For the love of leather leggings

When my mommy-girlfriends and I get a hall pass we can really go quite wild. And what makes a night even better than a chance to don your sexy so-not-playground-attire?! Leather leggings are a great start. They arrived on the catwalks in 2008 and have remained a popular item. They can be found either in stores or online. But you do need to know how to carry them off…


  • wear them with knee high boots, you’ll look like a pirate
  • buy them if they’re any less than skin tight (make sure they’re more footless leggings rather than wrinkled tights)
  • buy them too tight in the crotch…
  • wear anything else leather in the outfit eg. no leather jacket, corset etc.
  • allow for any VPL action


  • wear them with a t-shirt in the day and a flowing tunic top at night
  • accessorise
  • layer
  • wear them with ballet flats, ankle boots, chunky heels

Fake leather leggings are also popular and more affordable. The good thing about these are they are washable!

Where to buy: American Apparel ($46, Stylestalker ( $194, Joveba ( $225

xxo, SimplyStylishMom


images courtesy of, googleimages
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