cozy cardigan.bundle up your bundle in the most luxurious japanese cotton.

Event: Mom’s in the City

On November 3rd, I attended the Mom’s in the City event at Yaletown store Saf and Benjamin. This was the first time I’d visited this lovely store so it was so much fun checking out all their stock and purchasing some early Christmas presents for my boys (from their crazy discount bin!) The evening featured various vendors such as Yummy Mummy Makeovers, Tawna Hill Baby Skin Care and Moo and the Bear. There was a prize draw and I actually won something (more on that later!) I must say, I absolutely loved all the products in the store (as you well know I am pretty picky when it comes to kids products) –  owner, Sommer Sawchuk has incredible taste and thus the products lack Disney characters, fairy floss pinks and overdosing on dinosaurs (some of my fave products include this, this and this). Need to do some holiday shopping for your little loved ones at the store with the best view in Vancouver? Head down to Saf and Benjamin.

Mommies mingling

Demonstration by Joyce from Yummy Mummy Makeovers

Manager Kristen and Owner Somner

Amazing skin care line (and what a story) from Tawna Hill Baby Skin Care

With one of my dearest friends, Christine

note the baby Hunters, aren’t they adorable?!

xxo, SSM

green with envy

Fellow bloggers, do you ever get envious of any other style bloggers? or is it just me? there are two girls who have great blogs, great style and a ton of confidence. maybe it’s because they’re both skinny beautiful brunettes (my husband always looks over my shoulder when i’m checking out their blogs), are so young and have pre-baby bodies (like i used to have) or maybe it’s because they’re experimental with outfits in a way that i couldnever be and that they end up looking sooo stinkin’ chic and adorable. Anyways, as i love them both so much i thought i’d feature them today.

Arielle from somethingnavy.com

Marianna from mariannan.com


Black Friday for Moms-to-Be

I have 4 looks today for Mom-to-be with at least two black items (because we all know that black is slimming!!) Here’s some ways you can incorporate ‘slimming’ black into your every day wear mixing it with colours and prints to make sure you’re the hottest Mom-to-be on the block!

Business Meeting

Casual Fridays

Holiday parties

Casual weekends

Have a great weekend!

xxo, SSM