Mother’s Day: Tips for Husbands! plus a discount and 2 giveaways!

Dearest simplystylish hubbies,

Here’s a tip: when your darling wife says something along the lines of “oh don’t bother making a fuss over me on Mother’s Day etc. etc.” – instead of nodding, grinning and turning back to the hockey: IGNORE her, head straight out to the mall and get her a present from the kids OR easier still, get online and buy something.

Here are some of my pics from local artists on 

Happy shopping Dads! 

xxo, SimplystylishMom


Personalized Family Tree

For the sentimental Mom, this pendant is cut from a sheet of sterling silver and the family tree is intricately cut using a jeweler’s saw. The surface is then given a satin brushed finish. This is a beautiful way for Mom to wear the names of her family around her neck. This is made by Vancouver artist Shirley of Wearthou. Shirley has kindly offered 20% off all  between 15-21 May. Just remember to mention ‘Mother’s Day’ in the ‘notes to seller’ and she will refund 20% off their purchase by processing a credit via paypal.

Mother (VIntage inspired Mother's Day necklace)

For the Sex&the City Momma here’s a more obvious statement of Motherhood. Here’s you own ‘Carrie’ necklace, it’s simple and lightweight, a classic piece of jewellery. It’s made by Richmond artist Kathy of Kohana Jewellery. For the cultured Momma, Kathy is also generously offering a give-away item – a custom piece of jewellery for those who have a favourite place in mind… visit her shop here and comment back here which city would be your pic! 

Garden Cameo

Finally, for the vintage loving Mom – myself included, here’s a beautiful, delicate, floral cameo on a chunky vintage chain with a vintage rose charm at the bottom of the necklace. This is made by Vancouver artist Marta of Flylight. Marta has also offered a generous give-away – a fun button ring made with a recycled vintage button mounted on an adjustable brass band. Visit her shop and write me a comment about your favourite item on her shop and you could WIN this ring! Deadline is Wednesday 4th May. Good luck!


Royal Seal of Approval granted to…


As a topshopaholic myself, I am so happy to see that high street store has royal clients!  Back in 2007, Kate Middleton wore this Topshop dress for her 25th birthday and within 24 hours the dress sold out online and in stores. I lived in the UK over ten years ago and was first introduced to Topshop then. It had funky clothes at a cheap prices but wasn’t at all amazing. And now – it is incredible and it’s online shop is AWE-SOME. Here are some of their products that meet my simplystylishmom stamp of approval. 

Cream Pansy Border Print Dress

Red Empire Line Sleeveless Blouse

FRANCINE Coral Tubular Suede SandalsBuckle Detail Pouch Bag

High Waisted Denim Jeans By BoutiqueWhite Poppy Print Sleeveless Tee By BoutiqueFran Dress by Goldie**

MOSCOW Lace Flower Pumps

images courtesy of and whatkatewore

Working Momma Wednesdays

 Dearest Working Mom’s,

Having trouble with your work wardrobe? When you’ve been on maternity leave for a year and have been enjoying the delights of leggings, tees, flip flops and dare I say, Uggs… the idea of transforming yourself back into a working Momma with power suits, elegant hair and make-up as well as chic accessories is a touch, scary fearsome. Never fear, help is on its way. Yummy Mummy Makeovers offers their expert advice for you…. SIGN up for events this ladies and you will never have a work-wardrobe-worry again! 

xxo, Simplystylishmom

Top 5 simplystylish Royal Moms

Here’s my top five simplystylish ROYAL Moms! 

In fifth place is, Princess Caroline of Hanover & Heritary Princess of Monaco.

Daughter of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier, she has had crazy media coverage all her life but devotes her time to her continuing duties with the Red Cross and the Princess Grace Foundation. She rarely gives interviews, preferring to let her philanthropic work speak for itself. In 2003 Caroline was chosen as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, in recognition of her “personal commitment to the protection of children and the family”. She has four kids: Andrea, Charlotte, Pierra and Alexandra. She has a wonderful, “grace”-ful, classic style, reminiscent of her mother. 

In fourth place is Mary, more formally known as the Crown Princess of Denmark. Every good Australian knows the love story of Mary and her prince meeting in a bar in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics. Since then she has left her homeland, has become a princess and has had four lovely children…a real life fairytale. Mary is a super stylish Mom. She is immaculately groomed, poised and natural. 

At three, is this too macabre of me? – Princess Diana (rest in peace). This past princess was a style icon for many years. She evolved from being one of Britain’s worst dressed celebrities (1992) to being well known for her ability to look chic in the simplest of attires. She dressed conservatively, often in white and with such feminine sensuality. Mom of William and Harry, we are sad that she is missing the wedding of her son this Friday. 

Picture 17diana

In second place, Princess Letizia of Asturias. Previously a journalist, Letizia fell in love with her Prince Felipe of Asturias when sent to northern Spain to cover an oil spill. Mother to Leonor and Sofia, she has a hip everyday style but polishes up so well for formal events. Her hair is to DIE for!

Finally, in first place is Queen Rainia of Jordan. This woman is incredible. Since becoming Queen, she has succeeded in balancing her time between family (she has four kids), royal duties, and advocating causes such as women’s rights in the Arab world. She dresses impeccably, often two piece outfits with a little belt and is so elegant and feminine. 

Agree/Disagree, who’s your #1 simplystylish royal Mom?

xxo, Simplystylishmom


images courtesy of googleimages, royalfashionistas, hellomagazine, keenanevans

Mad about hats

Dearest reader, thanks to the royal wedding among other things, we are seeing a lot of hats this season.  Hats are a great way to express your personality and your particular style. And as the days get sunnier and hotter (hopefully?!), what better stylish way to protect your face? It’s also GREAT for Mommas when we’re having a bad hair day! Milliner Annie DeVunno was recently interviewed by Vancouver Sun on the how to’s of wearing a hat, check out that interview here. So you think you’re not a hat person. Think again. There’s so so many styles of hats that you will surely find one that suits your face shape. Go to a store like I love Hats and try on as many as you can until you find one you enjoy. Any of us can feel like aprincess, give the hat a go! Here are some of my favourite everyday hats found at my top stores.


Dapper Daisy Fedora, Shade Maker Hat, Solstice Hate at Anthropologie

 floppy striped straw hat, bow fedora at Gap

Crusher hatPanama hat

crusher hat, panama hat at Jcrew

View ProductView ProductView ProductView Product

grace hats newsboy cap, pins and needles basic floppy hat, brixton alana hat, reversible printed canvas hat at Urbanoutfitters


straw hat, peaked cap at Zara

Tyler Cinched HatTattered Feather FedoraLorimer Straw Hat

tyler cinched hat, tattered feather fedora, lorimer straw hat at Freepeople

Straw Bow Cloche Hat  Traditional BoaterWhite Linen Banded Trilby

straw bow cloche hat, traditional boater, white linen banded trilby at Topshop 

As Erma Bombeck said “I have a hat. It is graceful and feminine and gives me a certain dignity, as if I were attending a state funeral or something.
Someday I may get up enough courage to wear it, instead of carrying it.”

Take up your hats darling readers and embrace this trend!

xxo, Simplystylishmom

30% off the J Crew Spring sale. It’s a family affair!

Love the J Crew website. Love love love their ROYAL spring sale. Their markdowns are soo good that their prices become TOTALLY reasonable. Not only can you outfit a simplystylishmom, you can also suit up your man and the kidlets. Here are my picks from their current sale for my family’s Spring wardrobe. PLUS THEY ARE ADDING an extra 30% OFF if you mention OURTREAT at checkout. Expires 28th April so be quick!

For hubby:

Vintage slim-fit jean in vintage worn washCavalry twill sportcoat in Ludlow fitHarbor phys ed graphic teeFatigue jacket

Heavyweight slub stripe full-zip hoodieSecret Wash button-down shirt in faded ginghamhammock camp shortJaspé V-neck tee

For kidlets:

Boys' ruler-stripe slub jersey shortBoys' cotton suit jacketBoys' rock'n roll'rs teeBoys' glen check Bowery pant

Boys' Secret Wash lightweight button-down shirt in medium ginghamBoys' slit-neck stripe popover hoodieBoys' slub shawl-collar cardiganBoys' wool herringbone vest

For me (I get more because i do all the shopping!):

Chambray utility jacketPleated halter tankCastaway dressPerfect-fit stripe henley tank

Cavo capri sandalsBoardwalk cargo shortCotton lace shift dressHayward trouser in Italian wool twill

Corsa pursetteShirred chambray skirtCashmere V-neck cardiganTux boy tunic

Glued to the couch with royal fever

This week is ROYAL WEDDING WEEK! Hurrah! My poor husband: I am glued to the television watching every show associated with the upcoming nuptials of ‘Wills and Kate’. Will and I grew up together – well almost – we were born at the same time and with a British mother, I feel connected to him somehow and have loved watching how his life has evolved. I am so so excited about the wedding and particularly – no one can believe that i’ll be up at 5am just to view: The dress. So this weeks blogs are going to be of a ‘royal/wedding/family’ theme. To start with, here’s some pics from some of my favourite weddings – from all over the globe. Enjoy lovely reader! xxo, SimplystylishMom

A dapper Croft, whose father ran a wholesaling business on Wellington Street, married Booth at St. Paul’s Bloor Street. After a reception at the Metropolitan, the bride changed into a tan “going away” dress, and they left for a honeymoon in New York, Atlantic City and PhiladelphiaYogi Bhajan introduced kundalini yoga to the city in 1968 and returned several years later to preside over the marriage of some of his former students. Six couples were wedded in a group ceremony at Bathurst Street United Church. More than 300 guests shared a vegetarian meal before two of the couples headed to their new ashram on a Thunder Bay farmw

photos courtesy of googleimages, theyallhateus & eatdrinkchic.

Saturday’s shmoozings with…

Fit 4 Two instructor Dee Clarke. I attended one of Dee’s baby-free bootcamps on Vancouver’s westside and oh-my-goodness, what an incredible workout! A group of Moms sweating it out together, laughing about our latest crazy-kid-moment and enjoying the joint goal of kicking that post-baby weight. I can highly recommend one of Dee’s classes. She is warm, enthusiastic and driven and cares about each one of her Mom’s in her classes. She creates fun and stimulating classes and is passionate about exercising. I was dying to know more about Dee, so here’s my interview with her.

SSM: What inspired you to join Fit4Two?

Dee: I was working as a doula and a parenting worker with Family Services before I went on maternity leave.  Like many women, having a baby made me reprioritize my life.  I couldn’t imagine leaving my baby to return to a job I that did not find fulfilling.  While I enjoyed working with new and expecting families, I didn’t enjoy the type of work I was doing.  I had a very active and wonderful pregnancy and had been a health nut for quite a few years.  Fit 4 Two seemed like the perfect way for me to have a career in health and fitness and while continuing to work with the birthing population.

SSM: How is Fit4Two any different to other fitness options?

Dee: Fit 4 Two postnatal classes are Baby-Friendly which means you can do whatever you need to do to keep your baby happy throughout the class.  You can feel free to feed, change a diaper, cuddle, sing songs, etc. during the class.  We encourage moms to listen to baby’s cues and attend to them as they come up.  I try to be helpful as much as possible if there is a baby who just wants to be cuddled.  I consider this one of the perks of my job. We offer tons of modifications to exercises so that women of all fitness levels, all trimesters (for prenatal), all stages of postpartum and all degrees of sleep deprivation can get a work out that is safe and effective. Many of our participants have issues with their wrists, pelvic floor,
abdominal separation and need modifications or alternative exercises.  We make sure there are plenty of options and progressions for everyone.  We spend a considerable amount of time in our prenatal and mom and baby type classes talking about the core and how important it is to strengthen from the inside out.  Cues like “Lift your pelvic floor”,  “Squeeze your pee muscles” or “Imagine picking up a marble using just your vagina” are not typically heard in other fitness classes! Probably the biggest difference is the sense of community and camaraderie women experience in our classes.  I have many clients from a few years ago who still keep in touch with the girls from their stroller bootcamp class.  They celebrate birthdays together, spend holidays together, etc.  Really special bonds are formed

while sweating it out. I had one participant recently tell me that whenever she is away from class and then comes back, she feels like she has come home.  That says a lot.

SSM: As a simplystylishmom, what is your personal style?

Dee: Honestly, I am a work in progress!  I am still learning what looks best for my body type.  I try to accentuate the parts of my body I like and minimize what I don’t.   When I’m not teaching in my sweats, mostly I’m a jeans and boots kind of girl.  I like funky, fitted clothes that I can comfortably move in.  I have to tell you how excited I am to be attending a Yummy Mummy fashion bootcamp next week. I’m looking forward to getting a professional opinion.

SSM: What are your key wardrobe items?

Dee: Figure flattering dark wash jeans and a great pair of boots.

SSM: Tell me about your diet and exercise regime.

Dee: I’ve been a vegetarian for about 22 years now.  I’m a pretty good cook and have fun experimenting in the kitchen.  I love whole grains and veggies and discovering new (and sometimes sneaky) ways to serve them to my family.  I avoid white flour, white sugar, white rice and processed foods.  Lately I’ve been addicted to steamed kale and broccolini with garlic chili flax oil and a splash of Braggs.  Yum!  I’m not entirely a “goody-goody” eater as my sister-in-law likes to call me, but I do crave foods that are good for me. I get a mini workout in every time I teach, but I try at least few times a week to get in a full-body workout on my own where I really push myself.   I’m usually pressed for time, so I do a lot of compound moves to work upper and lower body at the same time (eg. squat with shoulder press) , or do full-body exercises like burpees.  I like short but intense workouts for their time efficiency and results. My son keeps me active too.  As a big hockey fan he always wants me to take shots at him, or for me to play goalie.  That can really work up a sweat!  We go hiking and biking a lot as a family on weekends and holidays.

SSM: Any final words of wisdom for my readers?

Dee: It’s important to make time for yourself and to pursue your own health and fitness goals.  Find something you enjoy.  It could be bootcamp, snowshoeing, yoga, Zumba…whatever.  Move your body and it will thank you for it.  It’s never too late to start.  I was a late bloomer and can honestly say that the older I get the better shape I’m in.  Your kids need you to be a healthy active parent.   Besides, it’s much more fun than sitting on the sidelines.

Dee has kindly extended a giveaway to SSM readers: if you would like to try a FREE Fit 4 Two Pre and Postnatal Fitness class on the Westside contact dee@fit4two or check out to find a franchisee in your area.

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